Republic Day Celebration

The Independence Day was celebrated with great vigour, fervour and enthusiasm.True spirit of freedom and patriotismwas displayed by the tiny tots in a meticulous manner infusing a sense of affinity and service towards the nation on 25th January, 2019 under the able guidance of Sr. Principal Ms. M Batra and Principal Ms. S. Banerjee.

The Special Assembly was conducted by the tiny tots of Kindergarten F.It, started with ‘Yoga’and ‘Gayatri Mantra’followed by different ‘Patriotic Songs’, ‘Prayer’, ‘Pledge’, ‘Day’and ‘Date’; An ‘Educational Talk’was held for the children, apprising them about the importance of the Republic Day;The significance of the tricolours of our National Flag was explainedto the children, further adding to the patriotic fervour of the day; The portraits of the great eminent leaders and our freedom fighters were also shown to remind them about the Indian freedom struggle. Children were also told about our fundamental rights, for example Right to freedom, right to equality as well as right to education.

The little ones were also engaged in various, interesting activities in their respective classrooms like finger printing of kite in tricolour;tricolour badge; flag with crayon shavings; flag with ice cream sticks and hand printing; fork printing of tulip flowers in tricolour etc.

The day came to an end with the little ones, who will be a big asset in future for thecountry to flourishand prosper, marching home spreading the message of love, peace and harmony.

National Popcorn Day

Kids of Pre Primary treated themselves to popcorn by popping up their favorite popcorn with their teachers and friends and celebrating National Popcorn Day on 19th January, 2019.

Teachers apprised kids – why popcorn pops, as it is a type of corn that expands and puffs up when heat is applied. Little ones explored their cooking skills by making popcorns with their teachers and friends on induction cook top Choco popcorn, Honey popcorn, Candy Popcorn etc. They also strung popcorn and hung it outside on the bird feeders for birds to eat. They sang songs like, ‘Pop, pop, pop, put a corn in a pot….’ and ‘I m a little popcorn….’ with their friends.

For a change they didn’t have to worry about sending out cards, decorating or bringing gifts. All they did was to make and eat cheesy to buttery, healthy to tasty popcorn. Little ones went home leaving behind the delicious smell of popcorn wafting through the hallway.

Pre-Primary Lohri Celebration

Lohri was celebrated by the little ones of Pre Primary with a lot of exuberance on 12th January, 2019 along with the Sr. Principal, Ms. M. Batra, Principal, Ms. S. Banerjee and teachers. The teachers highlighted the importance of the festival of Lohri, which ushers in the cheerful spring season bidding adieu to the dull winter.

The children were taken to the openarea which was beautifully decorated with streamers, balloons and green plants. Everybody sang and danced on the traditional folk songs and immersed in rich cultural folklore of Punjab. The little ones with their Principals, teachers and friends danced around bonfire and put popcorn, jaggery, peanuts and gazak into it to thank God for a good harvest and prosperity of the world.

Prasad was distributed among the kids and the Principals encouraged them to value their cultural heritage. The little ones went home with the understanding that the festivities of Lohri reflect the true festive spirit which is vibrant and fully exhibits zest of life.

Pre-Primary Assembly At Holy Family Church Celebrating Christmas

To promote the City Montessori School’s ideology of respect for every religion Kindergarteners visited the ‘HOLY FAMILY CHURCH’ on 22nd December, 2018 and conducted Special Assembly under the able guidance of their Sr. Principal, Ms. M. Batra and Principal, Ms. S. Banerjee.

Before the visit the teachers discussed the different features of a Church and gave them an idea of the things they were likely to see. The first thing that struck the children and the teachers was the warmth of welcome and the cultural traditions and rituals which bind us all in its own significant way.

The Church turned into a large classroom where our tiny tots were apprised about “Lord Jesus’ and the reason for celebrating Christmas. The queries of our little ones were answered like – Where is Lord Jesus? What does he do? Etc. Our tiny tots prayed to spread love, peace and harmony and sang various Christmas carols along with their teachers.

