Co-Curricular Activites


1- Gomti Nagar campus II organized a Special Assembly on 12th October which was graced by guests from Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) who had come to India to attend the 16th International Conference of Chief Justices of World. The Principal Ms. Sangeeta Banerjee introduced the guests as Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) which has its volunteers spreading the message in 189 nations across the Globe. The FOWPAL volunteers, with their electrifying presence energized the students, who responded with equal enthusiasm. The volunteers called themselves as “Energy Boys and Energy Girls” shared their beliefs based on introspection to awaken and listen to the voice of conscience. They spoke about their nature of work which is raising social environmental awareness and all kinds of humanitarian work under the guidance of the agencies of the UNO- ECOSOL and UNDPI and the participation of Government Heads and Ambassadors, the organization is working towards a sustainable future. The President of the organization gifted a scarf with smilies on it and a card of appreciation to the Principal, Ms. Sangeeta Banerjee who also gifted each one of the members with large smilies.

2- A special assembly was held on 29th Oct. 2015 in honour of Sr. DGM Vigilance officer of NER Sri P. N. Rai. As this is the Corruption Awareness week observed by the NER. So the team had come to Gomti Nagar II Campus to make the children aware about the corruption rampant in the country and specially in the Railways.    A team of senior officers from NER along with the ADRM Mr. S.D. Sapra visited CMS Gomti Nagar II on 29th oct 2015. The team appreciated the discipline and training of the CMS students and said that the future of the country is in safe hands. A short “Nukkad Natak” was staged on this occasion titled “Itni Shakti hame dena data”. Many tips regarding the dos and donts of travelling were shown in the play. The main theme of the play was “Say No to Corruption” and if we want to stop corruption it will stop. We can save our country if we become aware citizens. Shri P. N Rai was impressed by the song sung by the CMS students and requested them to follow what they sang. He requested the children to show restrain over themselves. He said that we should Listen to our heart and mind and have control over ourselves. We should not try to stop a right thing by undue means. We can say a “no” to corruption. Children should feel proud of themselves that they are getting such good education under the able guidance of the Principal Ms. Sangeeta Banerjee. Mr. Rai said, “Don’t go away from your duties. Everyone is affected due to corruption. The most powerful instrument is the brain for a human being. Its the brain power which leads us forward. The more we use it the more it increases. So believe that ‘Yes I can do it’, ‘it can be done’, ‘it is done’.” Principal Ma’am conveyed her heartfelt thanks to the entire team of NER. She said that Children can become ambassadors of change. Solidarity & integrity makes all the difference. It’s all about having a strong value system. In the end the officers of NER announced many helpline numbers which are - 9794845955, 9794842457. The keyword of the entire assembly was that we should change ourselves to change the system of our country.



Diwali was celebrated on 10th November. They celebrated it in a distinctively beautiful way. They came dressed up in colourful traditional dresses and participated in different activities which emphasized on ‘No Crackers’ for ‘Clear, Happy and Green Diwali’. Children made Diwali cards, decorated diyas and rangoli to mark the festival spirit. The school was decorated with flowers, lanterns, diyas and rangoli adding colour to the luminous tradition of Diwali.


Christmas was celebrated as a joyous family affair, in the Pre Primary section as a HAPPY TIME on 21st December, 2015 along with Sr. Principal Ms. M. Batra and Principal Ms. Sangeeta Banerjee. Children decorated Christmas trees with balloons, cherries, stars, bells etc. The assembly area was dressed with bright and colourful bells, stockings, stars, etc. The little ones and the teachers came dressed in red and many attired as Santa Claus. Children sang 'Jingle Bells' in a very festive mood and danced on numbers like 'We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'. .


1. Lohri was celebrated by the little ones of Pre Primary with a lot of exuberance on 14th January, 2016 along with the Sr. Principal Ms. Manjit Batra, Principal Ms. Sangeeta Banerjee, Ms. Aruna Gupta and teachers. The teachers highlighted the importance of the festival of Lohri, which ushers in the cheerful spring season bidding adieu to the dull winter. Everybody sang and danced on the traditional folk songs and immersed in rich cultural folklore of Punjab. The little ones with their Principals, teachers and friends danced around bonfire and put popcorn, jaggery, peanuts and gazak into it to thank God for a good harvest and prosperity of the world.

