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CMS FIGHTS CORONA                                                                                                           JUNE 2021 (5)

                            As the pandemic raged furiously, together we fought and we did it!

                                                        Valour stories of CMS students and teachers

                                           The Covid-19 Encounter                                   When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Gets Going
                          The Annual Examinations had just finished on April 8, 2021 and online
                          classes were announced from 9th April. I had been diagnosed with Typhoid   It’s rightly said “Tough times don’t last , tough people do.” The same is
                          on 2nd April and developed fever from 9th April. I continued with my   true for the Senior Principal, Principal and staff of  CMS Gomti Nagar
                          duties taking online classes for two days of my Class X students who were   Extension, who left no stone unturned to keep the children under their
                to appear for Board Examinations soon. However, abdominal pain, fatigue and muscle   care going in these difficult times. They showed a lot of positivity and zeal
                cramps forced me to request for Medical Leave for few days. On April 15, I tested   and encouraged everyone to carry on even in these difficult times. The deadly disease
                positive for Covid-19. I continued doing some Yoga-Simhasana, Bhastrika, Nadi-   hit many a parent, teachers and children but even then, the smooth functioning of the
                Shodhan Pranayam-sometimes even at 3 am, and these made me feel better. My   school was ensured as the principals took the reins in their hands and  motivated the
                younger son flew in from Dubai to look after me and took great care of my diet   others to work enthusiastically. They proved to be true leaders leading from the front.
                providing me fresh fruit juice, homemade food, soup etc. My elder son was guiding me
                about what to eat and how to manage from Belgium. Finally, I tested negative in the               Defeat Corona with Patience
                first week of May. I'm thankful to my Principal Ms Aditi Sharma, who had all the time   We had just passed Class III and were buying books etc. to study in the
                been sending me positive messages to get well soon, to my colleagues and friends for   next class. It was as if we were entering the new session by forgetting
                wishing me the best of health and God for helping me fight this dreadful enemy with   the bad memories of the corona pandemic last year. We were all
                grit and determination.              Ms Neerja Ravindra ,  ICSE teacher, CMS Chowk Campus  overjoyed. We had also purchased new books, bags, bottles, shoes,
                                                                                                      etc. But wait! Our school was closed again due to the second wave of
                                                                                                      Covid-19.  The online classes were resumed by our school. At the same
                              Willpower and Positivity- Key to beat Coronavirus                       time my Daddy isolated himself because a worker in his office was
                          My family and I experienced COVID like symptoms for the first time in the   COVID positive and my father was also showing symptoms. I couldn't meet daddy.  Now my
                          first week of March. Soon, in a span of 10-15 days, my health rapidly   mother's difficulties and responsibilities had increased. Not only she had to give daddy food
                          deteriorated as fever continuously hovered around 103-104 °F despite   and medicines separately, but she also had to take care of us, as well as address the
                          medication. But fever was only the first chapter, others were — sore   challenges of keeping herself healthy and safe. These were very difficult days for our family.
                throat, loss of taste and breathing issues. Amidst all this, I knew that this was my own   During these days I decided to give full support to my mother. I used to share my mother's
                battle. Therefore, I isolated myself, kept consuming the immunity khadha and was in   small tasks patiently. Also, as per the Covid-19 guidelines, I kept calling or video calling my
                                                                                       daddy time to time. At the same time, I continued to attend my online classes.  The tough
                constant touch with the doctor following his advice. Very importantly, I did not pay   14 days passed. My daddy's corona report came negative and now he was fully fit and
                heed to rumours related to the virus and was regularly sanitizing the place.  healthy.                                Divisha Shukla, IV, CMS Jopling Road Campus
                During this tremendous phase of my life, constant touch with my loving students, kept
                me motivated and rejuvenated. Interactions with them through online teaching would
                fill me with enthusiasm and hope. The “Wellness Circle” sessions also helped me to                 Help thy Neighbours
                keep my spirits high, bring positivity around me, find my strength and win the battle   As we all know this pandemic time is very difficult for us. Everyone one is
                with the motto “Yes, I can do it”.                                               suffering from this virus. It is a very dangerous virus.
                Special gratitude to my Respected Principal Ma'am, Ms Samvida Adhikari, Primary   Few days ago, one of our neighbouring families became Covid positive.
                Incharge, Ms Deepali Singh and the entire family of CMS Aliganj Campus II, who stood   Their relatives do not live in Lucknow. No one was there to help them
                by me through thick and thin and were in constant touch with me.                 because the whole family was suffering. We decided to help them. My
                                 Richa Vividh Bhatnagar ,  Assistant Teacher, CMS Aliganj Campus II  mother prepared food and my father went to give that food. He wore the PPE kit and
                                                                                       went to their house. He put that food packet outside their house.  We prayed to God
                                                                                       for everyone. We used to talk to them on video call because in these  times it is very
                                        Ramzan is a month of Charity                   important to be happy and one should not think negative. I sent them some jokes so
                          The second wave of Pandemic has been quite troublesome and so many   that they read it and feel good. I advised them to take warm water, Vitamin C and hot
                          people have been infected by this deadly virus, some even losing their   steam daily and after seven days their temperature and oxygen level was under
                          lives. Ramzan is the month of fasting and also charity. My father brought   control. We thanked God. Oh God, please listen to our prayer, make everyone healthy .