Later, the children did various Christmas activities in their respective classes. For example, Christmas cards, hand printing Christmas tree, Santa stockings decoration, cotton pasting on Santa’s stockings, paper folding snowman, ice cream stick reindeer, paper folding Santa caps, cotton ball snowman, Christmas tree spray painting etc.

Our tiny tots went home understanding the true message of Christmas which is to spread love and peace around them, making the whole world one family.

Gurunanak Jayanti Celebration

The little ones of Pre-Primary celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti by going on a visit to the Gurudwara on 22nd November 2018, under the able guidance of Sr. Principal, Ms M. Batra and Principal, Ms S. Banerjee. It was a pleasant spiritual experience for them. They took off their shoes, covered their heads and washed their hands. The Little tots of Nursery went to the ‘Darbar Saheb’ and were shown how to do ‘Matha Tekh’, by bowing down on their knees and touching their foreheads to the floor. In Darbar Saheb they were told that this place is called the ‘GURUDWARA’ and that they were sitting in the ‘Darbar Saheb’.

They went to pay their respect to the holy book ‘Guru Granth Saheb’. Teachers assisted the children while performing ‘Gullak Seva’ and also apprised them that the money is used to help the poor and needy. Little ones were involved in a small prayer, ‘Mool Mantra’ recitation and ‘Ardas’ conducted by the ‘Head Granthi’ of Gurudwara Saheb, in which all the children diligently participated with enthusiasm.

Teachers also apprised the little ones about the ‘Langar’, which is a humble plea to all that we, should serve and eat together irrespective of our status. Little ones were delighted to receive the ‘Kada’. Thus, they went home with ‘GURUDWARA’ as their model that anchors the community; revives our physical, mental and spiritual bodies and caters to the needy – with eco-friendly nutritious and simple meals.

Table Top Cooking & Super Sandwich Day

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!”

A nutritious, well – balanced diet is important for everyone especially the growing kids, which extends well beyond, just, healthy looks.To emphasize on healthy eating habits. ‘Table Top Cooking’ was conducted on 3rd November, 2018.

All the teachers and children were prepared for the day, table cloth was spread on the table and all the ingredients were laid down. The teachers wore the chef cap, apron and gloves to emphasize on hygiene. The kids also wore their headgear and apron. After telling the children about the importance of healthy food and howhealthy eating habits should be inculcated, the class teachers taught their kids how to make the dish of their choice. For example, MunchyBhelPuri, Cham ChamMithai with Bread, Russian Salad, Sandwich with Brown Bread andCoconut Laddoos etc. Each and every child brush up their culinary expertise by learning how to make the delicious dish of the day thus developing chef confidence and unity.

The little ones loved being involved in preparing yummy snacks The little ones proved that the Table Top Cooking is all about Real Food, Good Fun with Great friends and teachers.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated as the “International Day of Non – Violence” in the Pre Primary wing of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II with great enthusiasm on 4th October, 2018. The children chalked out their message of ‘PEACE’ and ‘BROTHERHOOD’ through the various activities held in classes like – the making of Gandhiji’s spectacles which was stick and paste activity; making “Charkha” using ice-cream sticks, colouring Gandhiji’s three monkeys which say – “Bura mat Dekho, Suno aur kaho”, the colouring of Gandhiji’s image on IWB board, making of the outline of the face of Gandhiji with finger and paint and so on.

We also had aspecial assembly where kids enacted a skit – ‘Gandhian Values’. They were then asked a few questions about the occasion, by which they learnt about the day and pledged to take forward the ideals of MAHATMA, fulfil his vision for a better nation and a better self.

They also sang a song, “Sachchai ka lekar Astra, Aur Ahimsa kalekar shastra…….” with actions. After that our teacher spoke to the children about the importance of occasion, instilling the SPIRIT OF SELF BELIEF AND SWACHH MISSION, CULTURE OF TRUTHFULNESS, DEVELOPING TOLERANCE AND WILLINGNESS TO LEARN FROM EVERYWHERE. She said Gandhiji always worked for the welfare of the people and he motivated others for the same so we should stay away from violence.