2. POP CORN DAY: Kids of Pre Primary treated themselves to popcorn by popping up their favourite popcorn with their teachers and friends and celebrating National Popcorn Day on 19th January, 2016. Teachers apprised kids – why popcorn pops, as it is a type of corn that expands and puffs up when heat is applied. Little ones explored their cooking skills by making popcorns with their teachers and friends on induction cook top. They also strung popcorn and hung it outside on the bird feeders for birds to eat.

3. REPUBLIC DAY: The "Republic Day" was celebrated on 25th January, 2016 by the little ones of Pre Primary with great vigour, fervour and enthusiasm. The teachers apprised the little ones, why we celebrate this day, respect was paid to the patriots and legends who laid down their lives for the country. The little ones went home with the spark of patriotism in their eyes and with the understanding that this day teaches us being a better person and making our world a better place to live-in.

4. Special Assembly: A special assembly was organised on 28th January 2016 in which the guest speaker Dr. Anita Bhatnagar Jain, IAS, is the principal Secretary Sports and Youth Welfare department of the government of Uttar Pradesh spoke to the students and expressed her concern over the deteriorating environment conditions. In her address she urged the children to come forward and participate in the environment related projects and programmes. Throughout her discourse she vehemently stressed on the fact that the degradation of the environment has reached to an alarming extent and continues to grow further. She also made the students aware of the "Paryavaran Vahini" which means an environment army which would take care of the environment as a whole. Towards the end of the assembly a movie was screened for all which highlighted the alarming states of affairs in the entire world as a whole.


1. Basant Panchami: Basant Panchami heralds the advent of Spring. 12th February, 2016 was celebrated as the "YELLOW DAY" by all the Pre Primary tiny tots and the teachers. The children along with the teachers offered prayers to the "Goddess Saraswati" The teachers enlightened the children about the religious, seasonal and social significance of the festival. The yellow colour dominated the day. The children and the teachers were all dressed in yellow clothes, classes were decorated with yellow flowers and decorations and even the class activities were based on yellow colour things like collage, colouring, flower pasting, finger printing, etc. Little ones of Montessori flew kites along with their teachers.

2. SPECIAL ASSEMBLY: 12th February 2016- A Special Assembly was held for the students of class X. It was a special day for the students of class X as they were blessed by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the Principal and the teachers of the school to perform exceptionally well in their upcoming board examination. The Principal emphasized upon the zeal and passion of Dr. Gandhi towards education. She also spoke about him as an inspiration for not only the student but even to the teaching fraternity. She blessed the children and advised them to give their best in the upcoming exams. The students were really motivated and inspired by a video "AIM". The Video was to instill among the students that "Failures are stepping stones to success". The speech given by the founder Manager Dr. Jagdish Gandhi was really motivational. Along with excellence in academics he wanted an `All rounder Development in the students. He expressed his views about Material, Human and Divine Education in detail. He wants that every student of C.M.S should be humble, tolerant, self disciplined, law abiding with strong will power and noble nature. According to Sir everything is possible if we have a positive attitude. The students were really inspired by his thoughts and noble words.

MARCH 2016:

1. 22thMarch, 2016 saw everyone looking forward to Holi celebration with the classroom parties, social interactions, and decorations and much more in the Pre Primary section. Eatables in their tiffins, various games and activities were very well coordinated to their selected colours. Traditional party foods were swapped out for "HEALTHIER OPTIONS" along with a message like - GREEN for green grapes and save trees ; BLUE for health drink water, the hub of life and spread love everywhere; PINK for strawberry softy and universal love; ORANGE for orange ice candy and success and encouragement; YELLOW for baked gram pakoris; PURPLE for black currant cake and crush that reinforced messages children are learning about healthy eating and life is like a RAINBOW. Little ones enjoyed a lot and promised to eat healthy food daily. All the tiny – tots played with dry, non chemical and skin friendly colours. They hugged each other, put 'Gulal' on each other's face saying 'HAPPY HOLI' and ate 'Gujjiyas'. The air reverberated with Holi songs during the special assembly organized for the toddlers.

