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NEWS FROM CMS CAMPUSES                                                                                                      JUNE 2021 (6)

                                         Aliganj Campus I                                                      Cambridge Section
                                                                                               Ms Jasjit Kaur, singing teacher     Lending truth to the adage
                                                                                               of CMS Cambridge Section,           that teachers set the bar and
                                                                                               passed the ABRSM grade 5            students follow, Noora
                                                                                               Music Theory exam and               Enayati, a student of also got a
                                                                                               ABRSM Grade 6 Singing exam          distinction in the practical
                 Shashwat Dixit, XII A  Vanshika Sachar, XII A  Niyati Agarwal XII E  Nancy Srivastava XII E
                                                                                      with a distinction mark. The ABRSM           singing exam of ABRSM grade
                                                                                      (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of    3. Prarthna Shahu of Class IV
                                                                                      Music) is an examination board based in      too got a merit certificate in
                                                              Online Prayer Meets
                 Shatakshi Tripathi XII A  Siddhartha Yadav, XII A  Ananya Chandra Srivastava XII A  Komal Shukla XII D  London, England, which provides   the same examination.
                                                   Online prayer meets are being organized   examinations in music at centers around   Yuvraj Singh of Class VI
                Eight students of Class XII registered   in all classes regularly to thank the   the world. Ms Jasjit's accomplishment is
                outstanding results in the National level E-  Almighty and pray to Him for the wellness                            launched his First App on
                quiz competition organized by the   of all.                           all the more remarkable because she          Google Play Store named
                Computer Science department of Khalsa                                 passed the grade during the pandemic         “Health App”. Health App is a
                College for Women under the aegis of the                              that has been raging around the world        medical app, you can use it for
                Ministry of Education, Govt. of India’s                               because as she says, “Learning cannot be     calculating your Water
                initiative 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav' to                               locked down.”  CMS Management                Consumption in a day, your
                mark the 75 years of India's                                          awarded her a cheque of Rs 6,000 for her   BMI (Body Mass Index), your Pulse Rate,
                independence. The students were:                                      stellar performance.
                Shehwat Dixit, Shatakshi Tripathi,                                                                        Height and Weight Calculator in which
                Vanshika Sachar, Niyati Agarwal, Anany                                CMS Cambridge has started a social   you can convert your height from m to cm
                Chandra Srivastava, Siddharth Yadav,                                  media drive to feature its students and   and weight from Kilograms to pounds and
                Komal Shukla and Nancy Srivastava.  World Day for safety and heal that work celebrated online  their talents. This initiative will showcase   Age Calculator in which you can convert
                                                           Anshika Rani of Class VIII   students' hidden talents and boost their   your age from years to hours.
                      Mahanagar Campus                     secured the 6th rank in Hanoi   self confidence.
                                                           Maths Olympiad organized by
                                                           Meccademia in January 2021
                                                           and selected for the final round                      Chowk Campus
                                                    of junior group to represent India.
                                                      Rajendra Nagar Campus II

                Mothers Day was celebrated online with
                great enthusiasm. Students presented
                dances and songs expressing their love
                and gratitude towards their mothers.                                           World Maths Day celebration       Story Telling through puppets

                         Vaibhav Pandey of Class VIII   International Dance Day was celebrated
                         qualified for the National Mega   with the aim of providing students and
                         finals of the Wiz Spell Bee   parents some refreshing experiences
                         competition.               during these stressful times. The online
                                                    activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

                                                                                              Picture Composition workshop        International Day of Families

                The campus has started online Summer     Parents Orientation organized online
                Camp for the students as well as the
                parents. The classes include Group
                Discussion, Turncoat, General Knowledge,                                   Virtual Roza Iftar organized by the campus  Wonderland activity in Class II
                Show and Tell, Mental Math, and Hands
                on Mathematics. These activities will                                                        Kanpur Road Campus
                boost the confidence of the children,
                engage them productively, enhance their
                mental abilities and will also help them to
                improve their Spoken English.               Mothers Day Celebrations

                                       Station Road Campus
                                                                                                 Earth Day Celebration
                                                                                               Gagan Deep Singh of senior           Baisakhi Celebration
                                                                                               section has got admission
                                                                                               into London College of
                                                                                               Fashion which is ranked
                                                       Special Assembly on Clean and Green Earth  second in the world for great
                                                                                               design. He also made the
                         A Hobby Class held online            Atharv Agarwal of Class I,   admission into all the other five foreign
                                                              CMS Station Road Campus   universities he applied to.
                                                              won a silver medal in            Esha Srivastava, a student of
                                                              Mathematics Olympiad             Class XII, CMS Kanpur Road          International Labour Day
                                                              organized under the aegis        Campus, won the first prize in
                                                              of the International Society     an anti-drug campaign                Suman Kumar of Class III
                                                   for Olympiad (ISFO). Students from          painting competition                 secured 100 percentile in
                                                                                                                                    English competition in the
                                                   various schools of India and other          organized by the Narcotics           International Benchmark
                                                                                               Control Bureau, Lucknow
                     Virtual Roza Iftar organized by the campus  countries participated in this competition.  under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt.   Test (IBT) organized by the
                The month of April saw many interesting   Jopling Road Campus         of India. Topic of the painting was – “Say    Australian Council for
                and educative activities organized online                             No to Drugs, and Yes to Life.”     Educational Research (ACER).
                to keep students informed and                                                         CMS Campuses observe Roza Iftar
                entertained. These included International                               International Guests join in World Peace Prayer at CMS Kanpur Road
                Earth Day, Book Day, Mahavir Jayanti,
                Ram Navmi celebrations, Hobby classes,                                 All CMS campuses observed Roza Iftar   pious month of Ramzan. At CMS Kanpur
                Toy Day, Ambedkar Jayanti, etc.                                        virtually and parents joined in with   Road, eminent personalities including
                                                                                       students and teachers to celebrate the   judges, lawyers, educationists and social
                                                           Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated online                             workers from Kuwait, Canada, USA,
                                                   Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated online. Qawwali                            Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Albania,
                                                   by Atif Aslam, Naat recital, importance                               Bangladesh, Palestine, Abu Dhabi, and
                                                   and history of Eid-Ul-Fitr, presentation on                           various states of India joined the
                                                   Zamaat, Traditions of Eid etc were some                               festivities on Zoom platform and prayed
                                                   of the many items presented by the                                    for World Unity, World Peace and well-
                                                   students on this occasion.           Online Prayer Meets and Roza Iftar at CMS Kanpur Road  being of all the people of earth.
                       Online Mothers Day celebrations

                                                   "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."    – Herman Melville
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