The day went off very well and children went home with theunderstanding that we should respect and honour this day forever and not just remember the father of our nation MAHATMA GANDHI but also the values that made him a MAHATMA.

हिंदी दिवस

आज १३ सितम्बर को हिंदी दिवस के उपलक्ष मे हिंदी दिवस मनाया गया ।

इस के अंतर्गत सर्वप्रथम प्रार्थना सभा का आयोजन किया गया । सभी छात्र, छात्राओं ने हे! मेरे परमात्मा, मैं साक्षी देता हूँ, प्रार्थना का सस्वर वाचन किया । इसके बाद सभागार में उपस्थित सभी छात्र छात्राओं ने हिंदी में प्रतिज्ञा ली (हम सब भारतवासी भाई बहिन हैं ।)

स्वस्थ मस्तिष्क में ही सुविचार उत्पन्न होते हैं । इस विचार का पालन करते हुए आज का सुविचार प्रस्तुत किया गया । "अनुशासन का पालन करना कड़वा होता है लेकिन अनुशासन के बाद मिलने वाला फल बहुत मीठा होता है ।"

नविन शब्दों के माध्यम से हम अपनी बुद्धि पारंगत बना सकते हैं इसलिए नविन शब्द भी बच्चों को सिखाये गए पहला शब्द "कर्तव्यनिष्ठा", दूसरा शब्द "आत्मविश्लेषण"

देश विदेश की पूर्ण जानकारी के लिए मुख्य समाचार पढ़े गए ।

कार्यक्रम को आगे बढ़ाते हुए हिंदी दिवस की पूर्ण जानकारी छात्रों को प्रदान की गयी ।

नाटक के बिना हिंदी अधूरी सी समझी जाती है इसलिए छात्र छात्राओं ने नुक्कड़ नाटक का मंचन किया । जिसका विषय "ऊर्जा बचाव, प्रकाश फैलाओ" ।

इसके अंतर्गत कई छात्र छात्राओं ने सफ़ेद कुर्ता, लाल दुपट्टा धारण करके, हाथों में ढपली, डमरू के साथ ऊर्जा बचने के अनेक उपायों का बहुत सूंदर ढंग से मंचन किया द्यसाथ ही ऊर्जा से सम्बंधित सुविचार तथा कविता का भी सस्वर बहुत सुंदर ढंग से उच्चारण किया ।

बात हिंदी की हो और सूरदास, कबीरदास और तुलसीदास जी को स्मरण न किया जाये, यह तो कदापि नहीं हो सकता, इसी बात का ध्यान रखते हुए छात्र छात्राओं ने दोहो का मधुर धुवानी मैं उच्चारण किया ।

संसार मे शांति और एकता बनाये रखने के लिए छात्र छात्राओं ने स्वर्ण पंक्तिओं, "वसुधा पर शांति का प्रसार हो" को दोहराया ।

Teddy Bear Day Out

When we talk about toys and especially soft toys, first thing appears in our mind is Teddy Bear.So why not to celebrate ‘Teddy Bear Day Out’ 8th September, 2018 was a wonderful day and little ones came to school with their favorite ‘Teddy Bears’.

Teachers had arranged a wide range of creative activities like teddy bookmarks, teddy bear potato printing, teddy bear cotton dabbing, teddy bear fork printing teddy bear with shapes, teddy stories were narrated, teddy games were playedetc. teachers chose their activity carefully, as they wanted thekids to learn good habits, manners, and simultaneously be responsible and independent too.

Special assembly was conducted by the little ones of Nursery F dressed up as ‘Teddy Bears’.Little ones danced to the tune of Teddy Bear songs. Kids were welcomed with their teddy bears on the stage. Somebody was dancing, somebody jumping, Teddy Bear brought out the kid in all of us and we could easily recognize the friendly twinkle in their eyes.

It was a light hearted event and everyone had a BEAR-Y GOOD TIME!

