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At the onset of US President's Donald Trump's arrival to India, City Montessori School (CMS) Founder and Educationist
    Dr Jagdish Gandhi has appealed to PM Modi and President Trump to consult over the formation of World Parliament to save humanity from complete annihilation.
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                                Personality Development

                                 CMS creates a better future for all children by maximising
                                 their opportunities through quality education and
                                 initiatives for unity and development.

                Falak bags gold medal in spelling contest                                  CMS donates over Rs. 2 crores
               Falak Malik, a brilliant   Education Limited. This talented student             for Corona Relief Work
               student of Class VI, CMS,   of CMS used her amazing knowledge of   To contribute to Corona relief efforts, the   lakhs for the Janta Kitchen run by Nagar
               Station Road Campus won   English spelling, grammar, puzzles,   City Montessori School has donated more   Nigam, another 20 lakh to Indian Red
               a gold medal in         phonetics symbols, speaking skills,   than Rs. 2 crore to the authorities. A   Cross Society, Lucknow, through DM for
               International Spell Bee   rhyming words, jumble letters etc. and   cheque of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- (Rupees One   Corona relief work, and another Rs. 20
               Competition. The contest   won gold medal. Now she will compete   Crore) was given to the Chief Minister for   lakh to VC, LDA for 5 community kitchens
     was organized by Humming Bird     with others for the second round.   Corona Relief work on April 7. CMS   run by LDA. This brings the total amount
                                                                           Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi presented the   donated by CMS to Rs. 1,90,00,000
          Ayush secures first rank in International Competition            cheque of Rupees One Crore to Shri Yogi   (Rupees One Crore Ninety lakh). In
                                                                           Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar   addition, by 7th April CMS gave 21,500 kg
               Ayush Raghvendram, a    Educational Research (ACER) once a year
                                                                           Pradesh at his official residence 5, Kalidas   of ration to Community Kitchens. We also
               Class IX student of CMS,   in many countries. In India, thousands of   Marg.                  gave 60 buses with drivers and
               Gomti Nagar Campus II   students of several noted schools took                                conductors for two days to the Lucknow
               secured 100 percentile in   IBT test wherein Ayush has secured 100   Earlier, CMS had already donated Rs. 50   Police for Corona Relief work.
               Mathematics in the      percent marks in Mathematics amidst a
                                                                                  Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager, City Montessori School presented
               International Benchmark   tough competition. CMS will honour this   a cheque of Rs 1,00,00,000 (Rs One Crore) to Chief Minister for Corona Relief Fund
     Test (IBT) to get the top rank globally. IBT   meritorious student with a cash prize of
     is organized by the Australian Council for   Rs. 50,000/-  for his achievement.

          Sujoy wins first prize of Science Wizard Competition
     Sujoy Bose, a very talented student of   College, wherein this
     Class XII, CMS, Rajendra Nagar Campus I   brilliant CMS student
     bagged the first prize in Science Wizard   secured success in the first
     Competition and brought kudos to the   round of city level
     institution. Sujoy was awarded a laptop   competition showcasing his
     and certificate for his wonderful   scientific abilities. Students
     performance. The competition was   of various prestigious schools of
     organized by the IMS Engineering   Lucknow were in the fray at this contest.

                     CMS extends a helping hand to                                Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager, City Montessori School presenting
           the State government in times of Corona Pandemic                             a cheque of 20 lakhs to VC, LDA for five Janta Kitchens
     CMS, Lucknow has extended all possible   community kitchen at the Corona help
     logistical help to the Government of   camp set up by Smt Ritu Suhas, Joint
     Uttar Pradesh at a time when the whole   Secretary of Lucknow Development
     country is fighting against the Corona   Authority at the Janeshwar Mishra Park.
     threat. CMS offered 60 of its school   Over 5000 kgs of wheat flour, 2500 kg
     buses with drivers and conductors to the   Rice, 1500 Kg pulses, 550 kg potatoes
     Lucknow Commissioner of Police, Shri   and 150 kg Ghee was supplied by CMS in
     Sujeet Pandey, to be used to ferry the   trucks and mini trucks to the community
     migrants from the state borders to their   kitchen which is preparing food for the
     homes. The buses were used for bringing   homeless and poor. Later, more rations
     in people stranded at the borders of   were provided to other community
     different cities. Apart from this,   kitchens.
     truckloads of ration was supplied to the

