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At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
    Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.
    CMS GOES ONLINE                                                                                                            APRIL 2020 (4)
                                            Where learning never stops

                                                  CMS goes online to defy Corona

     The impartation of knowledge never ceased at CMS despite the COVID-related   to aid our students with help required   means possible and online has been
     lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the entire world.   to cover their syllabus and stay in   the only solution for many of us.
     CMS teachers are indeed frontline warriors busy carving a new future for their   touch with their studies and   Personally, I’ve learnt loads and I
     students. The resounding feedback of our students suggests that they adore the   curriculum. Thisrequired great
     online classes as these offer them homestay and a school connection with their   discipline and organization. Students
     favourite teachers. Fun activities, music lessons, PE lessons, art and elocution   took online classes with great zeal
     competitions, library work, counselling work, spoken English classes, parent-teacher   and enthusiasm while teachers
     meetings, etc. are being carried out alongside the regular teaching of mathematics,   ensured active participation of
     science, history, geography and civics. We present here a glimpse of, and some views   students by facilitating discussion and
     about the work being carried out online at every CMS campus.
                                                                           virtual teaching methods during
                                                                           online classes.
     Mrs Taruna Mehta, English and      of this time by rendering online                                       A CMS Kanpur Road teacher explains Vowels to students
     History Teacher for classes IX and X,   teaching to the students so that they                             online
                                                                           Ms Sidra Naqvi, IT Co-ordinator, CMS
     CMS Station Road Campus:           could be engaged in some productive   Jopling Road Campus:            think that goes for everyone involved
                                        work.                                                                 in this mass online teaching
                                                                           We are socially distanced yet virtually
                                        As the mother of a CMS student also,   connected through Google       experiment.
                                        I would say that this initiative of CMS   Classrooms, Zoom Cloud Learning
                                        going digital has empowered all. It   Sessions, Tata Class Edge teaching   Ms Protibha Ghosh, Maths Teacher,
                                        has helped us to focus on our      material and aids. By such integrated   CMS Kanpur Road Campus:
                                        strengths and abilities and inspired us   collaboration, the school has given its   Teaching an online class has actually
                                        to stretch our limits.
     CMS Station Road Campus students in a Zoom class                      students the opportunity to enhance   given us an opportunity to create a
                                                                                                              more engaging, interactive
     This shift from the regular classes is   Ms Shanara Khan, English Teacher,                               experience for our students. We are
     actually very interesting for the   Cambridge Section:                                                   taking full advantage of the available
     teachers as well as students. Yet, this   After some initial hiccups, which I                            technology – Checking out
     type of teaching is no different from   faced only during my first online class,                         educational videos that can be shared
     the regular one. The students are                                                                        directly with students that help them
     able to clear their doubts face to face                                                                  to understand the concepts. Self-
     on Zoom App. The best part is that                                                                       explanatory videos or audios are
     syllabus can be taken up further so                                                                      prepared, that are then sent to
     smoothly in such difficult                                                                               students to help them with the topics
     circumstances.                                                                                           , taking online video conferencing
                                                                                                              meetings with students using Zoom
     Ashish Durgapal, student of Class XII,   Cambridge Section's virtual classroom                           app so that the students can directly
     CMS Aliganj Campus I:              I understood that in these difficult                                  ask their questions and clear their
     Zoom classes are realistic, easy to   times we need to adapt to changes,   Pre-primary kids go creative in lockdown  doubts and fill worksheets carrying
     understand, convenient for proper   learn skills which we thought we                                     different level of questions including
     interaction and questioning, and                                                                         HOTS through Google Classroom or
                                        could never master, and ensure that
     there is provision of proper notes and                                                                   Whatsapp broadcast groups.
                                        our kids don’t lag behind
     homework given.
                                        academically due to the lockdown.
                                        With time, and with the help of tech-                                 Mrs Mamta Tewari, Teacher, CMS
     Mrs Zeenat Khan, English Teacher,   savvy colleagues, I too have                                         Rajajipuram Campus I:
     CMS Aliganj Campus I:                                                                                    The students are now very well
                                        developed my skills and all my classes
     The online classes are very interactive   go seamlessly- right from Class VIII to                        adjusted to the online sessions which
     and keep you involved throughout                                                                         have the atmosphere of a regular day
                                        Class XII.
     the session. I got the opportunity of                                                                    at school with children attending the
     evolving, bettering myself as an   Mrs Malini Srivastava, Teacher, CMS                                   classes in their uniform. The school
     educator and participating in a    Rajendra Nagar Campus II:                                             prayer is a regular part of it. The
     technological revolution that the   It seemed a boon to be able to work   Hands on Mathematics for CMS Jopling Road students  children can get answers to their
     educational community is witnessing,   from home and use the Zoom App                                    queries. The teachers are addressing
     thanks to the prestigious                                             interaction with their classmates and   every issue and even monitoring their
                                        and Google Classrooms to continue
     organization, CMS.                                                    instructors by engaging them as in a
                                                                           normal Classroom.
     Mrs Deepali Saxena, Teacher, CMS
     Aliganj Campus I:                                                     Mr Anjan Ghosh, Teacher, CMS
     The Google Classroom is an excellent                                  Kanpur Road Campus:
     platform for us as teachers, since it                                 We at CMS are using exemplary
     allows us to share documents related                                  methods to reach out to our lifelines
     to the topics and share links from the                                that is, our students, in the current
     internet, which in itself is an ocean of   Salad Making on World Health Day   scenario for which we were hardly
     ideas and facts.
                                        the teaching process and make the
                                        best use of time too. The children are
                                        also enjoying the new digital classes                                 An online class of CMS Rajajipuram Campus I
                                        in the comfort of their homes. The                                    homework. Even the school
                                        parents too are happy that the                                        counsellor is seen talking to the
                                        studies are not hampered and                                          children in this difficult period and
                                        initiatives are taken by the teachers.
                                                                            An outpour of parents' compliments for CMS Kanpur Road   has been trying to keep their spirits
                                                                            teachers                          high. The music classes and the
                                        Ms Lovey Khan, English Teacher, CMS
     Story telling session for students of CMS Aliganj Campus I            prepared. With the use of new
                                        Anand Nagar Campus:                technologies, including Google
                                        Looking at the severity of the     Classrooms, Zoom Cloud Meetings,
     Mrs Reema Sethi, Teacher, CMS      situation, we realised the urgent need   Videos, Worksheets, Broadcast
     Rajendra Nagar Campus III:                                            groups and Tata Class Edge online,
     As Joel Osteen during one his shows                                   great enthusiasm was witnessed in
     said, during difficult times, we are not                              the students in understanding and
     supposed to quit believing and we are
                                                                           learning the contents.
     not supposed to quit growing. The
     trust of the CMS Management in                                        Mr Amit Tiwari, Mathematics
     their leaders, teachers, students and                                 Teacher, Junior Section, CMS Kanpur
     parents have brought about a                                          Road Campus:                       CMS Rajajipuram Campus I online
     technological revolution in the city of                               Throughout the Coronavirus crisis,   library periods that are organized in
     Lucknow. Suddenly, the focus has                                                                         the evenings are a source of
                                                                           the priority has been to deliver the
     shifted towards making the best use                                                                      relaxation and learning.
                                                                           lessons to students by whichever
                                        Studies must go on - come what may!
                    "Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive,
                                            go much further than people with vastly superior talent."         —Sophia Loren
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