Grandparents Day Celebration

We at CMS constantly strive to innovate and adapt ourselves to fulfill the vision of our founders and prepare the children to become responsible, kind and humble citizens of the world. With this view we the Pre Primary wing at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II, organized a trip to Missionaries of Charity on 10th September, 2018.

The smiles that greeted the children and teachers made a better picture than any camera could capture. The little ones spent quality time with the members of the home, sat with them, talked to them andbecame their window to the world. Some got very emotional and shared their experience of their youth time. They were involved and entertained with games, melodious songs, rhymes and story narration. It was real fun to see the elderly laughing and singing with so much childlike enthusiasm.

Janmashtami Celebration

Though this time the festival ofJanmashmati is falling on the 3rd September, we here at CMS phase – II Pre-Primary wing celebrated it on 1st September, with great enthusiasm. Tiny tots were in their festive dresses, dressed up either like Radha or Krishna looking adorable.

The celebration was done in our special assembly conducted only for this purpose. Our entire Pre – Primary section assembled in the assembly area which was transformed into a land of joy, celebrations and happiness. On one side was kept the “Jhoola” which was also decorated and on which sat two of our kids in the attire of Radha and the naughty little Krishna set to sway and dance with all.

Our most respectable Sr. Principal and Principal ma’am put “tilak” on the idol of Lord Krishna and did “pooja” after which came the yoga and prayer.

In class Teachers then told the little ones about the importance of Janmashtami and a few tales about the naughtiness, Kanhaused to do as a child and also told them how butter comes out by churning the milk. Children enacted well on the energizer “Natkhat Krishna yaara bansuri wala Krishna….”.

The little ones also took part in the traditional activity – ‘MATKI PHOD’ in order to pay tribute to the NatkhatKanha who always loved to eat stolen butter with his group of friends.

Class Activities – Our Montessori‘s did flute making, and cotton dabbing on thepot with butter coming out.

Nursery’sand KG’s made flute with mirrors and bindi pasting; Lord Krishna’s makhanmatki; mother, my first teacher card.

Students enjoyed a lot and it was one of the most memorable day for them as it taught them to be friendly and also the value of sharing.

Eid-Ul–Zuha Celebration

Children of Pre-Primary, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II observed the festival of sacrifice “EID-UL-FITAR” with great fondness and fervour. The little angels, with different religions, cultures, languages, caste and creeds, participated very enthusiastically in celebrating the festival that truly marked the inherent virtues of INDIAN ethos of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Purity & Godliness with all divinity, was down under Pre-Primary, when the little ones came to school dressed in white Kurta pajama. A special assembly was conducted by the class teacher of KG C, where the little ones wearing the headgears of moons and stars started their day with a meaningful school prayer, which was followed by recitation of a beautiful “EID” poem by Ms. Ania Dubey of Kindergarten D, wherein the importance and significance of this religious festival was told at length, that how a small act of selfless sacrifice and altruism can change a life around. The assemblyended withthe significance of virtues like ‘Love, Happiness, & Friendship’ by the children. The Kids were then involved in an art and craft activity where they made stars and moon to symbolize the essence and spirit of this sacred festival.

The celebration became a lot more fun when the children sang and danced on different songs and rhymes. The brotherhood re-bonded and the fraternity further renewed, when the Bhai-Bhai hugged each other and exchanged good wishes for each other. The celebration took to its sweet turn, when the little ones enjoyed sharing ‘Sewaiyan’ during their lunch break.

Kids from all sections went to our respected Sr. Principal ma’am and Principal ma’am with Eid cards, sawaiyan and the activities the children had done. They hugged and wished children and thanked all for being pure and noble at heart to follow the path of peace, love and friendship.

The day culminated with the lessons of Oneness Of God, Sacrifices, Sharing, Forgiveness and motivating our little ones to imbibe these moral virtues in their lives.

