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Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.

     At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
    CMS Music Teachers                                                                                                         APRIL 2020 (3)
                                            Meet our Versatile Indian Music Teachers
     Indian Music is an ancient art form, closely associated divinity and spirituality. Indian   tabla. However, we shall be dealing with these music forms later and here we shall
     Classical Music is divided into vocal, instrumental and dance. Vocal music has its origin   focus on the Indian vocal music. This includes, Hindustani Classical music, Carnatic
     in the Vedas in the form of chants and prayers of the Rigveda and Samaveda. Later,   music, Indian folk music, Indian rock and Indian pop music. At CMS, we have trained
     Indian classical music was divided into two streams North Indian Hindustani music and   and experienced music teachers to teach vocal and instrumental music and develop
     South Indian Carnatic music. Dance is also the physical expression of music while   the talents of students through group songs, prayers, qawallis and individual
     melody and rhythm find their best expression in instrumental music like sitar and   performances. Following are the profiles of our Indian music teachers:

    Mr Arun Tripathi, Music Coordinator, CMS QAID Department
                                                                           Ms Rajshree Singh, Music teacher, CMS Asharfabad  Campus
               Mr Arun Tripathi heads the team of CMS Music Teachers and sets high standards   Ms Rajshree Singh's students have won prizes at the Republic Day Parade,
               for CMS students and teachers. He has composed the lyrics and tunes for many   inter- campus competitions and other events. She has done her Sangeet Nipun
               CMS songs. International Festival of Music and Dance, ‘Celesta’ organized by   and is also an M.A. in Archaeology and B.Ed. from Lucknow. She has 34 years of
               CMS Aliganj Campus I bears the unmistakable stamp of his genius.
                                                                                     experience as music teacher.
    Mr Man Bahadur Biwaskarma, Music teacher, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                                                                           Mr. Kultar Singh, Music teacher, CMS Mahanagar Campus
               Mr  Man  Bahadur  Biwaskarma  did  his  Sangeet  Prabhakar  in  tabla,  senior   Mr Kultar Singh has been teaching for the past 25 years. He is a national
               diploma  in  Indian  Classical-Violin,  and  Visharad  in  Vocal  Music  from   awardee and has performed in Lucknow Mahotsav, Ganga Mahotsav and also
               Bhatkhande,  Lucknow.  He  feels  that  CMS  provides  the  best  platform  to   in Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Sri Lanka etc. His is a radio and T.V. approved voice
               showcase one’s talent and spread the word of music in the world.
                                                                                     and he is a light music artiste in the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, U.P.
    Mr Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Music teacher, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                                                                           Ms Sangeeta Mishra, Music teacher, CMS Mahanagar Campus
               Mr S. K. Sharma has 24 years of teaching experience and is a B-Grade artiste at
               All India Radio. He has been winning the Best Music Teacher Award in CMS for   Ms Sangeeta Mishra of CMS Mahanagar is first runner-up in Sa Re Ga Ma music
               the past 20 years. His students have won prizes in Celesta Music Festival and   contest and artiste at Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow Mahotsav etc. She is a
                                                                                     B-Grade vocal artiste in the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, also light
               other competitions.
                                                                                     music and gazal artiste in the Cultural Affairs Ministry, U.P.
    Ms Jyoti Sharma, Music teacher, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                                                                           Ms Alpana Mehrotra, Music teacher, CMS Indira Nagar Campus
               Ms Jyoti Sharma's students have won many prizes at the Lucknow Mahotsav ,   In Ms Alpana’ is a ‘Nipun’ from Bhatkhande in vocal music teaching for the past
               Bal Utsav Search Foundation contests etc. Pre-primary percussion band won
               third prize in KIDS Bonanza. Pre-primary children grabbed the first prize in   30 years. A state level award winner at UP Sangeet Natak Academy and a
               Action Song at St Teresa’s Day School.                                renowned artiste of the AIR, television, ICCR and Cultural Affairs Ministry, U.P.,
                                                                                     she has conducted music workshops in India and Mauritius.
    Mr Rishi Sahai , Music teacher, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus II
                                                                           Mr Anup Kumar, Music teacher, CMS Station Road Campus
               Mr Rishi Sahai has done his Nipun in tabla from Bhatkhande Music University
               and excels in a wide range of musical instruments like the congo, drums,   Mr Anup Kumar combines music and melody on the strings of his guitar. He has
               octopad besides singing both western and Indian songs. We wish him all   done his Visharad in Tabla from Bhatkhande and is a B Grade Artiste at the AIR.
               success.                                                              He has participated in AIR Choral Singing Competition. He has participated in
                                                                                     Sharad Utsav in Pithoragarh, Nainital, Mussoorie as a musician.

    Mr Sachin Verma, Music teacher, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus III          Mr S. K. Dubey, Music teacher, CMS Station Road Campus
               Mr  Sachin  Verma,  has  19  years  of  experience  as  music  teacher,  being  a
               Sangeet Visharad, Sangeet Prabhakar in Indian Classical vocal music and holds   Mr S. K. Dubey holds a Visharad in Indian Classical Music (vocal) and a
               a  diploma  degree  in  synthesizer.  He  is  a  radio  and  television  artiste  as   Madhyama in sitar. He is an approved singer at the AIR and has created his
               keyboard player. We wish him all the best!                            music albums- "sai suman" from VENUS music company , Mumbai, India
                                                                                     and another album for CMS "geetanjali" and Vishwa shanti geet.

