World Water Day

22 March is observed as a World Water Day. The day focuses attention on the importance of universal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. The day also focuses on advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. CMS GN-II organised a special assembly on this international day, in which a video was shown, depicting the untold facts of water. Video was a good learning for students as it unfolds the facts. In the afternoon a slogan competition was conducted among all the VI class students and day after their work was put on the junior section Soft board.

The facts of water were very beautifully written in slogan. Assembly and competition are the tools to make CMS GN II children environment friendly and motivating them to conserve water.

Tree Plantation Drive

A tree is planted in five minutes and it gives its immense natural resources for years,in order to receive this environment natural resources plantation drive had been conducted on 6/4/2017 and 24/4/2017 in which Pre-Primary(KG) and Juniors(VI) students participated.They brought the saplings of indigenous trees of India for instance Banyan,Peepal,Lemon,Curry Leaves,Mango,Banana etc.

Just planting a saplings will not fulfill the objective of plantation,nurturing is very important,so to achieve this goal a team of ten students named as "Green ambassador" had been made who are residents of that apartment and students of GN-II and they will take care of those saplings which were planted.

A proper tagging had been done in a very environment friendly way by tying a Knot saplings with green coloured satin ribbon.