Visit to Old Age Home (Senior Section)

The students of class XII visited old age home on 25.08.2018. The visit was a fulfilling experience for them as they came back home with not only memories but also some valuable lessons. The Students dedicated old songs to the members of the home that brought smile on their face as they were reminded of probably all the golden memories and old times. The students sat down with them to listen to their life experiences. The students donated the baskets that contained the daily utility items to the old age home and also distributed the eatables. They tied ‘Rakhi” on their wrist and came sensitized as the torch bearers of sustainable change in the society. The youth learnt that they should never sideline their elders because they are the ones who have shaped their personality and can always guide them for a better life. The students were really thankful to the institution for providing them the opportunity for saving the humanity.

Rakshabandhan Celebration

Tiny tots of Pre Primary celebrated relationship of trust, love and respect in the form of Rakshabandhanon the 25th of Augustunder the able guidance of Sr. Principal, Ms. M. Batra and Principal, Ms. S. Banerjee.

Our teachers started the day by first explaining to them the importance of thislovely celebration. The little ones decorated the pooja thali with flowers, roli, colours and tied rakhi tothe Incharges Ms. Sushma Raj kumar, Ms. Anita Kapoor, Ms. SmitaDixit, Ms. Manjeet Kaur, Ms. SamvidaAdhikari, their teachers and friendsthanking them for their care, affection and blessings. They exchanged handmade cards, rakhisand flowers as a symbol of their uncompromising support for one another. CHILDREN LOVE TO EXPERIMENT WITH RAKHIS–keeping this in mind our Montessori kids did the Rakhimaking as an activity; our KGs and Nurserys did it in the form of competition.

It was an inter – section competition. The students put in their best efforts as they knew that it was a competition and any how the prize had to be theirs. The Rakhiswere all displayed in a beautiful manner. The decision regarding the winners was later given by our Primary Headmistress Ms. Mita Chatterjee. Nursery F & KG E bagged the first prize, Nursery B & KG C second prize, Nursery E & KG Athird prize. Afterwards therakis were sent to thank our brave brothers in uniform with athank you message from their hearts - “God bless our soldiers one and all, keep them safe on every call.”

Little ones went green with their ‘GREEN RAKHI’. They tied rakhi to our SAVIOUR trees and took a pledge to nurture them with love. Special Assembly was also conducted where the little ones prayed for friendship, love, respect and friends; they sang and danced on peppy numbers; exchanged sweets and conveyed their gratitude full of warmth by tying rakhis to the security commandos, bus drives and helper staff.

Little ones went back home taking themessage of love, care and affection with them.


City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Extension joined hands with 'SAVING LIVES' on the 19th August '18 for their Inaugural Training Session under the expert guidance of their Course Director, Dr.Sandeep Sahu (Professor,SGPGI).

SAVING LIVES, a noble initiative started by Ms. Sarika Mehra aims at training our community in how to become a First Aider/Responder by learning to how to rescue and save a life in crisis.

The training session lasted over 5 hours wherein the students and teachers were first taught about First Aid and its basic principles. They were taught how to identify and differentiate between a Cardiac Arrest and a Heart Attack; after which they were taught the most important Life Saving Skill called CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).

All the participating students and teachers were made to perform the same on mannequins.

Thereafter the students learnt about how to deal and respond to Trauma/Injuries/Bleeding and Saving Lives.

First Aid in Medical Conditions of Chest Pain, Hypo and Hyperglycemia, Hypoxia, Seizures and Stroke were explained and the first aid required to deal with them were taught with the help of detailed Power Point Presentations.

The training also taught them the correct ways of responding to Snake, Scorpion, Dog and Insect bites.

Thereafter the participants were also taught how to react and save a life in cases of Burns and Fire, Drowning and Electrocution. Natural Disasters like Earthquakes and saveing multiple lives in such a scenario was also dealt with.

The team also taught students how to provide first aid in cases of Fractures and the art of bandaging and splinting.

It was indeed a very insightful and educative session for both the Teachers and Students.

Independence Day - Celebration (Pre-Primary)

The Independence Day was celebrated with great vigour, fervour and enthusiasm, truly depicting the spirit of freedom and patriotism displayed by the tiny tots in a meticulous manner infusing a sense of affinity and service towards the nation on 14thAugust, 2018 under the able guidance of Sr. Principal Ms. M Batra and Pricnipal Ms. S. Banerjee.