2. Vidya Ka Parv: Parents with enrolled Pre Primary tiny tots were invited to attend Vidhya Ka Parv and Open Morning Orientation on 28th March, 2016. A Power Point presentation was shown by the Pre Primary Incharge, Ms. Samvida Adhikari, further emphasizing on curriculum, activities and students expectations to better prepare parents for their child's transition to Pre Primary. In short, parents received a packet of information that hopefully answered all the questions they had. Pre Primary orientation was thus perceived by children as an exciting first step into the new class environment, for parents it represented a new beginning of another special school class and the forming of many new and meaningful parent, teacher and school partnerships. A short yoga session was organized at the branch for teachers and students by the Sports Teacher of our campus on 21st March 2016. The ultimate goal of yoga is, to help the individual to transcend the self and attain enlightenment. It aims to achieve this through a series of physical and mental exercises. At the physical level, the methods comprise various yoga postures or 'asanas' that aim to keep the body healthy. The mental techniques include breathing exercises or 'pranayama' and meditation or 'dhyana' to discipline the mind.

Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee also participated in this Yoga session very actively which was a great source of motivation for all the teachers.

3. Yoga: In the Interium session where the academic session 2015-16 has come to an end and session 2016-17 will be staring from 21st March, a short yoga session was organized at the branch for teachers and students by the Sports Teacher of our campus. The ultimate goal of yoga is, to help the individual to transcend the self and attain enlightenment. It aims to achieve this through a series of physical and mental exercises. At the physical level, the methods comprise various yoga postures or 'asanas' that aim to keep the body healthy. The mental techniques include breathing exercises or 'pranayama' and meditation or 'dhyana' to discipline the mind.

Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee also participated in this Yoga session very actively which was a great source of motivation for all the teachers.

APRIL 2016:

The World Health Day was celebrated on 7th April in the Pre Primary section. Health check up was organized for Pre-Primary and Primary students. Importance was laid on the issue of Good Health and Well Being. The Health Check up Programme was undertaken by qualified doctors for Physical, Dental ad Eye Examination..

International Children's Day: To help in stimulating the interest of children to read books, International Children's Book Day was celebrated on 2nd April, 2016 in Pre Primary section. Teachers made it a fun day for children by combining the literary part, having fresh air of adventure, fairy tales, poem and stories to reading, music and role play. The little ones shared their favorite story with their classmates. Teachers laid emphasis on phonetics as well as on the sounds of alphabet. Special Assembly was conducted, songs were sung related to books which not only helped the little ones develop their ideas into words and pictures but also made the adults think back to the books they read as a kid..

JUNIOR ORIENTATION REPORT: An orientation program was conducted, which was attended by the parents of the students of classes VI,VII,VIII. The parents had a very enlightening session in which the principal Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee enlightened the parents about the special care that needs to be taken of the children during the growing period of their life. The children are most impressionable and vulnerable during the stage of their pre-teens and teens..

Last but not the least the representatives of the vacations Edutainment group gave a short presentation on the trip which would take students on a tour to NASA, during the month of June 2016. .

JULY 2016:

