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At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
    Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.
    NEWS FROM CAMPUSES                                                                                                        APRIL 2020  (7)
            Aliganj Campus I                Gomti Nagar Campus I                                 Anand Nagar Campus
     It is rightly said that a healthy outside                                                                           Pragati Verma of Class VII
     starts from a healthy inside. If you eat                                                                            won the 2nd Runner-Up
     better you live longer, healthier and                                                                               prize in Nritya Manthan
     happier. Keeping this thought in mind,                                                                              Dance Championship. She
     National Pistachio Day was celebrated in                                                                            was awarded with a
     the pre primary section. Pistachio is a                                                                             Trophy and Certificate.
     rich source of fiber, vitamins and various
     nutrients which improve eye health, gut   A view of the Divine Education Conference
                                                                           A workshop for children on 'Save your
     health, etc. The teachers planned
     various activities like making flower   Asharfabad Campus             hearing' was conducted at the campus
                                                                           by Ms Neha Tewari, Audiologist &
     from the shells, speaking few lines on
     the health benefits of pistachios,etc.                                Speech Therapist. The objective was to
                                                                           make children aware about various
     The children were also made aware
     about the nutritional value of                                        measures of prevention of deafness,
     pistachios.                                                           hearing loss and ear care on the         Orientation of TMS Report Card &
                                                                                                                     Achievement Log by Ms Dawn
                                                                           occasion of  World Hearing Day
                                                                           commerated every year on 3rd March.            Eight students of the
                                                                                                                          campus received
            Aliganj Campus II                                                                                             Governors’ Award as
                                       Sport activity teaches us how to play by
                                                                                                                          recognition of their
                                       the rules, it makes us learn how to win                                            valuable contribution as
                                       and how to accept defeat positively. A
                                                                                                                          Scouts/Guides. The
                                       Mini Sports Meet was organized at the                                  award was issued in the year 2019 for
                                       campus for the students of classes                                     the 2017 batch, has been received by the
                                       Montessori, Nursery and Kindergarten.
                                                                            Spoken English class for mothers held at the campus  campus in February 2020. Ayush Sharma
                                       Students enthusiastically participated in                              is currently studying in class IX in the
                                       different races like, ‘Shuttle race,’ ‘Beads
        Pink Day celebrations in pre-primary section                                                          campus while 7 other students have left
                                       run’ and ‘Hurdle race.’ Children were full                             the campus.
                                       of enthusiasm as they learned about
        Gomti Nagar Campus II          team-spirit and sportsmanship.

                                                                 Chowk Campus                                    Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                                                                          Ms Ruksi Mahmood, Ms Fehmina
                                                                          Siddiqui and Ms Rafat Tayyab were
                                                                          declared Exam Alert Contest Winners
                                                                          while Ms Shiwani Kapoor, Ms Nausheen
                                                                          Zaidi, Ms Chitranshi Gupta, Ms Rafat
     Dakshesh Sinha, Kshitij Narayan and
     Parth sarthi secured top three positions                             Tayyab, Ms Namita Saxena, Ms Nandini
     in the Inter Campus Physics Olympiad                                 Bharti, Ms Nidhi Grover, Ms Shruti
                                           Pink Day celebrations in pre-primary section  Vajpayee and Ms Fehmina Siddiqui were
     for Class VIII. Dakshesh Sinha secured                                                                      A view of the Divine Education Conference
     the first position and Rishit Rai secured   Team comprising Lakshya Kumar Singh,   awarded CCC Participation Certificates.
     the third position in the Inter Campus   Ankur Singh, Rudra Rastogi and Rama   Ms Ruksi Mahmood also secured the
     Chemistry Olympiad for Class VIII and   Devi of class XI, won the consolation   third position among all campuses in   Station Road Campus
     Samarth Raghuvanshi and Kshitij   prize in Line Follower Robotics    Exam Alert Contest.
     Narayan respectively secured the first   Competition held at the Innovation   Open day was observed on the 14th of
     and second position in the Inter Campus   Festival 2020 organized by Regional   March for classes Montessori – II. The
     Biology Olympiad for Class VIII.  Science Centre.                    classes were beautifully decorated on
                                                                          various things such as temples of India,
                                                                          forts of India, water conservation,
                                                                          hospitals, airports and exercises based
                                                                          on practical life. There were various
                                                                                                                 A view of the Divine Education Conference
                                                                          competitions for mothers like flower
                                                                          arrangement, dancing, fireless cooking,
                                                                          etc. All the parents enjoyed participating
                                                                          in various activities.
     Pre-primary students' first day to school in new session  A view of the Divine Education Conference

                                                                                                  Mahanagar Campus
                                             Indira Nagar Campus
                                                                                                                         Devansh Pandey of Class
                                                      Anika Tripathi of
                                                                                                                         VI participated in HCL
                                                      class IX participated                                              Half Marathon at
                                                      in an Essay                                                        Lucknow in 10km
         Holi celebration in pre-primary section                                                                         category and completed
                                                      organized by                                                       the run in 1;27;35 hours.
                                                      Immerse Education
         Kanpur Road Campus                           UK. She was granted   The new session  began with renewed
                                                      15% scholarship to
                                       participate in Immerse Summer       hopes and determination to achieve
                                                                           new milestones and success in various
                                       Programme in the United Kingdom to
                                       study her chosen subject.           fields. The children were welcomed at
                                                                           the gate by their teachers who applied
                                                                           the traditional ‘teeka’ on their
                                                                           foreheads. The Assembly commenced   Tearing and pasting activity in a in pre-primary class
                                                                           with the singing of the school prayer
                                                                           followed by a soulful rendition of
    Students of junior section visited the
                                                                           Saraswati  Vandana, ‘Hey Sharde  Maa.'
    NBRI on the occasion of its Open Day on                                Adarsh Pratap Singh secured the first
    28th February. They interacted with the
                                                                           position, Shubhanshi Srivastava, second
    scientists there and learnt about
                                                Fancy dress competition    position and Anshika Patel, third
    different ways of environmental                                        position in Inter Campus Biology
                                                                           Olympiad held at CMS Rajendra Nagar   A view of the Divine Education Conference
                                                                           Campus I for the students of Class IX.
                                                                           The first three merit holders of class IX   RDSO Campus
                                                                           who appeared in the Inter Campus   Satyam Naik of Class I was declared the
                                                                           Biology Olympiad held at Rajendra   youngest kid in the world to become a
                                                                           Nagar are, Adarsh Pratap Singh,    WhiteHat Jr. Certified Game Developer.
                                                                           Shubhanshi Srivastava and Anshika   He was awarded the certificate for Game
                                           Spring Fest celebrated in pre-primary section
                                                                           Patel.                             Developer by the panel  of Computer
        A view of the Divine Education Conference                                                             Scientists from IIT, Google, Intel,
                                                                                                              Microsoft and Amazon.

     "Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others."       —Ayn Rand
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