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At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
    Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.
    CMS GOES ONLINE                                                                                                           APRIL 2020  (5)
                                            Where learning never stops

                                CMS Conducts Online Classes - A whole school runs online

     Ms Swati Chaturvedi, ICSE Computer   Mrs Saagarika B Srivastava, Teacher,   like YouTube, slideshare, Khan   applications are providing a
     Teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar Extension:  CMS Indira Nagar Campus:         Academy and also self designed     wonderful platform to both students
     The decision of organising online   The online delivery of a lesson is a   worksheets in word and pdf, ppts,   as well as teachers for regular
     classes was an erudite idea to     challenging prospect but nothing is   videos and assignments have been   communication and timely feedback
     commence the curriculum. The       impossible and difficult for the   major enablers. The best part is   on their progress.
     students are exhilarated by this ultra-  teachers of CMS. Switching from on-  students, after completing their
     modern methodology that has onset   site (or brick) to on-line (or click) is a   assignments are submitting them   Ms Shalakha Joshi, Teacher, CMS
     their journey in the new session. The   significant and a drastic change.                                Aliganj Campus II:
     umpteen technological aids like    Teaching online through Zoom Cloud                                    The use of tech-teaching is a useful
                                        Application, Whatsapp, Google                                         tool in bridging the space gap in times
                                        Classroom and live videos is actually                                 of COVID-19 lockdown across the
                                        an opportunity to create a more
                                        engaging, interactive experience of
                                        our students as we are taking full
                                                                           A CMS teacher explaining the concepts
                                        advantage of the available
                                                                           online and I can easily correct them.
     Learning through Zoom                                                 Regular studies are thus taking place
                                        Mrs Sfurti Verma, Teacher, CMS
                                                                           in the safety of their homes.
                                        Indira Nagar Campus:
                                        Children are thrilled and excited with
                                        this new system of learning and are   Ms Renu Chaudhary, Teacher, CMS
                                                                           Gomti Nagar Campus I:
                                        responding enthusiastically to the
                                        same. They religiously wear the    It is a new type of a teaching-learning   Tiny tots of CMS enjoy activities in the comforts of their
                                        school uniform every day during the   experience both for the teachers and   home
                                        teaching hours and send videos and   the taught and all of us are enjoying it
     A Zoom Class of CMS                pictures. Even when the schools are   for its novelty and for the fact that it
                                        closed, learning is taking place and
     Zoom, Google Classroom have        children are benefiting from it.
     facilitated teaching-learning process.
     The zealous students attend the    Mrs Indira Nair, teacher, CMS
     classes and also take down notes. The   Mahanagar Campus:
     teachers are able to provide       Teachers of CMS Mahanagar Campus
     worksheets in a much easier way than   have formulated Google classes and
     the traditional approach. Real time
                                        uploaded lectures proving that
     communication between teacher and
                                        learning from home can be a novel
     students, facilitates students to                                     A Zoom overview
                                        experience. Each day is productively
     understand the concepts and clarify   utilized to ensure that the studies do                              Zoom classes give ample opportunities of interaction
     their doubts on the spur of the                                       drifts us from the harsh reality of the
     moment.”                                                              day besides making sure that the   globe. Technology today is so
                                                                           situation does not have an impact on   effective that we can engage students
                                                                           the students’ studies.
     Mrs Divya Nigam, ICSE English                                                                            creatively even when there is a
     Teacher, CMS Indira Nagar Campus:                                     Ms Megha Gupta, Mathematics        lockdown.
     It is true that we don't grow when                                    Teacher, CMS Aliganj Campus II:
     things are easy, we grow when we                                                                         Sonam Singh, Teacher, CMS Aliganj
     face challenges. During this                                          The online teaching is not only    Campus II:
     unforeseen challenge of lockdown                                      helping us to become better        My experience with online teaching is
     due to Corona outbreak in India that                                  facilitators in a fully digital learning   wonderful and I am happy to be a
                                                                           space but helping our learners to   part of this revolutionary approach
                                                                           become tech-savvy. Through this

                                        Primary teachers' meeting
                                        not get impacted due to the
                                        lockdown. These strategies have
                                        started picking up momentum to help
                                        students make substantial gains
                                        during this period. This period is also   An interactive zoom session
                                                                                                              Ms Sonam of CMS Aliganj Campus II holds online class
                                        proving a blessing in disguise for
                                        them as they are realizing their full   methodology, students are learning   and seeing my institution’s name
     CMS students express gratitude to the nursing staff on World
     Health Day                         potential and are getting down to the   various skills like time management,   blazoning all over through this major
                                        hard slog. It is hoped that the    communication and thereby          step in the education system.
     forced the closure of schools and   unflagging energies of the teachers   showcasing their virtues like
     brought the teaching learning process   and the students in tandem will pay   discipline, punctuality, confidence,
     to a standstill, the IT Training   dividends in the forthcoming       patience and many more. The various
     opportunities provided to the CMS   examinations.
     teachers and staff by the farsighted
     and visionary management is helping
                                        Mrs Naveena Kapoor, Teacher
     us to connect with students and    (History and English), CMS Gomti
     parents through Zoom App, Google   Nagar Campus I:
     classroom and Google Duo. It is    In these unforeseen circumstances,
     assisting the entire CMS fraternity to   technology has been a boon. The
     evolve to a new order in this testing   usage of Google Classroom where
     It has helped the teachers to find new
     ways of planning lessons, teaching
     the students and getting feedback
     from parents and students. The
     students also find it very interesting
     and engaging. It has inculcated in
     students the virtues of self discipline,
     responsibility, punctuality and
     regularity. The classes are very    CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I teacher taking English lesson
     interactive and are helping the    of Class III
     students to use the digital revolution   resources and enrichment activities
     in a constructive way.             are shared with students from sites

                                                                                         ‘Parents' Orientation conducted online by CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus III'

                                       "The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."           —Herbert Spencer
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