Global Exposure

CISV 2017

Delegation of 3 Students Anuna Narain, Pari Agarwal & Ayush along with Team Leader Mrs. Laxmi Mehrotra Participated in CISV 2017. They visited Germany at Herrsching from 4th August to 31st August 2017. Teams from various countries like Great Britain, Greenland, Italy, America, Denmark, Spain, France, Japan, China, Ecuador and Brazil participated. Various Group activities were performed everyday based on the theme of Global Friendship and Peace.

NASA Trip 2017

NASA TRIP 2017 consisted of 13 Days of NASA ASTRONAUT TRAINING EXPERIENCE (ATX) at Kennedy Space Center.

It also gave an opportunity to students to participate in Group Yoga at United Nations on 21 June 2017 International Yoga day.

Students visited sites included Orlando Theme parks, New York City, Washington DC/Harrisburg, Niagara Falls, Corning Glass Museum and Hershey’s Chocolate World

CISV 2016

CISV 2016 troop consisted of four super kids Varuni Hazra, Gargi, Dinkar Pratap Singh and Arya Bhadra Singh. They visited CISV Canada (Fredericton). The village was based on the theme of sustainability.. thus the name of village was SUSTAINABILITY VILLAGE.

At CISV kids and every participant from different parts of the world took away lot of learning and knowledge along with them along with some beautiful friends and memories. We have experienced the same at our camp. Various group activities, basic name games to trust building activities students experienced all at CISV.

NASA Tour of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II

A delegation of 10 members along with the group leader Mrs. Maseerah Arif went on a fifteen day (21st June 2016- 6th July 2016) tour of NASA and the West Coast USA. The students went to Houston space centre and interacted with astronauts, learnt about how the astronauts survive in the space shuttle, saw the soul and other minerals brought from the moon and conducted several experiments. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. The delegation also visited Standford University and Google headquarters in California.The visit to Disneyland was awesome.The helicopter ride at Las Vegas made theadrenaline run high. The visit to the United Nations, New York was the star attraction of the trip. It was an indeed a lifetime opportunity to visit The United Nations and understand it's functioning. Altogether put it was an educational cum fulfilled tour.


A delegation of 13 students went to NASA, USA. The aim of the visit was to expose students to new culture and more importantly to widen their horizons and to motivate them to work for excellence. The students experienced astronaut training simulation. We proudly represented India in the U.N on the first International Yoga Day, celebrated on 21st June, 2015. The trip also covered the Disney world, Niagara Falls and important heritage sites like: Statue of Liberty, Lincoln memorial etc. In the entire visit was entertaining and educational.

CISV 2015

Mathematics World’s Contest (Olympiad 2015)

18th Primary Mathematics World’s Contest is a Mathematics Competition held in Hong Kong from 12-17 July 2015. Members of delegation from our branch participated in the Olympiad were Devansh Saha, Satyam Bharadwaj, Anjali Sharma and Yashi Tripathi and the delegation was lead by Mrs. Sunita Dwivedi - Leader and Mrs. Jayanthi Gurumani – Deputy Leader

The Po Leung Kuk Primary Mathematics World Contest is organized by Po Leung Kuk and co-organized by The Education University of Hong Kong. The contest aims to enhance the primary school students' interest in Mathematics, and to provide a cultural and academic exchange opportunity for the students.. The contest was held from 12-17 July 2015 with a total of 36 participating teams from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam USA and INDIA. The contest started with the framing of questions (which were given by each participant country) by the leaders of the delegations with a team of Mathematics Experts. In the evening a cultural program was organized where our members presented a dance and won the first prize. It was a wonderful learning experience for the delegations.