To start with, all the children were taken to the Auditorium beautifully decorated with tricolourballoons, flags and lights. The beauty was enhanced when the little ones entered in white kurta and pyjamas with tricolor head bands and Indian flags in their hands, accompanied by the teachers, also dressed in white with tricolour dupattas. Parents of Montessori classes were invitedfor the occasion and they were all seated comfortably on the chairs at the back.

The two comperes of Kindergarten addressed the enthralling crowd with a welcome speechfollowed by the song ‘VandeMataram…’, ‘We shall overcome…’ and ‘MeraWatan…’ sung melodiously by the students. This was followed by yoga, school prayer, pledge, day, date and weather report conductedby the students of Kindergarten A.

A Multimedia Presentation narrating the story of the word ‘Independence’ held the audience, spell bound andteaching children to do their work independently.A small quiz was cleverly conducted making the children participate and learn about their Great leaders.Sr. Principal ma’am and Principal ma’am garlanded the portraits of the great eminent leaders followed by Montessori RampWalk -“Our Great Leaders” further adding to thepatriotic fervour of the day. The children looking marvelous in their various attire of the freedom fighters was a visual treat. They danced on patriotic songs like ‘I Salute My Flag…’, Chak De India…’, My Tricolor Flag…’ and ‘I Am Proud To Be An Indian…’. The other events such as Taekwondo For Self Defense, English and Hindi Elocution by the Nursery and Kindergarten children were showcased very well. The Kindergarten Speech Contest – ‘Tribute To Our Freedom Fighters’ kept all the enthusiastic parents glued to their seats. Participants wore the dress according to their character and spoke mostly the punch lines followed by a well-coordinated dance performance by the Kindergarten children whichwas received with a thunderous applause.

The three winners forthe Speech Contest as well as for the Montessori Ramp Walk were announced by Sr. Principal ma’am and Principal ma’am. They also remembered the heroes ofthe Indian freedom struggle,wished that our country achieves top position and stays away from negativities, terrorism and corruption. They blessed the tiny tots and inspired all to respect and revere our motherland.

The day came to an end with the little ones, who will be a big asset in future for the country to flourish and prospermarching home, munching sweets and spreading the message of love, peace and harmony.

National Potato Day Celebration

Potatoes have been a popular part of diets around the world for centuries and are a healthy and delicious source of inspiration. Keeping this in mind National Potato Day was celebrated on 18th August, 2018 in the respective sections of the Montessori classes. Each child was given one potato and was taught to peel it. With the help of Interactive White Board and props they were made to recognize and memorize the name of the vegetable.

Firstly, KNOW YOUR ROOTS – Teachers apprised the kids that potatoes are not only tasty but they are also goodfor them as they contain high levels of important vitamins and minerals such asvitamin C, Potassium, and iron. They also highlighted the versatility and nutritional benefits of the popular food.

Secondly, PEEL THE POTATO ACTIVITY – The Montessori Class teachers continued further with the demonstration of the correct way of peeling potato. It was intriguing to observe the tiny fingers work like little chefs. It was a well-coordinated work of the finger muscles along with art of learning to focus.

The last step to enjoy this day was the best step DRAW AND COLOUR THE POTATO ACTIVITY on the Interactive White Board. Montessorians had a fun filled time and enjoyed potatoes prepared in their favourite way by sharing their tiffins with their friends.

15th August Celebration (Junior Section)

This year India celebrates 71st anniversary of independence and CMS Gomti Nagar Campus-II celebrated this auspicious occasion with all the zeal, enthusiasm and patriotism.