On 4th July 2016, A fire drill was conducted where students of the Junior and Cambridge section assembled at the Auditorium. Fire safety sign boards with messages of Fire Safety measures were displayed on the stage. The welcome address was proposed by the Principal, Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee where she welcomed:
1. Respected Mr. A. B Pandey, Chief Fire Officer 2. Mr. S. N Yadav, Fire Station Officer, Vishal khand 3. Mr. Umakant Singh, Station Officer, Indira Nagar 4. Mr. R. Ghosh, Chief Safety & Security Officer of City Montessori School.
Mr. R. Ghosh addressed the children apprising them about the causes and types of fire and the various safety measures to be adopted in case of a fire breakout in each type of fire. He also explained to the students the importance of No.101.
The fire safety escape plan was explained. He apprised the gathering about the usage of a fire extinguisher. Mr. R. Ghosh enlightened the gathering regarding evacuation during an Earthquake. He mentioned the Do's and Don'ts to be followed in high rise buildings.
Mr. A.B Pandey addressed the students and stressed on the importance of having a fire extinguisher in every house hold and avoid fires. Mr. S. N Yadav, talked about the role and working of Fire Brigade in extinguishing fire and gave a live demonstration about it.
Children made queries about fire which were duly clarified by Mr. A.B Pandey by giving real life examples. Mr. Uma Kant Singh, spoke about fire safety rules in school and school conveyance.
Finally a live demonstration was given by Mr. A.B Pandey opposite the Cambridge Board building. The Whole exercise was highly enlightening which left everyone enriched.
On 5th of July 2015, the Pre - Primary wing of CMS celebrated EID. Both the teachers and the kids wore white kurta pyjama and were in a festive mood. They took part in activities conducted by teachers to acquaint them with religious significance, history as well as associated traditions, customs, values and importance of the day.
Various activities like sewaiyan pasting, thermocol plate crescent moon activity, star and cotton pasting, crescent moon placard, star headgear, free hand drawing,etc. were conducted by the teachers. Special assembly was funfilled. Teachers explained the little ones about the significance of Eid and showed them the customary sweet delight of sewaiyan. They also offered prayer (Namaaz) to the God (Allah) and sang along with their teachers – ' Chaandn ajar agaya',' Allah tero Naam ',
A Cappella: it was a Special Assembly for the students of Gomti Nagar campus II on 15th JULY as they had the 'A Cappella" group called 'Out of the Blue 'performing for them. This musical group is very different from the others as they do not have any musical instruments as an accompaniment. They left both the students and the staff at Gomti Nagar amazed and spell bound. A beautiful start to the day.
UNDER WATER AND SPACE EXPLORATION DAY: Kindergartners were taken on an exploration hike through the expanse of the UNDER WATER WORLD and UNIVERSE on 21st July 2016. Enroute Regional Science City kids were educated about the outside world like, MARKET, HOSPITAL, POST OFFICE, FLYOVER etc. thus teaching them about the neighbourhood.
On reaching Regional Science Center kids stepped into the SCIENCE PARK learning about RISING AND SETTING OF THE SUN through a 3D model of a house, PARTS OF A BODY, MAGIC WATER TAP etc. There were detailed explanations next to each exhibit which were read and explained by the teachers.
Next the kids were taken to the PRE HISTORIC PARK which reminded all of the JURASSIC PARK movie. Kids excitement and enthusiasm was clearly visible seeing them, play around the 3D models of DINOSAURS. In the 3D THEATER the kids saw MASTER OF MAGIC and DINO WORLD movies. In the EXHIBITION HALL kids experienced the MYSTERY and BEAUTY of the UNDER WATER WORLD. And then it was time to relax and enjoy a meal together with friends and teachers.
Lastly, Kindergartners visited the SCIENCE GALLERY having different interactive hand-ons exhibits, all showing and explaining various concepts of Science like, VANISHING IMAGE, INFINITY TUNNEL, HEAD ON A PLATTER, STRINGLESS PIANO etc. Kids curiosity and questions helped them in understanding Science at their level and how it has yielded great results and benefits which the modern society is reaping.For the little ones it was

AUGUST 2016:

