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CMS VISION 2025                                                                                                             JUNE 2021 (3)

                              Message from the Chief Executive Officer, CMS           We owe it to the young people in CMS to   rhetorical ideals, but realities reflected in every
                                                                                      prepare them for an uncertain future. We must   classroom and inculcated in every student.
                             It is with great excitement   the norms of job markets are evolving in ways   develop in them the skills through which they   With these goals in mind, CMS must now
                             that we announce the CMS   that are impossible to predict. It is increasingly   will learn to be adaptable, flexible, independent   formulate a vision and plan so that over the
                             2025 Vision Launch Summit,   apparent that human contributions to society   thinkers. Our students must become adept at   next few years – between now and 2025 – we
                             to take place during the   will be valued not in terms of acquired   creative thought, capable of deep critical   may build on the amazing work teachers have
                             month of June for all   knowledge – which computers can replicate   analysis, confident at communicating in any   already done and take our institution, our
                             teachers of CMS. This CMS   with remarkable accuracy – but in terms of   setting, and at ease with working in   practices, and our own selves to new heights.
                             teachers’ conference   those skills and traits which are essentially and   collaborative teams. They must have an   Intended as a forum in which teachers’
                 promises to be a powerful way to begin the   exclusively human: creative and critical   international outlook for an ever-globalising   opinions and voices are to be expressed and
                 new academic session, as we emerge from the   thought, emotional intelligence, interpersonal   world – a strong identity of global citizenship –   heard, the CMS 2025 Vision Launch Summit is
                 devastating Second Wave of Covid-19 seeking   connections, and moral values. The onset of   and their character and sense of purpose must   the first step on this journey. It will be a time
                 new energy and determination to learn the   this new reality has only been accelerated by   be firmly rooted in the values that CMS has   for teachers to reflect upon our current
                 lessons of this Pandemic and strive to take our   the Covid-19 Pandemic. In recognition of these   always held dear, such as service to humanity   practices in a spirit of openness, to together
                 service to CMS’s students to the next level.  shifting standards, best practices in education   and a spirit of excellence in all pursuits. In   define the direction for CMS, and to suggest
                 It is an inescapable fact that we live in a   around the world and in India have come to be   short, the time has come for all of us educators   and deliberate upon new ideas. We look
                 rapidly changing world. Technology is   designed around the development of these   at CMS to enhance our own practices so that   forward to the valuable contributions of every
                 progressing at an unprecedented rate, and   global competencies in young people.  these skills and values can become not just   CMS teacher!

                        Examination Scheme of ISC and ICSE  (First Comparative Examination 2021-2022)

                        Date & Day                                  ICSE                                                ISC
                 01.07.2021 (Thursday)            Physics – Science Paper I                         Mathematics
                 02.07.2021 (Friday)              Geography – H.C.G. Paper 2                        English Language – Paper I
                 03.07.2021 (Saturday)            English Language – Paper I                        Biology / Economics
                 04.07.2021 (Sunday)              —                                                 —
                 05.07.2021 (Monday)              Mathematics                                       Physics / Commerce
                 06.07.2021 (Tuesday)             Hindi                                             Biotechnology / Computer Science / Fashion Designing
                 07.07.2021 (Wednesday)           Chemistry – Science Paper 2 / Commercial Studies  Physical Education
                 08.07.2021 (Thursday)            Computer Applications / Physical Education        Literature in English – Paper 2
                 09.07.2021 (Friday)              Literature in English – Paper 2                   Geography / Sociology
                 10.07.2021 (Saturday)            History & Civics – H.C.G. Paper I                 Hindi
                 11.07.2021 (Sunday)              —                                                 —
                 12.07.2021 (Monday)              Biology – Science Paper 3 / Economics             Chemistry / Accounts
                 13.07.2021 (Tuesday)             Environmental Studies                             History
                 14.07.2021 (Wednesday)           —                                                 Psychology
                 15.07.2021 (Thursday)            —                                                 Legal Studies
                 16.07.2021 (Friday)              —                                                 Political Science
                  Note: Examinations for Art Paper 1, 2 and 3 will be held as per the convenience of the branch.

                                                "Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."     – Winston Churchill
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