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At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
    Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.
                                                                                                                                                           Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.
    COMMONWEALTH DAY                                                                                                          APRIL 2020  (6)              At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
                    Commonwealth Day Message by                                 21st Commonwealth Day Celebrations held at CMS
        Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth
                    Commonwealth Day   the Commonwealth.
                    has a special          We are able to look to the future
                    significance this year   with greater confidence and optimism as
                    as we mark the 70th   a result of the links that we share, and
                    anniversary of the   thanks to the networks of cooperation
                    London Declaration,   and mutual support to which we
                    when nations of the   contribute, and on which we draw. With
                    Commonwealth       enduring commitment through times of
                    agreed to move     great change, successive generations have
                    forward together as   demonstrated that whilst the goodwill for
    free and equal members. The vision and   which the Commonwealth is renowned
    sense of connection that inspired the   may be intangible, its impact is very real.
    signatories has stood the test of time,      We experience this as people of all
    and the Commonwealth continues to   backgrounds continue to find new ways of
    grow, adapting to address contemporary   expressing through action the value of   Lighting the lamp on opening ceremony of 21st Commonwealth Day by Chief Guest Mr S. Rajlingam, IAS, District Magistrate,
                                                                            Sonbhadra, UP with CMS Founder Director Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi and others
    needs.                             belonging in a connected
        Today, many millions of people   Commonwealth. I hope and trust that   CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus I organized the           Earlier, the programme began with
    around the world are drawn together   many more will commit to doing so this   21st Commonwealth Day Celebrations on   'School Prayer' followed by All Religion and
    because of the collective values shared by   Commonwealth Day.         7 March 2020, at Gomti Nagar Extension   World Peace Prayer filling the entire
                                                                           auditorium with great zeal and     atmosphere with spiritual bliss.
                                                                           enthusiasm. Chief Guest, Mr S.     Presentation of the students' World
               Mrs Abha Anant                Ms Manjit Batra               Rajalingam, IAS, District Magistrate,   Parliament won the hearts of the audience.
               Principal                         Senior Principal          Sonbhadra, UP, inaugurated the function   Besides, song and dance items, skit,
               Gomti Nagar (I)                     Gomti Nagar             ceremoniously by lighting the lamp of   choreography, qawwali, action song, group
                                                                           learning. On this special occasion, CMS   song, elocution etc. earned loud applauding
                                                                           students presented a number of     from the eager parents and guardians.
                                                                           scintillating educational-cultural items on   Meritorious students who had secured top
                                                                           the Commonwealth theme 'Delivering a   ranks in the annual Exams were specially
                                                                           Common Future: Connecting, Innovating,   honoured and awarded prizes.
                                                                           Transforming' disseminating the feelings of               Convenor of the function and
                                                                           unity, peace and world brotherhood   Principal of CMS Gomti Nagar (I), Mrs
                                                                           across the globe. The Commonwealth   Abha Anant welcomed the guests.
                                                                           Song composed by Music teacher Mr   Addressing the huge gathering, the CMS
                                                                           Leslie Scott was sung in full-throated voice   Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that the
            Garlanding the Queen                   Prayer Song
                                                                           by the CMS Choir and many other cultural   Commonwealth links us with all the
                                                                           items were performed by the students of   continents and its appeal for World Unity
                                                                           CMs Gomti Nagar I.                 and World Peace strikes the hearts of all.
                                                                                       Addressing the gathering, the Chief   Ms Manjit Batra, Senior Principal of CMS
                                                                           Guest, Mr S. Rajalingam, IAS, District   Gomti Nagar Campuses, said that the
                                                                           Magistrate, Sonbhadra, UP, said that this   Commonwealth Day is celebrated across
                                                                           event was important for creating an   the world and this year's message of
                                                                           atmosphere of unity, peace and     delivering a common future; connecting,
                                                                           brotherhood in society and reaffirming our   innovating, transforming deserves to be
                                                                           faith in the ideals of the Commonwealth.   pondered upon and followed so that we
               Cultural Item                       School Choir
                                                                           Commonwealth Day encourages to build   may all live in harmony and peace as a
                                                                           up values of equality, cooperation,   global family.
                                                                           tolerance, exchange of ideas, unity in
                                                                           diversity, freedom and humanity etc.