The celebrations began with the school prayer. The unfurling of the tricolour was graced by our respected senior principal, Ms. Manjit Batra; respected principal, Mrs. Sangeeta Banerjee; honorable chief guest, Air commodore Sudhir Kumar and his wife, respected principal of CMS Rajendra Nagar-III Mrs. Jayshree Krishnan and respected principal of Asharfabad, Mrs. Trapti Dwivedi. Our most dynamic and respected director of strategy, Mr. Roshan Gandhi Forouhi and respected Mrs Farida Wahedi blessed the occasion with their presence.

To remind us of our duties, the head boy conducted the Country Pledge which was followed by a symphony of patriotic songs.

Donning the mantle of accountability the Investiture Ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. The Investiture Ceremony of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus-II for the academic session 2018-2019 was held with great pomp and dignity in a special ceremony at the school auditorium. The event was presided over by the honorable chief guest,Air Commodore –Mr Sudhir Kumar and the school Principals. It was conducted with the high degree of earnestness and passion. The ceremony commenced with the march past lead by the head boy and the office bearers took a pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities.

Honourable Chief Guest, Air commodore Sudhir kumar Sir congratulated the school on conducting a fabulous spectacle through the various programmes. He motivated all students to be honest in discharging their duties as a student and exhorted them to uphold the values of CMS.

Our respected principal, Mrs Banerjee tantalized the students to take up responsible roles in shaping the future of India. Extending her message in unison our respected senior principal Ms. Manjit Batra encouraged students to become world citizens who are active and pragmatic.

The inter-house competitions were the highlight of the celebrations. Students competed with each other while they put forth their ideas and message about true freedom in 21st century. The group elocution by the students of class 6th, the skit competition by grade 9th, the mime by class 11th, declamation by grade 7th, the dance competition by class 8thenticed the gathering and painted them in colours of valour, sacrifice and patriotism.

The students of Cambridge International Gomti Nagar ext, captured the audience through their foot tapping medley of songs and an energetic dance performance.

The Independence Day celebration came to an end with the sound of “Vande Matram” and “Jai Hind” filling the auditorium as all proud Indians sang the National Anthem.

National Watermelon Day

A chance to relish the sweet, juicy, scrumptious, most refreshing summer fruit and to promote healthy eating habits in children 'National Watermelon Day' celebration wasenthusiastically taken up by Montessori on 3rd August 2018.

Perfectly in synchronization with the juicy watermelon inside, the red dressed kids were welcomed and the day began with different educational and fun activities. To make them understand that Watermelon is a multi-seed fruit, kids were involved in placing black bindies on Watermelon picture in Montessori 'A'; Montessori 'B' did the same activity in the form of thumb printing; Montessori 'C' introduced triangle shape with their ice cream sticks watermelon activity and Montessori 'D' made healthy watermelon table mats. Children also learnt about various nutrients of Watermelon and its importance, that the soft inner red fruit with hard green rind around is full of vitamins, minerals and 90 percent water, which makes this melon an impressive addition to the fruit family. Little ones enjoyed themselves as they were served juicy slices of watermelon. When they ate they understood that it is extremely sweet and inside of watermelon is red in colour

A special assembly was conducted by Montessori A where the children were dressed up in red and green dresses, wearing cutouts of different fruits along with watermelon. They alsoplayed the game “Fruits, fruits we are fruits, we are healthy fruits” enjoying recognizing colours and names of different fruits; sang different songs, rhymes enjoying the tunes and promising to imbibe healthy eating habits in their daily routine.

Little ones had a sweet interaction on ‘National Watermelon Day’ with Sr. Principal Ms. M. Batraand Principal Ms. S. Banerjeeand presented a handmade watermelon cards.

It was a fun filled day, the little ones found the watermelon refreshing and to be relished in any way - slice them up and eat it, get it cooked on grill, or blend it into one’s favourite ice cream.

International Friendship Day

Tiny tots of Kindergarten celebrated relationship of trust and love, “Friendship Day” on 4th August 2018. Little ones of Pre- Primary, filled with great zeal and fervour dedicated their day to their best friends and spent their entire day in the loving company of their friends.

Teachers started the day by first explaining the importance of friendship day, because of increasing hostilities, mistrust and hatred between countries, there is a greater need for friendship not only among nations but also among individuals.

