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CREATIVE OUTPOUR                                                                                                           JULY 2020  (6)

                                               Lockdown Unlocks Creativity

                           Let Animals Live Freely                            Realizing the Social Responsibility of a School, CMS makes use of all
                                                                              possible means to instil values of World Unity and World Peace in its
            There was a wild display        She untimely leaves the world   students. CMS Tableau presented at the Republic Day Parade every year is
               Of exuberance                 and her baby within her dies   one of them. The picture below shows CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi and
               in her bearing
            The elephant stood in              I hope you understand         Mr Rohit Arun who made the CMS tableau being honoured and awarded
             The river, excited to      That animals deserve love and rights too     the Chal Vaijayanti by the Hon'ble Governor  of U.P.,
          Receive food from humanity        Let's join our hands together          H.E. Smt. Anandi Ben Patel at Beating the Retreat function
     She took a giant step forward with dignity.  To help animals survive              for the CMS Tableau on 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam'.
             Little did she  know
            That it would take her          I hope  this Environment Day
                Last breath.                       They realize
          As the bomb exploded  in her    That animals are a part of our nature
        Mouth, so did she collapse on the
             ground to her death           And  I hope that together we can
                                         Become the next Greta Thunberg alive
        Justice is being demanded quickly
             Or at least I hope so                    — Samriddhi Gautam
          What had the  elephant done                              VII H,
               To deserve this                      CMS Mahanagar Campus
        Looking at the surroundings with
               innocent eyes

