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CMS ALUMNI & PARENTS’ FEEDBACK                                                                                             JUNE 2021 (8)

                                                                                            Feedback of CMS parents on online classes
                           CMS Alumni on the Ladder of Success

                             Mr Mridul Awasthi                                         Online classes run by CMS are very fruitful. Our daughter is getting much advantage
                                                                                       from online classes in these pandemic times. With these classes we don't feel lack of
                             Software Development Engineer, Seattle, USA
                             Alumnus  of CMS RDSO & Gomti Nagar Campus  I              physical classes.
                             Mridul Awasthi is a bright   three different companies." Thereafter, he   — Mrs Soni Singh , M/o Anayika Yadav, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
                             and shining star of CMS.   was selected by Amazon to work as Software   All classes are very effective, energetic and meaningful. I really like the way assembly
                             Currently employed as a   Development Engineer in Seattle, USA.
                             software development   Mridul remembers his CMS days with great   is taken up by giving chance to every child to speak in front of camera, so they can
                             engineer in Amazon in   pride and fondness. He says, "CMS education   overcome their shyness.
                 Seattle, USA, he started his educational   infused in me the confidence to break              — M/o Aadya Shukla , KG I, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
                 journey at CMS RDSO Campus and later   conventions and make my own way. It made
                 moved to CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I from   my foundation strong enough so that I could   The summer camp helps my child to wake up on time, happy and engaged. She
                 where he passed his Class XII (ISC) with flying   analyze and weigh my options wisely at each   enthusiastically prepares for various activities like her dance classes including zumba,
                 colours.                          step before arriving at a decision. The   energetic aerobics, puzzles, rhymes recognition, colouring, paper cutting and pasting.
                 Mridul comes from a simple and educational   environment I got at CMS not only made me   Thanks to CMS for its unconditional devotion to education.
                 background, his father Mr Manoj Awasthi is a   an efficient team player but also motivated
                 Sr. Lab Technician at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia   me to become an able leader in a   — Mrs Swechcha Nigam , M/o Navya Nigam, KG A, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus II
                 Hospital as his mother Mrs Manisha Awasthi   collaboration setting. I am forever grateful to   I am really very happy and grateful to CMS and Principal Ma'am for organizing the
                 was a pre-primary grade teacher at St. Mary's   my teachers who taught me my course-  super interesting online Summer Camp. The teachers' helpful attitude makes these
                 Inter College.                    related topics and also prepared me for   online classes very attractive for kids. With your guidance, our daughter has
                 After Class XII, Mridul was selected for   greater challenges in life.
                 admission to Drexel University, Philadelphia,   My advice to juniors is- "Keep an open and   developed into a confident and capable child.
                 USA. At Drexel, he got to do an internship   logical mind and understand why you want to   — M/o Aashwi Tiwari , KG A, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus II
                 after each semester. He says - " my final   make a certain career choice. Do not hesitate
                 year at Drexel, I already had over one and a   to discuss with your teachers and try to   I am grateful to CMS for organizing a wonderful Summer Camp. I am thankful to the
                 half years of experience working in the field   develop a holistic personality by participating   teachers for encouraging my child to participate in various innovative activities at the
                 of software development and engineering at   in hobbies and games besides studies."  Summer Camp. The interactive sessions helped in making my daughter confident. She
                                                                                       found it delightful and enjoyable.
                                           OBITUARY                                         — Mrs Rashmi Singh , M/o Akshara Singh, Nursery A, CMS Rajajipuram Campus II

                       Mrs Shakeela Mehdi, Vice President, CMS left for                The Online Classes are well planned and executed by trained and efficient teachers.
                                                                                       We really appreciate the sincere efforts of the school management. The school has
                  her heavenly abode recently. May her soul Rest in Peace              well equipped technology and educated teachers imparting good education to our
                                                                                       children in this difficult situation of the pandemic. Children are also enjoying the
                             Mrs. Shakeela Mehdi was   Gandhi, Dr. Bharti Gandhi and Mrs. Mehdi
                             born into a Zamindar family   developed mutual affection and reverence   activity classes.
