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ALUMNI & ICSE GUIDELINES                                                                                                   JULY 2020  (8)

               CMS alumni on the ladder of success                            World Unity Prayer via Zoom at CMS Rajendra Nagar III

                 Mr Jeevesh Nandan                                                                           Unity Prayer was ‘Shared Problems, Shared
                 Film Maker, Spark T.V. & International Exchange                                             Solutions’.  Students, while at home, dressed
                 Alumnus of CMS Aliganj Campus I                                                             as citizens of various continents and
                                       philosophy of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam is                                  appealed to the United Nations to bring all
                 Jeevesh Nandan has                                                                          the countries together to address common
                 geared himself to climb   deep-rooted in Jeevesh’s heart ever since                         problems like Covid-19, climate change,
                 high on the success   he was a student at CMS. After                                        terrorism etc as a concerted effort. Parents
                 ladder and emerge as a   completing his schooling from CMS, he                              joined in to watch this unique World Unity
     true leader. CMS values of teamwork,   joined Dev Sanskriti University at   World Unity Prayer for collective efforts   Prayer ceremony and motivated the students
     cooperation and self-sacrifice are deeply   Haridwar in 2017 for his bachelor's in   to solve global problems  in their effort. Principal of CMS Rajendra
     embedded in his personality. He has   Journalism and mass communication. At   Students and staff of CMS Rajendra Nagar   Nagar Campus III, Mrs Deepali Gautam said,
     passionately taken up journalism and   this university he was project head for   Campus III organized a virtual World Unity   ‘Our students are well aware of the chaos that
     film making as his career. Having worked   the university magazine.  Prayer via Zoom app on 7 June, to pray for the   Corona has wreaked upon all the countries.
     with Doordarshan, India, he is making a   Mr Jeevesh Nandan is an active volunteer   unity of all the countries of the world, so that   They decided to come up with this unique
     documentary on Covid-19.  He has   at the All World Gayatri Pariwar, which   they are able to tackle global issues on a   presentation to spread awareness about the
     published a research paper on travel   has its branches in over eighty countries,   world platform. The theme of the World   importance of unity in tackling this global issue.’
     journalism in international food and   working on scientific spirituality. He is
     travel conference. He is also an exchange   also connected with few NGOs in   CMS celebrates World Environment Day with message to
     student at the University of KwaZulu   Lucknow like Vishalaxmi Foundation and          keep earth verdant and green
     Natal, Durban, South Africa and is   others. We are certain that Jeevesh will
     studying cinema there, whilst     continue to spread the message of                                     Covid-19'. Environmental activist and the
     representing Indian culture there.  Oneness of Humanity and World                                       winner of International Children's Peace
                                       Brotherhood in the world.                                             Prize-2016, Ms Kehkashan Basu attended this
     The love for Indian culture based on the
                                                                                                             interactive session from Toronto, Canada as a
                 Mr Aditya Singh Rathore                                                                     Special Guest. CMS Founder and renowned
                                                                                                             educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi; Senior
                 A benevolent personality,
                 Ex-student of CMS of Kanpur Road Campus                                                     Principal of CMS Aliganj Campus I, Mrs Jyoti
                                                                              Young environmentalists voice their opinions  Kashyap; Principal, Mrs Shivani Singh and
                 Mr Aditya Singh Rathore   Corona crisis. Earlier, Aditya has also                           over 100 students participated in it. This
                 has shown that nothing is   been part of a hunger-free campaign’   On 5 June, all 18 CMS campuses celebrated   year's theme 'Celebrating Biodiversity' on
                                                                          World Environment Day online. CMS Aliganj
                 impossible when there is   under the name of ‘Ram Roti’ which he   Campus I conducted a Webinar on Zoom   World Environment Day was discussed at the
                 determination, good   started three years ago. Presently, he   App on the topic 'Earth, Environment and   webinar.                                  (see also page 7)
     intention and hard work behind the   feels that the pandemic has provided him
     effort. Aditya passed his ISC with flying   an opportunity to serve the people in   Live class presentation by CMS Indira Nagar Campus
     colours from CMS Kanpur Road and took   need more than ever before.
     with him the spirit of service to society.   His welfare society has provided rations                   students and staff have been working
     Son of Mr. R.K. Singh, a senior member   to over 6,500 labourers in Lucknow city                        vigorously, accepting new challenges
     of the school, Aditya has imbibed global   and he has also adopted 3 villages in                        everyday.
     thinking and universal values in his   Bijnor for the entire lockdown period in                         A live virtual class presentation was given by
     character. A gold medallist in swimming   India. Besides this, he has also been                         the students of class VI D of CMS Indira
     at national level, and a B.Tech in   trying to provide sanitization service to                          Nagar Campus which was witnessed by
     Computer Science, this bright student   the areas where government officials                            Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Principals of various
     has a multi-faceted personality. He   have not been able to reach.                                      campuses of CMS. The students spoke with
     became a youth icon when he       Aditya prides himself in being CMSian                                 confidence displaying their skill of public
     established an organization called   and owes the qualities of mind and heart                           speaking which is one of the core pillars of
     ‘Donate a Coin’ welfare society which is   to his alma mater.        The Pandemic has not been able to affect   CMS pedagogy.
     working hard in these difficult times of                             the teaching learning process in CMS. The
                                                                                Council for Indian School Certificate Examination
                                                                                      introduces new rules in ISC and ICSE for
                                       Empowerment & Capacity Building, Mr.          Internal Examinations of Classes IX & XI
                                       Sohayl Mohajer apart from CMS parents,
                                       teachers, and students.             CMS is duty bound to abide by the rules of   No other criteria will be used for promotion
                                                                           the Council                          from Class IX to Class X.