                          some face masks and sanitizer bottles and I distributed them equally   Stay home, Stay Safe.                                      Adya Garg,  III B, CMS Anand Nagar Campus
                amongst my neighbours, relatives and needy people  for their protection and hygiene.
                My mother has also been preparing food for some Covid patients who are isolated at    To be a Teacher Needs lot of Courage,
                home and also some patients who are admitted in hospitals and I have helped her in   Determination and a whole lot of Patience
                packing the food. The packing of food was a big challenge as we had to prepare 5-10   The courageous, determined and diligent Primary Section teachers of CMS Kanpur Road
                packets of Lunch and dinner daily, for almost the whole month of Ramzan.   Campus, despite being infected by Covid-19 virus, only after a short rest or no rest at all,
                We had purchased disposables for infected patients alongwith aluminium foil and   successfully conducted the online classes. The teachers felt that the best way to fight this
                zipper bags for fruits. Infact we are still preparing food and distributing it to the poor   disease was to be engaged in teaching because children are the best source of positivity
                people. I am not going to celebrate the festival of Eid this year in this pandemic   and energy. The smiling faces of students, their concern and best wishes for their
                situation. Instead I have utilized the same money to buy clothes and food for the
                children of my maid.                                    Faizah Fatima,  II C, CMS Station Road Campus  teachers did magic and healing was quick. Thus, the teachers were successful in
                                                                                       combating COVID-19.
                                                                                                                       CMS Kanpur Road Campus Primary Teachers
                                                     Selfless Service
                                      My father is a chemist and worked with his team during                          Duty with a Smile
                                      the tough time. His selfless work is recognized as he fixed   Monika Raja Vasandani, front desk Administrative Assistant Teacher, at
                                      appointments with some senior doctors online in case of   CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, emerges as an unsung hero. Monika, whilst
                                      emergency. He also helped several in cremation whenever   keeping up with her many responsibilities as a mother of a little girl, aged
                                      required.                               Ummul,  VI, Asharfabad Campus
                                                                                                seven, continues to handle the duties of a front desk officer each day in
                                                                                       the school in the middle of this deadly pandemic, wearing a smile on her face, always!
                                         My Experience during Covid                    In spite of being aware of the repercussions of a high level of exposure to the virus,
                          I tested positive for coronavirus on 9th April along with my husband. Both   she meets a number of visitors daily. In addition to this, despite her underlying health
                          of us isolated ourselves in two different rooms in our home. As per the   conditions, she continues to offer her help, every evening, as a social citizen to anyone
                          doctor’s advice, we took medicine and followed a new routine for the   who needs medical services pertaining to Covid-19 in the hospitals. She continues to
                          next 17 days. I was worried about my husband as he has diabetes and I   provide assistance to whoever needs it. Her courage and valour are rare, and we are
                          was getting information through the media that so many people with   very lucky to have such a strong woman as part of our team. We salute you!
                comorbidities were dying, but in my heart, I knew that everything will be alright soon.
                During that period, I had a fever, sore throat and body ache. Gradually by taking                   The Testing Times
                medicine, doing pranayama and meditation, I was able to recover.                My whole family tested positive for Covid last month and it was the most
                My father used to bring food for us during the isolation period. I felt happy to have the   crucial time of my life. There was panic and chaos all over the place and it
                yummy food prepared by my mother but at the same time, I felt bad for my parents   was hard for me to manage everything.  In those tough times my family,
                for doing so much for me when I should have been doing something for them. Soon   friends, colleagues, respected Principal Ma’am and Incharge Ma'am were
                the period passed, I kept myself motivated by connecting with God. I did my   of great support . They checked on me frequently and gave me advice to stay mentally
                pranayama every day and that led me to be free from congestion. Soon the nightmare   and physically fit.
                was over and with the grace of God, we were both back to health again.  I am grateful that my family has recovered now.
                                                Shubha Mukherjee ,  II A, Jopling Road Campus                        Anupama Gupta ,  Teacher, CMS Chowk Campus

                                         I did not Deter from my Duty                                        CMS Taught Me to Serve Society
                           I did not deter from my duty and continued to guide students online,   Among the various courageous workers my uncle Zulfqar Hussain has
                           even after being infected with COVID and suffering from fever. I gave   been the role model and also a great source of inspiration for me. A chef
                           instructions to my students for taking necessary precautions during   by profession, he helped many people by providing jobs, food and shelter.
                           Bio-Technology practicals of the Board Exams. The practicals went on   The condition is very sad and depressing. In such a time my uncle
                           smoothly but I was hospitalized. Later on, my three year old child also   provided means of livelihood and source of support to the needy. He
                caught the infection. The child has recovered but I am still in isolation, yet teaching my   himself has been a student of CMS Asharfabad and the spirit of going back to society
                students with full devotion and courage.                               has been developed in him during his days at school.
                                     Shikha Sareen ,  Senior Section Teacher, Kanpur Road Campus                             Wabisa Zehra,  V, Asharfabad Campus
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                    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans
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