                                                                                       CMS contributes 50 Lakhs to support the
      Council for Indian School Certificate Examination introduces                  9 Janta Kitchens run by Nagar Nigam, Lucknow
                       new rules in ISC and ICSE for                       CMS, Lucknow contributed Rs 50 lakhs
                Internal Examinations of Classes IX & XI                   to support the 9 Janta Kitchens of the
                                                                           Nagar Nigam during the Corona
     CMS is duty bound to abide by the   criteria will be used for promotion   pandemic. CMS President, Prof Geeta
     rules of the Council                from Class IX to Class X.         Gandhi Kingdon handed over a cheque
     Council for the Indian School Certificate   · Promotion from Class IX to X on trial   of Rs 50 Lacs to Lucknow Municipal
     Examination (CISCE) conducts ICSE and   basis, on re-examination or awarding   Commissioner, Dr Indramani Tripathi
     ISC Board Examinations every year at All   of grace marks will not be accepted by   at his office. This amount was a
     India level for Classes X and XII   the Council. Transfer Certificate should   contribution towards Janta Kitchens
     respectively. The ICSE Exam is based upon   not be issued with 'Promoted to Class   providing food to nearly 50,000 poor
     syllabi of Classes IX and X while the ISC   X' if the student has not met the   people daily via 9 Janta kitchens that   Janeshwar Mishra Park. 5000 kg of wheat
     exam is based on syllabi of Class XI and XII   required promotion criteria.  the Nagar Nigam has established across   flour, 2500 kg Rice, 1500 Kg pulses, 550
     and the Merit List is prepared at All India                           the city. Out of this amount of Rs 50 lacs,   kg potatoes and 180 kg Ghee was
     level by the Council.             Rules of Promotion from Class XI    nearly 3000 CMS employees have     supplied by CMS to  the community
                                       to XII (No Re-Exam is allowed)      contributed 40 lacs as one day’s salary and   kitchen which is supplying food for the
     Rules of Promotion from Class IX to                                   the CMS management added Rs 10 lacs to   homeless and poor. Later, more rations
     X (No Re-Exam is allowed)         ·  It will be the responsibility of Head of   make it Rs 50 lacs.      were provided to other community
                                         the school to ensure promotion from
     The Council has set up new rules for                                  Besides this, CMS also supplied ration to   kitchens.
       promotion of students from Class IX to   Class XI to Class XII will be done on the   the community kitchen set up by
       X and Class XI to XII on the basis of   basis of the cumulative achievement   Lucknow Development Authority at
       Internal Examinations in classes IX and   level of the student throughout the
       XI respectively. According to the New   academic year in the subjects he/she   In continuation of its relief efforts, CMS gives another aid
       Rules for promotion of students from   has been registered for. For            of 20 lakhs to the Indian Red Cross Society
       Class IX to X (ICSE) based on Internal   promotion, a candidate is required to   for Corona Relief through District Magistrate
       Examination in Class IX –         have obtained at least 35% marks in a
                                         minimum of four subjects which must   Continuing its relief efforts, the
     · It will be the responsibility of the Head   include English, on the cumulative   management of City Montessori
       of the school to ensure that promotion   average and a minimum attendance of   School, Lucknow donated another
       from Class IX to X will be done on the   75% of the working days. No other   cheque of Rs 20 lacs to Indian Red
       basis of the cumulative achievement   criteria will be used for promotion   Cross Society to aid the
       level of the students throughout the   from class XI to class XII.  humanitarian work for the victims
       academic year in the subjects he/she   Promotions from Class XI to XII on trial   of Corona pandemic. CMS Founder-
       has been registered for. For promotion,   basis, re-examination or awarding of   Director Mrs Bharti Gandhi
       a candidate is required to have   grace marks will not be accepted by the   presented a cheque of Rs 20 Lacs to
       obtained at least 33% marks in a   Council. Transfer Certificate should not   Lucknow District Magistrate, Mr
       minimum of five subjects which must   be issued with 'Promoted to Class XII' if   Abhishek Prakash at his office. This
       include English on the cumulative   the candidate has not met the required   amount is a contribution to the Indian Red
       average and a minimum attendance of   promotion criteria.           Cross Society which is actively engaged in
       75% of the working days. No other                                   relief works for the victims of Corona Virus.  UNESCO

     CMS Head Office: 12 Station Road, Lucknow, India                                                                               City Montessori School is the
                                                                                                                                    World's Largest City School
     Phones: +91-522-2638738, 2638606 E-mail:; Website:   Vol XI  Issue 10               with over 56,000 students
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