                                                                                           CMS Online World Unity Satsangs
                                                                           Satsangs are spiritual gatherings
                                                                           organized by CMS every Sunday, in the
                                                                           guidance of Dr Bharti Gandhi, Founder-
                                                                           Director, CMS. These days, with the
                                                                           demon of COVID looming large on our
                                                                           heads, CMS still holds these gatherings
                    Core values of the Commonwealth
                                                                           online at 10.30 a.m.for forty minutes.
      • Democracy                         • Freedom of Expression
                                                                           Speakers of different religions participate
      • Human Rights                      • Separation of Powers           actively by voicing their thoughts online.
      • International Peace & Security    • Rule of Law                    Mrs Vandana Gaur is the Convenor of the
      • Tolerance, Respect & Understanding    • Good Governance            World Unity Satsang.

                                                                           Lighting lamps of
     Parents’ views on online teaching                                     Hope and Unity

     The lockdown because of the worldwide   This is the very first time my child has   In answer to Prime Minister Modi's call,
     pandemic, had left a lot of work   attended a class in this format and we   for unity and goodwill, CMS.
     incomplete and unattended but studies at   wondered how it would be. Certainly, it   management led the way and lamps and
     CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I did not suffer   proved very effective and we would   candles were lit at the CMS Head Office
     at all. Prompt action was taken by the   want such classes to continue in future   entrance on 12 April at 9pm.
     Principal, Mrs Abha Anant, and the   too. We are extremely happy with the
     teachers put in all to their hard work to   efficiency and quality of teaching.
     respond quickly to the situation, using the   Students did not face any loss in their   CMS students secure top ranks in International
     Google Classroom. Assignments were sent   studies. It combines home tuition and             Benchmark Test (IBT)
     to the students online and they    school studies and is very enjoyable for       Two brilliant students of   Principal and teachers of
     completed them and sent them back to   the students                               CMS, Gomti Nagar      CMS Gomti Nagar Campus
     the teachers for checking. This is going on   Mother of Sayyada Zaidi of Chowk    Campus I namely Anusha   I for the historic success of
     regularly now. In this way, regular studies                 Campus                Singh, Class V and Raman   their students.
     are going on in the safety of homes.                                              Misra, Class VIII have   It may be mentioned that
                                                                                       secured 100 percentile in   IBT is organized by the
     Online interactive learning with subject
                                                                                       English at the
     teachers, with the help of Zoom App,                                  International Benchmark Test (IBT)   Australian Council for
     clears the doubts of children and provides                                                              Educational Research (ACER) once a year
                                                                           getting the first position globally and   in many countries. In India, thousands of
     uninterrupted study. This has far-reaching                            earning laurels for the institution. CMS   students from several noted schools
     effects when, in future, the schools may                              will honour both these students with a   across the country, sat in the IBT test
     close due to extreme heat or cold. Hats                               cash prize of Rs. 50,000/- each for their   wherein Anusha and Raman scored 100
     off to the diligent staff of CMS Gomti                                remarkable performance. CMS Founder   percent marks in English amidst tough
     Nagar Campus I.                                                       and renowned educationist, Dr Jagdish   competition. CMS imparts rigorous
                         Ruchi Bhadauria                                   Gandhi, while congratulating these   training and encourages its students to
                Mother of Rishi R Bhadauria                                students, wished a very bright future for   perform well in various national and
                                   8-E                                     them. He also congratulated the   international competitions.

                                        "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance."              —Socrates

                                                                                                                                                                                               "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance."              —Socrates
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