    Ms Laxmi Mishra, Music teacher, CMS Aliganj I
                                                                           Mr SCS Parihar, Music teacher, CMS RDSO Campus
               Ms Laxmi Mishra is well trained in Indian classical and light music having done
               her Sangeet Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti and Sangeet Visharad from   Mr SCS Parihar has done a degree course in Indian Classical Music (vocal) and is
                                                                                     an approved singer and actor in Song and Drama Division, Government of
               Bhatkhande Sangeeth Vidyapeeth. Admired as a radio and television artiste in   India. He has been trained in Acting at Delhi under Mr Prem Matiyani and is also
               light music, she belongs to the Benaras Gharana.
                                                                                     trained in Street Theatre. In 1994, he worked in film “Agni Chakra.” .
    Dr. Jayashree Chatterji , Music teacher, CMS Aliganj I
                                                                           Dr Shivkanti Singh, Music teacher, CMS Chowk Campus
               Dr Jayashree Chatterjee holds a PhD in sitar. She has obtained most of her   Dr Shivkanti Singh has done her Nipun and PhD from Bhatkhande University,
               qualifications from BHU, Benaras and Allahabad. She has been honoured with   Lucknow,  She  has  given  both  solo  and  group  performances  in  U.P.  and
               several awards and scholarships by the Government of India. Her students   Uttarakhand and won great applause. She has taught upto Visharad classes
               have won many prizes in Celsta, Baal Utsav, Constantia etc.
                                                                                     and arranged music workshops.
    Mrs Sarita Mishra, Music teacher, CMS Aliganj II
                                                                           Mr N.K. Dwivedi, Music teacher, CMS Chowk Campus
               Mrs Sarita Mishra is an M.A. in Vocal Classical Music, Sangeet Nipun in Vocal   With  26  years  experience,  and  Sangeet  Nipun  from  Bhatkhande  Deemed
               and Visharad in Sitar. She has been teaching music at CMS Aliganj II for more   University, Lucknow, Mr Dwivedi has conducted music workshops for children
               than  24  years  and  showing  excellent  results.  A  radio  approved  voice  in   and is recognized as a light and folk music artiste by the Department of Cultural
               classical singing, she produces winners in musical competitions.
                                                                                     affairs, U. P. and U.P. Sangeet Natak Academy in vocal music.
    Ms Jyotisha Singh, Music teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar I
                                                                           Mr Amit Malik, Music teacher, CMS Rajajipuram I
               Ms Jyotisha Singh did her M. Muse and Prabhakar in Indian Classical (Vocal)   Mr Amit Malik holds a Madhyama in vocal music, Visharad in vocal music, BPA
               Music. A performing artiste for concerts like Tiveni Mahotsav, Prayag, she has   and MPA in vocal music. He has performed at Chitrakoot Mahotsav 2005,
               also been a judge in Annual Concerts at IIT, and has a musical album (Rang do)   Bharatkund  Mahotsav, Faizabad, Deva Mahotsav (Barabanki) and  gazals at
               from Venus to her credit.                                             Hastshilp Pradarshni etc.

    Mrs. Rupali Asthana, Music teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar I                  Mr Asheesh Minz, Music teacher, CMS, Rajajipuram Campus II
               Ms Rupali Asthana has done her Visharad in Indian Classical Music and is a   Mr Asheesh Minz has done his Prabhakar in vocal music (6 years diploma
               B-Grade Artiste at All India Radio and Doordarshan. She says, “It gives me   course from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad). He is well-versed in both Indian
               immense pleasure to be part of CMS for nearly a two and a half decades. It has   classical and Western music and imparts best quality training to the children of
               given me a platform to teach and learn in the vast field of music.”   CMS Rajajipuram Campus II.

    Mr Sanjeev Chauhan, Music teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar I                   Mr Ashish John Benjamin, Music teacher, CMS Anand Nagar Campus
               Mr Sanjeev Chauhan is a brilliant teacher deeply devoted to his craft. He has   Mr  Ashish  Benjamin  holds  a  Visharad  in  guitar  from  Bhatkhande  Sangeet
               done his Visharad in Indian Classical Music and is a B-Grade artiste at the All   Vidyapeeth and is at ease with both Indian and Western music. In his words,
               India Radio. He has also earned a name for himself as ‘Chauhan Bandhu’, a   “CMS  gives  the  unique  opportunity  to  train  students  in  all  spheres  of
               bhajan singing team by the Department of Cultural Affairs, U.P.       knowledge.”

    Mr Diganta Saikia, Music teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar II                   Mr Anant Kumar Mishra, Music teacher, CMS Jopling Road Campus
               Mr Saikia has been teaching music at CMS for the past 24 years and excels in   For  Mr  Anant  Kumar  Mishra,  teaching  music  is  like  worshipping  God.
               playing musical instruments, especially the flute. Born in Assam, he learnt   Having  passed  Sangeet  Visharad  in  guitar  from  Bhatkhande  Sangeet
               flute classical and is an approved B. High grade artist at AIR, Lucknow and has   Vidyapeeth, he teaches both Indian and western music with the same
               done his Visharad in classical flute from Bhatkhande.                 enthusiasm and energy.

    Ms Namrata Dwivedi, Music teacher, CMS Kanpur Road Campus              Mr Mukesh Prasad, Music teacher, CMS QAID
               Ms Namrata Dwivedi holds a degree in Indian classical music (vocal) and a   With Mr Mukesh Prasad has represented India in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah,
               diploma in light music (bhao sangeet). An approved singer of the AIR in geet,   Bhutan, Nepal and Singapore besides various metropolitan cities of India.
               gazal and bhajan, she has won many competitions at state level and has two   He  has  been  in  demand  for  musical  accompaniment  by  top  melody
               music albums to her credit-‘sai suman’ and ‘geetanjali’.              masters like Anup Jalota, Rekha Bharadwaj etc.

                  "That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way."        —Doris Lessing
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