JANAMASHTAMI CELEBRATION: on the 25th August, Pre-Primary wing celebrated it on 24th August 2016, with great enthusiasm.
Tiny tots were in their festive dresses, dressed up either like Radha or Krishna looking adorable. Our entire Pre – Primary section assembled in the assembly area which was transformed into a land of joy, celebrations and happiness. On one side was kept the "Jhoola" which was also decorated and on which sat two of our kids in the attire of Radha and the naughty little Krishna set to sway and dance with all. Our most respectable Sr. Principal and Principal ma'am were our Guest of Honour. They put "tilak" on the idol of Lord Krishna and did "pooja" after which came the yoga and prayer.
One of our class Teachers then told the little ones about the importance of Janmashtami and a few tales about the naughtiness, Kanhaused to do as a child and also told them how butter comes out by churning the milk. The girls of KG class presented a fabulous and outstanding dance on the song "MaiyaYashodayehterakanhaiya….."which enthralled all; and then on the song "GovindaAlla Re" which was absolutely so mind blowing that our teaching staff all got up with the children and did "Garba".
The little ones also took part in the traditional activity – 'MATKI PHOD' in order to pay tribute to the NatkhatKanha who always loved to eat stolen butter with his group of friends.
After this our Sr. Principal ma'am and Principal Ma'am and the little ones were given "Prasaad",and they went back to their classes.
Various activities were carried out in all the sections of the Pre Primary.
INDEPENDENCE DAY IN PRE PRIMARY SECTION: the tiny tots on the 13thAugust, 2016 celebrated Independence day. The Auditorium was beautifully decorated with tricolor balloons, flags and lights. The beauty was enhanced when the little ones entered in white kurta and pyjamas with tricolor head bands and Indian flags in their hands, accompanied by the teachers, also dressed in white with tricolor dupattas. Parents of Montessori classes were invited for the occasion and they were all seated comfortably on the chairs at the back.
The show started with the song 'VandeMataram' and speech of two of our tiny tots of KG B, followed by yoga, school prayer, pledge, thought for the day, day and date, school motto and mission again conducted by KG B. Then our Principal Ms. S. Banerjeehonoured our great leaders by garlanding their portraits. After this Montessori 'Ramp Show' further added to the patriotic fervour of the day.They dressed up as People who help us and Great Personalities of India, their attire further adding to the patriotic spirit. They danced on patriotic songs like – ' Yehdeshhai veer jawanoka..','Nannamunnarahihoon…','Meredeshkidharti..','Suno gaur se duniyawalo..' charging the atmosphere with excitement and patriotism.Then came our Nursery kids with their Hindi Recitation Competition 'PyaraPyaraMeraDesh…', 'YehMera Azad Triranga…', 'Veer Tum BadheChalo…', 'Sankalp'–poems were recited in chorus, mesmerizing all.
After this came the Speech Competition by KG's – 'Continuance of Responsibility'. Children participating wore the dress accordingly and spoke mostly the punch lines. Principal Ms. S. Banerjee was the judge for this event and announced the three winners. She also declared the prizes for the inter section Nursery recitation competition and the Montessori Ramp Walk.
The day came to an end with the little ones, who will be a big asset in future for the country to flourish and prosper marching home, munching sweets and spreading the message of love, peace and harmony. INDEPENDENCE DAY IN JUNIOR, SENIOR AND CAMBRIDGE SECTION: The function began at 8.30 am sharp with the arrival of the chief guest Lt. Gen. A.K.Misra and his wife Mrs. Meena Misra accompanied by the Principal Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee. The national flag was hoisted and the head boy conducted the country pledge followed by the speech of the head girl.
The chief guest honourable Lt.Gen. A.K. Mishra, Dr. Bharti Gandhi, founder Director CMS and the principal Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee lighted the lamp of learning.
The chief guest blessed the students on this occasion and asked them to stand tall amidst all difficulties. He narrated various adventures that he had gone through during his young age and in the army. The honorable founder director Dr. Bharti Gandhi ma'am also showered her blessings on the students on this auspicious occasion.
The event which followed next was the Investiture Ceremony which was a grand presentation of precision mixed with high ideals. The head boy along with the new office bearers took an oath to perform their duties in school, take up responsibilities and to maintain decorum in the school premises. The newly appointed student council was adorned with their badges by the chief guest, Dr. Bharti Gandhi ma'am, and the principal ma'am. After these events were over there were a host of inter house competitions like- Elocution (Hindi), Declamation, Skit. Mime, and last but not the least Dance competitions.
Pre Primary wing at CMS GN – II, organized a trip to Cheshire Home and celebrated the birthday of Respected Founder Director ,Dr. Bharti Gandhi on 8th August, 2016 with the members of the old age Cheshire Home
The little ones spent quality time with the members of the home, they were involved and entertained with games, melodious songs, rhymes and story narration. The little ones distributed articles of daily use like bed sheet, clothes, eatables, toilet articles, etc. They all prayed for a long and healthy life for ma'am, birthday songs were sung, best of blessings were showered on ma'am and all the members expressed their gratitude for the lovely time the little ones spent with them.
The little ones came home with the understanding that one should respect elders and learn from the people who have walked the path before us.
18th being a holiday, Rakshabandhan was celebrated by us here in the pre – Primary wing of CMS-II on the 17th of August. Our teachers started the day by first explaining to them the importance of this lovely festival. Little ones decorated the poojathali with flowers, roli, colours and tied rakhi to the Principal thanking her for her care and affection. While our Montessori A and B kids did the Rakhi making as an activity, our Nurserys and KGs did it in the form of competition.
The Rakhis were all displayed on the soft board in a beautiful manner. The decision regarding the winners was later given by our most respected Principal Ma'am Ms. S. Banerjee. Nursery – A and KG – B bagged the 1st prize. Little once went green with their 'green rakhi'. They tied rakhi to our SAVIOUR trees and took a pledge to nurture them with love. A special assembly was conducted where the little ones celebrated singing, dancing, exchanging sweets and conveyed their gratitude full of warmth by tying rakhis to the teachers, security commandos and helper staff.