                             on 10th June 1945. She was   because they shared a common ethos.   — Mrs Asha Kiran Rai , M/o Abhishree Rai, III A, CMS Rajajipuram Campus II
                             inspired by her uncle Syed   Education of children was at the core of their   You all proved that 'Life must go on in every situation.'  In this hard time the effort for
                             Ali Zaheer, the Law Minister   lives.                     development of student - teacher relations and involvement in the new methodology
                             in the first Cabinet formed   Mrs. Mehdi joined the CMS Management
                             by Pandit Nehru and her   Board as the Vice-President more than three   is an unprecedented example of the dedication and attributes of a teacher. After the
                             cousin Prof. Nurul Hasan   decades ago and was deeply involved in all   successful Online Classes, the Summer Camp is going on wonderfully which my son is
                 who went on to become Education Minister   major activities of the institution.  really enjoying.
                 of India and later as Governor of WB.   Under the guidance and motivation of        — M/o Syed Kazim Haider , Nursery B, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                 She always reminisced the times she spent   Dr. Bharti Gandhi, Mrs. Shakeela Mehdi   During these pandemic times, teachers have gone to incredible lengths to help their
                 with them talking about different aspects of   established Grace Montessori School for
                 life.                             Nursery and KG students in 1994. The school   students keep learning. This pandemic has already revealed that schools are so much
                 Mrs. Mehdi's life was a saga of struggles and   has since been running successfully and   more than just schools.
                 accomplishments. Although she never   enjoys a good reputation in the Indira Nagar                   — M/o Krishna Soni , IV, CMS Aliganj Campus II
                 received any formal schooling, she passed her   area. In addition she started a business which   I appreciate the efforts of CMS in conducting the hobby classes...Due to the Covid
                 Class 10 exam after only one year of home   she managed single handedly. From being a   pandemic children are bound to be at home. These classes are stress-free breaks from
                 schooling by her aunt.            home maker to becoming a successful   routine life and keep them in better physical and mental health.
                 Being very sociable and endearing, she left a   business woman her transformation was
                 deep impact on every person who ever met   phenomenal.                                    — Mrs Nitu Kumari,  M/o Dakshina, II, CMS Aliganj Campus II
                 her. She was associated with CMS since early   She is survived by two daughters and a son   I would like to give you an A+ for your efforts because it is very difficult to teach such
                 1970s when her children joined the school as   who will keep her legacy alive.  small kids that too, online. I'm very happy with Advit's performance.
                 students. The Founders of CMS Dr. Jagdish
                                                                                                                   — M/o Advit , Nursery, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
                            Our very devoted staff   willfully assisted the teachers and provided   These classes have proved very useful for my child during the summer vacation. She is
                            member of CMS Asharfabad   solutions to their fee-related queries. Even   learning new words, phrases, synonyms, antonyms and so many new things. All the
                            Campus                 the students and parents reminisce his   teachers are doing a very good job. During these classes I have noticed that children
                            Mr Santosh Dwivedi  left for   patient spirit of co-operation while tackling   are enjoying the quiz games. They are learning many new skills through playway
                            his heavenly abode on   various issues.
                            19/4/2021.The entire CMS   A responsible and a very loving father, he   method.
                            family deeply mourns his   would excitedly wait after the day's labour, to   — Mr Praveen Gupta , F/o Stuti, III, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus II
                            untimely demise.       be around his sons and spend some blissful   I would like to appreciate the efforts of the school management which has devoted its
                            All through 20 Years of his   moments with them. He will be sorely missed
                 service at CMS Asharfabad, as an Assistant   by everyone whose lives he touched in so   precious time in arranging an online summer camp for our children in these difficult
                 Clerk, he was a committed employee who   many different ways. May God bless this great   times. I am very proud that my child is studying in such a wonderful school under the
                 took a keen interest in completing the tasks   soul with eternal peace and give enough   supervision of such knowledgeable teachers. I am looking forward to meeting all
                 given to him. The clerical room would always   strength to the bereaved family to withstand   teachers in person at the end of the lockdown.
                 be buzzing with energy of his presence as he   this irreparable loss.
                                                                                                   — Mrs Swati Gupta , M/o Arohi Gupta, III A, CMS Rajajipuram Campus II
                     Latest Timings of Dr Jagdish Gandhi's Talks on various T.V. Channels  My daughter has learnt many things during the Online Summer Classes. I appreciate
                                                    M O R N I N G   T R A N SM I SS I O NS  the efforts of your team which created a number of activities for improving the
                                                    MORNING TRANSMISSIONS
                                               5:00 am to 5:30 am on                   personality and skills of students.
