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EDUCATION ONLINE                                                                                                           JULY 2020  (5)

         Rajajipuram Campus II              Station Road Campus                Gomti Nagar Campus I               Gomti Nagar Extension
    Jaya Singh of Class VI
    secured the first
    position in the National
    level Online Talent
    Competition 2020
    organized by Institute of
    Social Responsibility and
                                                                                                                       World Environment Day
    Aarohi Mani secured the                       Online Alumni Meet          A Poster contest on World Environment Day
    first rank in junior category in online
    cooking competition organized by Surabhi   Many alumni of the campus retraced their
    Cultural Group under its salute to Corona   steps back to their alma mater in a virtual
    Warriors Programme.                Almuni Meet organized by the campus on
                                       7th June. The campus virtually buzzed
                                       with activities throughout the month.
                                       World Family Day, Environment Day,
                                       Summer Camp, Bicycle Day, Environment
                                       Day, Eid, Summer Camp, a melange of                                             An online TED-Ed class
                                       Mono Acts were some of the many             A Zoom class of the campus
                                       activities held.                                                      Many online activities were organized
                                                                                                             during the whole month to keep students
                                                                                                             busy, entertained and informed during the
                                                                                                             lockdown. Art club's special class with
               World Oceans Day
                                                                                                             renowned artist Manjiri Mahendra, special
                                                                                                             art session with Mrs Deepali Shukla Hakim,
                                                                                                             Story session
                                                                                                             with Ms
                                                                                 Art workshop by Mr Ramish Abbas
                                                                                                             etc were few
                                                                                                             of the many
              World Food Safety Day         Recitation activity in pre-primary section
                                                                                                                          Story telling session held online

                             Chowk Campus                                                                             RDSO Campus

                                                                                                             The campus opened E-Une Cuisine to
    A Virtual Satsang was organized by the
                                                                              Drawing competition held in junior section  develop Wonderchef Skills in the students
    primary section on the 14th June 2020.                                                                   of junior section.
    The programme was graced by Dr Jagdish
    Gandhi, Dr Bharti Gandhi, Principals of                                     Indira Nagar Campus
    various campuses and many others. The                                             Rudra Pratap Singh of
    programme commenced with Bhajans and                                              Class VII won the gold
    a beautiful thought for the day. A Talk
    Show on the impact of Covid 19 on the                                             medal in first Online
    International and domestic fronts was                                             Taekwondo
    held and value of positive thinking was       An online yoga class                Championship organized
    discussed.                                                                        by Lucknow Taekwondo
                                                                                      Academy and Siddhant
                                                                                                                        Art and Craft activity
                                                                                      World School, Lucknow.

                                                   Online Satsang
           An online summer camp activity
                                                                                                                        A Hobby Class online
                                         Rajendra Nagar Campus III               Mothers Day-activities by students
         Jopling Road Campus
                                       Many online activities were conducted
    'Nurturing Readers of Tomorrow'    over the month including Earth Day
    Webinar was attended by the teachers
    of Jopling Road Campus to get the first   celebration, story telling session, Roza
    hand knowledge on how to develop an   Iftar party, Virtual visits to the zoo and
                                       garden, online session with chef
    interest in reading among children.   Chamandeep Singh and a session with a
    Students were told the importance of
    caring for our planet on World     dentist etc.
    Environment Day. Various activities                                          Spoken English Class for mothers      E-Une cuisine workshop
    were held in which students
    enthusiastically participated.
                                                                                               Rajendra Nagar Campus I

                                                                                                             Mothers Day, Commonwealth Day, Eid
                                                                                                             celebration, International Day of United
                                                                                                             Nations Peacemakers, Anti Tobacco Day,
                                                                                                             World Milk Day, Global Day of Parents,
                                        Online session was held with Chef Chamandeep Singh
                                                                                                             virtual debate on 'Post pandemic Indian
                                                                                                             economy will boom', World Environment
                                                                                                             Day, World Food Safety Day, World Ocean
          Spoken English Session for mothers
                                                                                                             Day and Lockdown Literary Jamboree were
                                                                                                             some of the activities conducted virtually
                                                                                    Virtual EID celebration
                                                                                                             by the campus during the month. Students
                                                                                                             participated with great enthusiasm.

                                                 World Environment Day

             World Environment Day
                                                                               Virtual debate organised by the campus  World Environment Day

                                          “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”   — Winston Churchill
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