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CMS CONSELLORS SPEAK                                                                                                       JULY 2020  (3)

        Kill the Corona with your unbounded enthusiasm                                        Cleanliness is next to Godliness
                  and unflinching faith in the Divine                                  Ms Bhavya Sharma,     cough and difficulty in breathing, seek
                 The CMS Child Well-   counselling. Former Principal, Mrs Aruna        Counsellor, CMS       medical attention.
                 Being Department has   Gupta, Coordinator of this Department,         Kanpur Road & RDSO    Take care of your body. Stretch, exercise,
                 effectively guided us with  and her dedicated team of Counsellors                           practice yoga, meditation and keep taking
                 ways and means to fight   deputed at every CMS Campus, have a   Ms Bhavya Sharma  Try these simple steps for   deep breaths.
                 the deadly virus, Corona,   solid and positive piece of advice for us   CMS Kanpur Road & RDSO  your health and safety:  Try to eat healthy, well balanced meals
      Mrs Aruna Gupta  with our continuous   in this hour of stress, especially when the   Clean your hands often.   and take plenty of sound sleep. Take time
       Child Wellbeing  effort, commitment and   whole world is battling with Corona.  Maintain a safe distance from anyone   to unwind and do activities that you enjoy
                                                                           who is coughing or sneezing and follow   like music or painting.
                      Darkest before the dawn, be resilient                social distancing. Avoid touching your   Try to keep up with regular routines.
                                                                           eyes, nose or mouth. Cover your nose
                 Ms Kritika Pathak,    and 30 minutes of daily exercise.   and mouth with your bent elbow or a   Remember that you may not be able to
                 Counsellor, CMS       Connect with others - Connect with   tissue when you cough or sneeze.   change these realities, you can definitely
                 Mahanagar Campus      family and friends. Participate in family   If you or any family member has fever, a   change how you respond to them. 'This
                                       activities like cooking together, playing,                            too shall pass'.
     Mrs Kritika Pathak  Be calm and follow a
        Counsellor                     clicking pictures and exercising together.
     CMS Mahanagar Campus  routine - Think and act                                                 Ensure Emotional health
                 rationally. Take a shower,   Take a break from the news.
     wear fresh clothes and make a list of   Concentrate on the positives - Share      Ms Rebekah Dubey,     ourselves from these unhealthy
                                                                                                             emotions, we need to understand and
     things you want to get done each day.   stories of good news. Practice gratitude.   CMS Kanpur Road
                                       Don’t focus too much on tomorrow.               Campus                accept that “We are not dependent on
     Learn something new - As Albert Einstein                                                                the situation. The current situation is not
                                       Remember, it’s always darkest before            Since the entire world is
     once said, “In the midst of every crisis                               Ms Rebekah Dubey                 the way we wanted but our thoughts are
     lies great opportunity”. Deem this   dawn.                             CMS Kanpur Road Campus  fighting a pandemic,   our choice.”
     lockdown as an opportunity to learn   When things are bad, remember; it won’t     people are experiencing a   Affirmations like “I am emotionally
     something. Make it a point that you   always be this way. Take one day at a   certain amount of fear and anxiety and   independent. I am happy, perfect and
                                                                           they talk about these emotions all the
     follow a healthy diet, get adequate sleep,   time. Always stay strong and resilient.                    healthy. I am safe” can be made our
                                                                           time. Hence, the air is vibrating with fear   personalized mantra to keep ourselves
                                                                           and anxiety. Besides taking care of not   away from fear and anxiety. Physical
                            Let us reinvent ourselves                      catching the infection or virus, we also   exercise of at least 30 minutes along with
                                                                           need to take care that we do not catch
                 Ms Tulika Chatterjee,   ways to cope with the current scenario is   fear and anxiety. In order to prevent   meditation is helpful in maintaining our
                 Counsellor, CMS,      to listen to our loved ones, hear their                               energies of body and mind.
                                       stories and share our own. To exercise
                 Gomti Nagar                                                                            Create Hobbies
                                       not to just get in shape but for
     Mrs Tulika Chatterjee  Extension                                                                        is the time to lend our support to the
        Counsellor                     enjoyment; to play not just for fun but to      Mrs Triguna Singh,
     CMS Gomti Nagar Extension  It’s time that we use this   relive our childhood days; to binge read   Counsellor, Rajendra   people who are in need.
                 opportunity to reflect, to   all the novels that have been locked until                     Engage yourself in hobbies like reading,
     contemplate, to live, to be happy and   now due to time constraints and to cook   Nagar I, II, III      cooking, craft activities and other
     most important ‘to stop running’. To sit   and bake our favourite dishes and savour   Mrs Triguna Singh  Spending time amidst   hobbies. If you are feeling anxious
     down, do nothing, to hear the music of                                CMS Rajendra Nagar I, II, III  nature is a boon to both   regarding the present situation try to
                                       them with our families. Thus we should          mental and physical
     our own breathing in and out. To feel the   take this time to think, reinvent and find   health. When you are at home, you can   keep yourself away from negative
     rhythm of our heart and the warmth of   our true selves.              engage yourselves in gardening and   information and false news.
     our bodies. As we stay at home the best                                                                 This is a time to lean inwards and
                                                                           watering the plants. Take the opportunity
                                                                           of the extra time to clean or organize   rejuvenate ourselves from within through
                              Embrace the Journey                          your home, your cupboard and de-  meditation so that we come out of this
                                                                           clutter.                          situation as better human beings and
                 Ms Swapnil            This is a good time to engage in                                      more resilient. Remember we are all
                 Srivastava,           introspection and accept yourself the   Being of service is one of the best things   together in this.