                         From Harry Potter with love

              Dear Ms Rowling,                Here you go – Riddikulus!              Online Career Guidance Session for CMS students
           I’m longing for my letter,          Remaining horcruxes,
           Than to enter ‘Hogwarts’,         To be told by Dumbledore,     CMS Alumni who are well launched into   Pacific University, Japan; Vaibhav Singh of
            What would be better?           Destroying them at Hogwarts,   successful careers in different countries   CMS Gomti Nagar I studying at the
            I’m longing for Hagrid,         That held brave hearts galore!   conducted an online career guidance   University of Rochester, USA; Sai Prabhat of
          To tell me, “you’re a witch!”                                    session recently. They informed the   CMS Rajajipuram I studying at the
          And Prof. Minerva to believe,        You made us believe,        students about the admission procedures   University of Windsor, Canada; Ajmal
           That I’ll excel in Quidditch.     There is magic in our hearts,   for various prestigious universities abroad   Hussain of CMS Rajajipuram I studying at
        Take a trip down the ‘Diagon Alley’,   You created this magical world,   and shared their experiences. These alumni   the University of Windsor, Canada and
                                                                                                              Amanpreet Kaur of CMS Rajajipuram I
                                                                           included Mallica Saxena of CMS Kanpur
             Buy myself a wand,              Of which we are all a part.
         a broomstick, And some jellies.     How purity conquers hate,     Road studying at the University of   studying at Bow Valley College, Canada.
                                                                           Cincinnati, USA; Yashvi Srivastava of CMS
                                                                                                              Queries were answered by the CMS Alumni,
           Longing for Prof. Minerva,     And how fortune favours the brave.
          To take me to the great hall,      How bravery and sacrifice,    Kanpur Road studying at the University of   CMS Career Counsellors and Mr Gaurav
     Where I would be sorted into ‘Gryffindor’.   Take over malice and cowardice.   Cincinnati, USA; Jaitavie Badhwar of CMS   Chicker, Director, Manya Abroad. The
                                                                                                              students were also briefed about
                                                                           Kanpur Road studying at Kingston
         Face and pass the 3 headed dog,    It never fades year after year,   University, UK; Oshi Garg of CMS   scholarship opportunities abroad and
      Say ‘Alohomora’ for the door to unlock.   These things are the cause of my euphoria!   Mahanagar Campus studying at Hong Kong   management of finances abroad.
          Fight the devils with no fears,   OBLIVIATE! I wanna erase it all,   University, Hong Kong; Astha Raghvendram   More sessions will be organized in the
      And heal my wounds with Phoenix tears.   ‘Cause at the end of the day,   of CMS Gomti Nagar II studying at Asia   coming week. For details, please visit,
           To grab the golden snitch             it’s all fictional.                                
             without any doubt,
      And sharpen my skills as a parselmouth   Nothing than Hogwarts would be better,               Striking the reality
            From riding a hippogriff,    I’m still longing for my Hogwarts letter.
            To using “Expelliarmus”,       AFTER ALL THIS TIME, ALWAYS.....  Why has the street gone silent? Apparently   It took us from greeting contacts to
           From using my patronus ,                                          it's an unseen tiny virus raging violent.  contacting a great,
          To shunning away dementors.                    — Ananya Kumar     Stillness of the city hustle like never seen,   Evidently that is how the virus gets defeat.
             Darkness anywhere?                                     XI E        so is the fear in the masses that   Awareness is what the journalist, doctors
              Hang on – Lumos!                       CMS Gomti Nagar Extn.           has never been.              and police preach; yet there are
              Gloom anywhere?
                                                                           The global war is gathering speed, rinse the   people ready to breach.
                                                                             hands and Wear a mask, or let it breed.   We salute the fighters risking their life, for
                                                                             The savers are brave and the ones we   us to remember the deadly plight.
                            Dying But Not Dead                                 adore, working endlessly for the   And one day there'll be cars on road,
                                                                                    healing in the war.              with people passing by.
         Cold blooded listening to death   Heroes of mankind work rise to set,                                That will be the time, when days would get
              rise and disaster,            Being selfless and sacrificing;  The men in brown on road it seem, like       brighter and life a lot more
           Time has halted we know;           For our needs to be met.          trees stopping the destructive                   better.
     Human lives nothing greater than counts,  “Nature is healing her own self”    flood of disease beam.
           No sun to melt this snow.                                        The new rule is to keep distance, the only
                                       Is inscribed on’ the tombstone of the dead;                                               — Javeria Najam
        Nations were to lead a world war,   Every happy chirp of the bird,   way you may help the cops; so less the
           Suddenly, a novel invisible                                      number of sapiens falling ill, the medical                     XII,
                                             Reminding Man’s happiness          fighters be treating them still.             CMS Aliganj Campus I
            enemy came to rattle,                no more existed.
       Sapiens locked with masks not cuffs;
     Unaware, how to win fights in this battle.  Our way back into future is bleak,                For a Special One....
                                         Personhood now only known for pain;
       Even in this storming time of distress,  Deep are the scars this weather will leave;
          We keep blaming the other                                            It’s not enough to pay her through   Can anyone even replace her shadow ?
              Hearts still fight;          The pole star invisible due to rain.     the words I speak,               No not till the final try.
            Ignorant that we belong    Yet, it can be His way to tell us we are same,  My emotions are strong but my
             to the same mother.           Let humanity join hope and head,           praise is weak.          She senses my feelings before I even do
                                          Have to do it ourselves, you and me
       Man is afraid to touch his own form,                                                                   It’s the power of her Divinity that makes my
           Frightful and panicking in               Because we are dying but   The moment when she made me walk,       mind look through.
             the corner of a hall;                      still not dead.    At the doors of my heart there was a knock.
        We were taught to build bridges,                     — Yash Sahu,        The quench to my thirst she      It’s her greatest charm that leads
         Now what protect us are walls.                                                                              in our appetite’s defeat,
                                                                     XII,              only causes,
           To save every oblivion life,                                          How can I reject even poison   Nothing lies in the way of the savour,
                                                       CMS Chowk Campus                                              Not even the royal feed.
                                                                                     from my goddess.
                          The Brighter Side of Covid                            She completes the chores with     I don’t know what to say of her
                                                                                  total love and devotion,           couple of magical palm,
         January 2020, Happy New Year,  But look inside, the families live together,  Selflessly without a salary or a   It makes me ease, It makes me sooth,  It
           Unaltered lives, but there's       Animals step on streets,              need of promotion.               makes me forever calm.
              something to fear.                 the air is fresher.
         Ozone depleting, air intoxicated,  The skies are clear, the flowers bloom,  Her priceless smile makes me bloom,  The universe lacks her second option
       Families together but aloof, animals   A brighter side amidst the worldly gloom.  It forgives my sins and      in the crew of ‘other’,
                incarcerated.          As the doctors play heroes, Earth is healing,  all the gloom.           She is my God, my life and His mirror on
     Gradual end nearing, there's no realization,  In addition to becoming better humans,                            Earth who is my mother.
           None but a global cause,            Together we're dealing.         She wakes when the dawn breaks,
            will redeem the nations.                                           And sleeps after our dreams arise,
                                                         — Angelina Hasan
     Oh! But in March, a global pandemic hits,                        X,        There’s no one who can taste                    — Satyarth Parth
     Medicinal machinery fails, no vaccine fits.                                 her pain, Even after he dies.                            IX A,
         Covid kills in masses; the world          CMS Asharfabad Campus,                                                CMS Rajajipuram Campus I
                is shut down,                         Winner of first prize at      Even if I hurt myself,
          People locked in their homes,                 Inter Campus Poetry        I can feel her heart cry,
          Deserted appeared the town.                Competition (Du Coeur)

                             “Beliefs that are good promote your potential and enhance your unique special qualities.”  – Deborah Day
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