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EDUCATION ONLINE                                                                                                           JULY 2020  (4)

                             Aliganj Campus I                                                      Aliganj Campus II

                                       Zaheen Fatima of Class V successfully   Akshat, Suramya Tripathi, Angel Singh,   organised wherein Mr Gyanendra Mahour
                                       completed the Whitehat  Jr coding   Sheikh Nabeeza Ahmed, Vinayak Nath   of Clarks Awadh shared his mouth
                                       curriculum on Artificial Intelligence. She   Gupta, Vrischika Gop and Priyansh   watering delicious recipes. An online story
                                       was declared among the top 20% of the   Srivastav of junior section won prizes in   session with Ms Sudha from Hyderabad
                                       entire class.                      drawing competition organised by Awadh   and an awareness session on Children's
                                                                          Upbhokta Hit Sanrakshan Samiti on World   Health with Dr Shalini Tandon and Dr
                                                  Students of junior section   No Tobacco Day, 31st May, 2020.  Praveen Tandon were also held.
                                                  cleared the second phase of   An online cookery class COOKRANZA was
                                                  the examination conducted
        A poster on Hon'ble Chief Minister's birthday
                                                  by National Olympiad
    The campus had an interactive online          Foundation. Amogh Anant
    session with an environmentalist from         of Class VIII won the gold
    Canada, International Children's Prize        medal in International
    2016 winner Ms Keshkashan Basu on   Science Qualifier; Ganesha Pandey of Class
    World Environment Day, 5 June.     VII won the silver medal in International
    Poster made by Vaishnavi Shukla of class   Maths Qualifier and Srijan Yadav of Class
    VIII featured in the Hindustan newspaper   VIII bagged the bronze medal in
    on World No Tobacco Day.           International Science Qualifier;
                                                                                  Virtual Summer Camp Activity         World Environment Day
               Bhavya Srivastava of Class         Arunav Dutta Chaudhary of
               VII performed on Ganesh            Class X won many prizes in
               Vandana, Shiv Tandav and           dance competitions held
               semi classical as well as          during lockdown. He won
               Sufi dance in many events          first prize in a contest by
               organized online by Srijan         Talent Hub, first prize in Hip
               Foundation. She also               Hop dance competition,
    performed a Sufi dance which was   first prize in choreography competition
    telecast on 100 news channels to spread   and first prize in Bollywood freestyle
    awareness on Covid-19. Besides, she won   dance competition.                  Dance class in summer camp      International Elder Abuse Awareness Day
    the second prize in Eid photo contest
    organized by World Book of Talent
    Records.                                Kanpur Road Campus                  Asharfabad Campus                 Anand Nagar Campus
    Arunya Singh and Vedant Singh were   A number of online activities were
    awarded participation certificates for their   conducted throughout the month. These
    participation in online quiz organized by   included Environment Day celebration,
    Lucknow University on World        virtual model class, International Day of
    Environment Day.
                                       Families, Roza Iftar party, Eid Celebration,
                                       Parent-Teacher Meetings, International'
          Mahanagar Campus             Oceans Day, Inter house Competitions
                                       JYEP etc. A survey on online classes was
               Sabaur Rahman of Class VI   also conducted to assess the usefulness of
               qualified the district level   these activities.
               online quiz cum awareness                                             Virtual Hobby Class              Online Counselling session
               programme on Covid-19
               with 100% accuracy,
               organized by National
               Service Schemes of District

                                             A Poster on World Environment Day      World Environment Day
                                                                                                                   Online honouring ceremony of mothers
                                                                                                             The campus celebrated the success of its
                                                                                                             students with an online Honouring
                                                                                                             Ceremony of the mothers of primary and
         Students discuss ways to fight Corona                                                               junior position holders. Parents of all
                                                                                                             position holders and special category
                                                                                                             winners were invited.

                                                  Virtual Model Class
                                                                                     World Oceans Day
                                       Yana Singh won two second prizes in
                                       dance competition and art competition
                                       organized by Stree Welfare Foundation.
                                       The competitions were dedicated to the
      A Poster made on Hon'ble Chief Minister's Birthday  Corona worriers.

                                                                                                                     Mask Making in Summer Camp

                                                                                 Online Career Counselling session

                                                                                                 Rajajipuram Campus I
                Activity Time               An online session with Dr Jagdish Gandhi
                            Cambridge Section

    An online exciting and fruitful interactive   The lockdown could not deter the
    session was organized with Ms Anjana   enthusiastic debaters of the Cambridge
    Avinash, a writer and blogger. She spoke   section who requested weekly meetings
    to students about how reading can help   of the debate club on topics ranging from
    them develop their own voice, social   teenage woes to political decisions. In the
    consciousness and understanding.   motion to ban junk food, the speakers        World Environment Day              Virtual CISV Mini Camp
                                       were Rimjhim Jaiswal, Prabal Agarwal,
                                       Gaurav Pal,  Anulika Vaid, Kanishk Singh
                                       and Baahir Alam. Questions from the
                                       audience were taken up by the
                                       moderator, Anahita Singh and answered
                                       by the participants with confidence.

           Learning from a writer - blogger                                        Spoken English Club activity         Juniors' cookery class

                 “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  — Roy T. Bennett
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