                                       CMS students, who were also a part of   Council for the Indian School Certificate
                                       this program, created an awareness   Examination (CISCE) conducts ICSE and ISC   basis, on re-examination or awarding of
                                       regarding various subjects such as virtual   Board Examinations every year at All India   grace marks will not be accepted by the
                                       online classes, clean environment, child   level for Classes X and XII respectively. The   Council. Transfer Certificate should not
                                       abuse, impact of social media, cybercrime   ICSE Exam is based upon syllabi of Classes   be issued with 'Promoted to Class X' if
       CMS organises Online JYEP Open Day  and cyber bullying etc.         IX and X while the ISC exam is based on   the student has not met the required
    The programme, which commenced with    CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi   syllabi of Class XI and XII and the Merit List   promotion criteria.
    Welcome Address by the Senior Principal,   congratulated the staff and students of   is prepared at All India level by the Council.  Rules of Promotion from Class XI to XII (No
    Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kamran, was attended   CMS Kanpur Road Campus for this unique   Rules of Promotion from Class IX to X (No   Re-Exam is allowed)
    by CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi,   initiative of organising the Open Day   Re-Exam is allowed)
    President of CMS, Prof Geeta Gandhi   online and appreciated the students for                               the school to ensure promotion from
    Kingdon, Educationist from USA, Mr   creating an awareness about burning   promotion of students from Class IX to X   Class XI to Class XII will be done on the
    Manoj Handa, and CMS Head of       topics of the day.                    and Class XI to XII on the basis of   basis of the cumulative achievement
                                                                             Internal Examinations in classes IX and   level of the student throughout the
        TIMINGS OF DR JAGDISH GANDHI’S TALKS ON VARIOUS T.V. CHANNELS        XI respectively. According to the New   academic year in the subjects he/she
                                                                             Rules for promotion of students from   has been registered for. For promotion,
                                         MORNING TRANSMISSIONS               Class IX to X (ICSE) based on Internal   a candidate is required to have obtained
                                   5:30 am to 6:00 am on  6:30 am to 7:00 am on  Examination in Class IX –      at least 35% marks in a minimum of four
                                                          TATA SKY-1104
                           1.     AIRTEL-337, DEN-307 &  4.  & DEN-341
                                 TATA SKY-519 News 18 India  E-TV UP/UK                                         subjects which must include English, on
                                                                             of the school to ensure that promotion   the cumulative average and a minimum
                                   5:50 am to 6:20 am on  8:00 am to 8:30 am on
                           2.      AIRTEL 313, DEN-305 &  5.  AIRTEL 334 &   from Class IX to X will be done on the   attendance of 75% of the working days.
                                                    NEWS  24X7
                                   TATA SKY-509 AAJ TAK  K NEWS  DEN-334     basis of the cumulative achievement   No other criteria will be used for
                                   6:00 am to 6:30 am on   8:30 am to 9:00 am on  level of the students throughout the   promotion from class XI to class XII.
                           3.                     6.       TATA SKY-580      academic year in the subjects he/she
                                    & TATA SKY-546
                                   Sadhana PRIME News      NEWS 1 INDIA      has been registered for. For promotion,   basis, re-examination or awarding of
                               AFTERNOON TRANSMISSIONS  EVENING TRANSMISSIONS  a candidate is required to have obtained   grace marks will not be accepted by the
                                   12:30 pm to 1:00 pm on  6:30 pm to 7:00 pm on  at least 33% marks in a minimum of five   Council. Transfer Certificate should not
                           7.       TATA SKY-550  12.     AIRTEL-334 &
                                  INDIA NEWS UP/UTTRAKHAND  NEWS  24X7       subjects which must include English on   be issued with 'Promoted to Class XII' if
                                                   K NEWS   DEN-334
                                    1:00 pm to 1:30 pm on                    the cumulative average and a minimum   the candidate has not met the required
                           8.      TATA SKY-593 & AIRTEL-338  7:00 pm to 7:30 pm on
                                     JAN-TANTRA  13.     TATA SKY-1068, DISH TV-1057  attendance of 75% of the working days.   promotion criteria.
                                                         VIDEOCON-488 & DEN-863
                                   1:30 pm to 2:00 pm on
                           9.     AIRTEL-355 & TATA SKY-583
                                   HINDI KHABAR           7:30 pm to 8:00 pm on
                                  2:00 pm to 2:30 pm on  TATA SKY-1178 DEN-792
                           10.     AIRTEL-357, DEN-338
      Dr Jagdish Gandhi
      Dr Jagdish Gandhi              & TATA SKY-587  15.  8:30 pm to 9:00 pm on
      Dr Jagdish Gandhi
       Founder-Manager, CMS  11.   2:30 pm to 3:00 pm on  AIRTEL-556 TATA SKY-1923
                                  Mrs Parul Shukla  Cell : 8303444443
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      izR;sd jfookj dks izkr% 10%00 cts ls 11%30 cts rd
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                 ls 9235322956 ij laidZ djsa
       v:.k f=ikBh] la;kstd             lqJh oUnuk xkSM+] la;ksftdk  — ia0 gfj vkse ‘kekZ ^gfj*
                                  Printed and published by Mr Hari Om Sharma, Chief PRO, CMS on behalf of City Montessori School, 12 Station Road, Lucknow.
                            Patrons: Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Dr Bharti Gandhi & Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon    Advisory Board: Ms Susmita Basu, Head, QAID & All CMS Principals
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