                                       1.    AIRTEL 318, DEN-307 &    7:30 am to 8:00 am on
                                                TATA SKY-519
                                                News 18 India  5.      TATA SKY- 542
                                               5:45 am to 6:10 am on                                — Mrs Garima Bajpayi , M/o Anshi, I C, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                                       2.    AIRTEL 313, DEN-305 &
                                                TATA SKY-509          8:00 am to 8:30 am on
                                                  AAJ TAK    6.        AIRTEL 334 &    Aayat is fully enjoying and learning so much in her class! As a mother, I am absolutely
                                               6:00 am to 6:30 am on
                                       3.       TATA SKY-569   K NEWS   DEN-334        satisfied and happy with the way online classes are going.
                                               Sadhana PRIME News
                                                                       8:30 am to 9:00 am on
                                               6:30 am to 7:00 am on   TATA SKY-580                     — Ms Fahmeena Ali , M/o Aayat, KG, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
                                       4.       TATA SKY-1104 &  7.
                                                 E-TV UP/UK            NEWS 1 INDIA    I would really like to thank and appreciate all the teachers for working so hard for our
                                          AFTERNOON TRANSMISSIONS  EVENING TRANSMISSIONS  children. It totally reflects the kind of hard work, energy, and time that all the teachers
                                               12:30 pm to 1:00 pm on  6:30 pm to 7:00 pm on
                                       8.        TATA SKY 551
                                                 INDIA VOICE  14.    AIRTEL-334 &      are putting in preparing such interactive and informative classes.
                                               1:00 pm to 1:30 pm on  K NEWS  DEN-334
                                       9.        TATA SKY-593 &                                    — Dr Disha Nigam , M/o Mishika Nigam, I A, CMS Rajajipuram Campus I
                                                  AIRTEL-338         7:00 pm to 7:30 pm on
                                               1:30 pm to 2:00 pm on  15.  DEN-865 &
                                      10.        AIRTEL-355 &                          CMS is giving a wonderful platform for learning to the children in this critical pandemic
                                                 TATA SKY-583
                                                HINDI KHABAR          DISH-321
                                                2:00 pm to 2:30 pm on  7:30 pm to 8:00 pm on  situation. The CMS teachers are so dedicated and hard-working. My child has not
                                      11.      AIRTEL-357, DEN-338
                                                & TATA SKY-587  16.  TATA SKY-1178     attended the school physically, yet I notice a great change in her.
                                      12.       2:30 pm to 3:00 pm on  & DEN-792                             — Mrs Arti Dixit,  M/o Akshita Dixit, CMS Aliganj campus II
                                                TATA SKY 1138
                                                                      8:00 pm to 8:30 pm on
                                                3:30 pm to 4:00 pm on  17.
                                      13.        TATA SKY-567 &        AIRTEL-697      I am really thankful to you for organizing such a valuable Summer Camp for the
                                                                                       students and also for their mothers. It has really given us new experience, new
                 vkWuykbZu fo'o ,drk lRlax  lknj vkeU=.k           ln~fopkj            knowledge and utilization of time for children when all the outdoor activities are
                 dkfoM&19 ds dkj.k ^fo'o ,drk lRlax* dk vk;kstu  ljt ds le{k Hkh v/kjk vkrk gS]  prohibited.                     — Mrs Deepti Tiwari , M/o Devika and Deepika Chaturvedi, II A,
                  iR;sd jfookj dks ikr% 10%00 ct l 11%30 cts rd   fQj va/kjk NV dj iqu% izdk'ke;                                                                                                       CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                             vkuykbu fd;k tk jgk             gk tkrk gS mlh izdkj thou esa va/ksjk  The Online Summer Camp helped students in learning different subjects like
                        vki lHkh lknj vkefU=r gaA
                 ifrHkkx gsrq ^fyad* izkIr djus ds fy, la;ksftdk Jherh oUnuk xkSM+ l 9235322956 ij laidZ djsa  vkuk Hkh vko';dA /k;Z jf[k,!  Computer, Science and Maths with concept based activities. Yoga added a very good
                                 Hkonh;                      va/kjs d ckn ge'kk izdk'k vkrk gSA  experience to children.
                   v:.k f=ikBh] la;ktd             lqJh oUnuk xkSM]  la;kftdk  — ia0 gfj vkse ‘kekZ ^gfj*       — M/o Bhuvi Singh , I B, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
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