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NEWS FROM CMS CAMPUSES                                                                                                      JUNE 2021 (7)

                                       Rajajipuram Campus I                                                   Asharfabad Campus
                Online Roza Iftar was organized on 3rd
                May 2021 with Maulana Khalid Rasheed
                Firangi Mahali as the Chief Guest.

                                                                                                  Virtual Roza Iftar                Investiture Ceremony
                                                                                              Kashish Rizvi of Class XI won the                 On Mothers'
                                                                                              second prize in the event                         Day,
                                                             World Book Bank Day              ‘Musique’ at the International,                   teachers of
                                                                                              Familie, organized by CMS                         the Primary
                                                                                              Rajajipuram Campus I.                             Section
                                                                                      The new session of Classes III-VIII began                 conducted a
                            Online Roza iftar                                         with 'Vidya Ka Parv.' Students participated               special
                                                                                      in Maths Quiz with great zeal.      where the colossal role of a mother in our
                                                                                      English Language Day was celebrated to   lives was recognized and presented
                                                                                      mark the importance of this language,   through videos made by a collection of
                                                              Story Telling Session   and as a sign to pay tribute to the literary   photographs of the students with their
                                                                                      genius Shakespeare. Primary students   beloved mothers, followed by a beautiful
                                                                                      were shown his biography. World Water   story narration. Euphonic and accordant
                                                                                      Day was observed with the aim to    songs too were sung by students.
                                                                                      sensitize people towards saving water.

                                                                                                                 RDSO Campus
                            World Earth Day                                                                                  Drawing Contest winner

                                                        A para writing activity at Geography club                                   Abhishree Asthana, an
                                                                                                                                    extremely talented artist
                                      Rajajipuram Campus II                                                                         student of Class VI, CMS
                                                                                                                                    RDSO campus won praise
                                                                                                                                    and a cash prize of
                                                                                                                                    Rs. 1500/- at a national level
                                                                                                  Eid Celebration
                                                                                                                         drawing and painting competition
                                                                                                                         organized under the aegis of the National
                                                                                                                         Bureau of Fish Genetics. A large number of
                                                                                                                         students from all over India had
                            Virtual Roza Iftar                                                                           participated in this competition on the
                                                          World Day for Safety and Health                                topic 'National Unity'.

                                                                                                 World Laughter Day
                                                                                                             Anand Nagar Campus

                       Parents' Orientation Programme
                                                              World Asthma Day
                An Orientation Programme was organized
                for the parents of the Junior Section with
                the aim to share that students' academic                                                                 Global Generation Video Conference was
                and all-round development can best be                                             Summer Camp            held with Apeejay School, Saket, Delhi on
                achieved through the  combined efforts of                             World Heritage Day, World Earth Day,   the topic 'Essentials of Dialogue-
                schools and parents. The parents were                                 World Language Day, World Penguin Day,   Community, Faith and Values' with the
                briefed about the curriculum, netiquettes,                            National Tell a Story Day, Mothers' Day   focus on how the students can have more
                teaching methodologies, the newly                                     were also organized by the Campus.  and more meaningful conversations on the
                inducted ELPs and the co-scholastic                                                                      topic and to generate rich ideas and insights
                activities.                                                                                              to understand the values and beliefs
                                                              World Athletics Day        Rajendra Nagar Campus I         commonly held by a community. The
                    Gomti Nagar Campus I                                                                                 students of both the schools emphasized on
                                                                                      Pihu Saxena of the                 the need to address the lack of harmony and
                                     Bhavishya Kero        Aliganj Campus II          Kindergarten has been              unity in their localities and consider each
                                     won a cash                                       recognised by India Book of        community as equal.
                                     prize of Rs.                                     Records  for receiving
                                     10,000 for                                       maximum certificates in
                being amongst the top scorers in the All                              different activities at the age
                India Ramanujan Maths Scholarship                                     of 5 . She started
                Competition organised by Maths learning                               participating in different events when she
                app, Counting Well. Rishika Ranjan and                                was just two. Her skills were
                Samriddhi Srivastava were the runners-up.                             acknowledged and approved by the
                                                                                      Editorial Board of India Book of Records
                                                                                      and her record will feature in India Book of
                                                                                      Records Publication.
                                                             Roza Iftar Celebrations                                     Orientation programmes for parents of all
                                                                                         Prayer Meet and Wellness        sections were organized to discuss with them
                                                                                           Programme 'Aanandam'          all the activities of school taken up for the
                Anudita Srivastava of Class VIII won the                                                                 holistic development of the students.
                first prize, Prashasti Singh of Class VIII                                                               Summer Camp was organized by the campus
                won the second prize, Vibhuti Kapoor of                                                                  for the Classes Pre-Primary – VIII that
                Class VII and Shreyan Das of Class VI stood                                                              included events like  Music, Dance, Physical
                third and Rashika of Class VIII won the                                                                  Training, Story Telling/Book Talk, Environment
                consolation prize in the online inter-                                                                   activities, Sports, Fitzroy, IT Skills, Hands on
                school poster competition on Save the                                                                    Mathematics, Art and Craft, Vocabulary
                Frog organised by Lucknow University.                                                                    ladder, Reasoning Ability, Conversation,
                                                     Students displaying their creativity at Summer Camp  'Aanandam', a Wellness cum Prayer Meet   Spoken English, JYEP sessions, Fireless
                                                                                      was organised on 20th of May with a view   Cooking, Sketching, Mathematics quick tricks
                              Ashwika Singh won the                                   to infuse in mankind hope, strength and
                              first prize and Kirti                                   peacefulness of mind. CMS Founders Drs   and  tips and Khan Academy.
                              Kumari won the third                                    Jagdish Gandhi and Mrs Bharti Gandhi,
                              prize in the school                                     Senior Principal and Head QAID Mrs
                category writing competition organised by                             Susmita Basu, Principals of various
                Photonics Student Chapter, IIT Bombay on                              Campuses of CMS, teachers and other
                International Day of Light on the theme of                            staff of the Campus were the attendees of
                Light Application in Modern Phase, LMP                                this event. The programme was a perfect
                2021.                                                                 blend of different wellbeing and
                                                           Craft  activity at Summer Camp  devotional items like meditation, prayer,
                                                                                      bhajans and many more.                       Mothers' Day Celebration

                                           Courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.
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