                                       way you are. Put your worries into   we can do for society and for ourselves. It
                 Counsellor, CMS,      perspective and try to let them go.
     Ms Swapnil Srivastava  Aliganj Campus I  Remember that all feelings and situations          Stay healthy and protected
     CMS Aliganj Campus I  Hard times don’t create   pass in time. There are things which you   Mrs Saliha Shoeb,   Promote your child’s well-being. (Listen,
                 heroes. It is during the   can keep in mind like follow a proper     Counsellor, CMS Indira   comprehend and deal with their queries
     hard times when the ‘Hero’ within us is   routine, start your day with yoga, help   Nagar & Gomti Nagar I  patiently. In simpler terms, clear the
     revealed. For all my students, here are   your family members in household work,                        clouds of doubt of your children regarding
     some positive ways to ‘Embrace the   learn something new and creative, give   Mrs Saliha Shoeb  Take breaks from
     Journey’ during this period of lockdown.  time to physical activity, respond   Counsellor, CMS Indira   watching, reading, or   COVID-19 and try to develop a positive
                                                                            Nagar & Gomti Nagar I
     I know the time is tough but so are you   positively to everyone you interact with   listening to news   approach for it among them.)
     as this is the time when you can mould   and restrict screen time. Stay safe, happy   (including social media).  Set goals for yourself and take them
     yourself into the best version of yourself.   and healthy.            Take care of your mental, emotional and   seriously (One of the biggest antidotes to
                                                                           physical health (exercise regularly, do   anxiety is taking action and moving
                                                                           meditation or yoga). Jog around the   towards your goal)
                                  Reduce Stress                            house.                            Eat a healthy diet (green vegetables,
                 Ms Diksha Singh,      in this together.                   Connect with your family members and   seasonal fruits and less carbohydrates or
                 Counsellor, CMS       Get back to the basics... and enjoy it.   develop new habits which can help you   sugar).
                 Chowk Campus          The pace of daily life has temporarily   come closer to your version of an  ideal
                                       slowed down. No better time to embrace   and successful life.
     Ms Diksha Singh  Re-frame the present
        Counsellor                     the comforts of home.
      CMS Chowk Campus  situation. The first rule of   Know it’s not forever. While we’re   Story of a Covid-19 fighter: Dr Mohd Rafeeque Farooqui
                 the thumb is referring to
     the “crisis” in less scary terms to   unsure how long this will last, it certainly   "The virus may be an   has been screening migrants traveling on
     encourage a sense of control and calm.   will have an end. Eventually, you"ll get   invisible enemy. But our   the Lucknow-Prayagraj-Pratapgarh-
                                       back to living your best life.
     Set a routine. Do things around the                                              warriors, medical workers   Jaunpur route towards Varanasi.
     house, like spring cleaning, attending   Use technology as a lifeline, not a     are invincible. In the battle   During Ramzan period, for Muslims on
                                       crutch. It’s nice to communicate with
     classes etc.                                                                     of invisible Vs invincible,   the frontlines of the Covid war, Iftaar
     Be patient- The best anybody can do is   others, especially those in similar     our medical workers are   (evening meal to end daily fast) was
                                       circumstances. Turn off your TV, when
     take it a day at a time. It may feel lonely                           Dr Mohd Rafeeque   sure to win"   usually in hospitals and there were no
                                       the news becomes overwhelming.         Farooqui
     on occasion, but you’re not alone. We’re                                          —PM Mr Narendra Modi   ritual meetings with families and friends.
                                                                                      The Covid 19 phase     For my father, Iftaar at hospitals or at the
                          Drive out negative thoughts                      epitomizes selfless service beyond the   screening centre was fine as it was his
                                                                           call of duty. That is the quality that has   chance to serve humanity. There is no
                 Mrs Deepti Mehrotra,  them to engage in activities they enjoy,   been displayed by the "Corona Warriors"   stopping for him, he is performing his
                 Counsellor, CMS       this is the time to strengthen family   in India, during the country’s battle   duty with full dedication and selfless
                 Gomti Nagar           bonds. Listen to them, make them feel   against SARS-CoV-2 and I can proudly say   attitude by treating and screening Covid
                 Campus I              loved and most important, share their   that my father Dr Mohd Rafeeque   patients.
     Mrs Deepti Mehrotra               dream plans, monitor their studies, teach
        Counsellor                                                         Farooqui is one of them.          I feel proud of my father, he is a real
     CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I  We need to talk with our   your child. Let them know it is ok if they
                 child or teen about the   feel upset. Share with them how you deal   My father, who is a dialectologist and   Corona Warrior, fighting invisible viruses
     COVID-19 outbreak to release their   with your own stress so that they can   posted as Senior Medical Officer, worked   and protecting mankind. For me, my
     anxiety, their fears, and provide them a   learn how to cope, from you. Be a role   not only for long duty hours till late night   father is a hero as not all super heroes
     platform to share their worries and   model, take breaks, get plenty of sleep,   but he was committed to the need to   wear capes because some have
     reassure your child or teen that they are   exercise, and eat fresh food. Connect   ensure migrant labourers (forced to walk   stethoscope around their necks and wear
     safe. Need of the hour is to use this   well with your friends, relatives and   home), get timely health checkups. Over   white coats.
     situation in a way where we can help our   family members.            4,000 people have been screened for              — Hashir Sheikh, VIII H
     children in finding their identities. Ask                             Covid-19 at the hospital by my father. He    CMS Gomti Nagar Extension

                “Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.”     — C. JoyBell C.
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