All the little ones were excited to wish their friends in their own special way, in some of the classes they made friendship cards to thank their friends for their wonderful presence in their life while in other classes they were busy in making friendship bands to express their love and gratitude. Kids not only enjoyed making friendship cards for their friends, butexchanged their friendship bands to form an everlasting bond with their friends. They conveyed their gratitude full of warmth by tying Friendship bands to Respected Senior Principal, Ms. Manjeet Batra and Principal, Ms. Sangeeta Banerjee.

To express their warmth and to renew the bond between friends they wished “Happy Friendship Day” to each other. Best was seeing them involved in collecting, counting the number of friendship bands each one was wearing, appreciating each other, wearing a positive expression and discussing who got the most stylish band. Little ones sang and danced on different friendship energizers along with their friend, which not only gave them a chance to spend quality time with their friends but also an opportunity to make new friends.

The little ones went home understanding the true meaning of friendship along with prayer in their hearts for their everlasting friendship and friends.

International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day was celebrated on 30th July, 2018 was an aim of increasing awareness towards the conservation of tigers worldwide under the able guidance of Sr. Principal, Ms. M. Batra and Principal, Ms. S. Banerjee.

To enhance students’ interest in the subject the day was dedicated to various activities like stick puppets through paper folding; tiger masks with paper plates; tiger paw and tiger print bookmarks, etc. They enthusiastically took tocrayon and pages as they drew images based on the theme of ‘Tiger Day’, making every effort in their power to save the tiger.

Teachers apprised children that we have lost a large number of tiger population and the number is depleting continuously; various amazing facts about the BIG CAT like – Tiger is the largest of all cats, has a life span of approximately 14 years, it is our National animal etc.

Special assemblywas conducted to commemorate International Tiger Day. It started with different patriotic songs, prayer, pledge, day and date, a skit pertaining to the theme of the emblematic tiger – The estranged relationship between man and tiger, how man is to be blamed for the national animal’s declining numbers, saving the tiger meant saving its habitat and to take care of trees in order to protect environment. Students dressed in tiger costume, teachers in hunter’s and tree cutter’s disguise performed enthusiastically and were eager to do their bit to save the tiger.

All took up oath promising to make every effort to reduce tiger carbon footprint.A poem describing the various emotions an endangeredspeciemight experience during the day and age ofenvironmental destruction was recited by Miss.ShivanshiVishwakarmaof Kindergarten C.

The days event concluded with the students understanding the tiger’s role in maintaining the natural balance, the need to raise awareness about tiger’s future in the wild and that “A small act of caring can save the world around”.

International Sports Day for Development and Peace

“Building a better world through sport.”

Much more than just performance, sport is synonymous with education and responsibility. It is indeed an ideal way of developing peace co – operation and a sense of responsibility amongst children.

To promote the idea the International Sports Day for Development and Peace was celebrated on 6th April, 2018 by the Pre Primary section. Sr Principal Ms M. Batra & Principal Ms S. Banerjee, wished them luck and motivated children to participate in the games and showcase their skills.

Huddled together and eager to perform the little ones took part in the various games enthusiastically such as the balancing segment, hockey, running, hopping, zig – zag, in out, the monkey walk, etc.

Amidst loud cheering and bursting with energy the children learnt to play in complete harmony and followed instructions as per the rules. Thesafety measures were looked into by the teachers in a meticulous manner.

What a beauty of play! Let’s keep it going everyday of the year! So much joy and happiness!

Divine Education Conference at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II

Strains of harmony filled the auditorium of C.M.S Gomti Nagar Campus-II as the mellifluous mothers sang a glorious song “Hari Mere Ghar Ko” and made the opening act of the Divine Seminar and Report Card Distribution, 2018 a grand success. The function was graced by the presence of the eminent guests, honorable Mrs Farida Vahedi, Head of Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building at CMS; Mr Atef and his band from France; and respected Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager CMS.

Principal of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II, Mrs Sangeeta Banerjee read out the school report and highlighted the Campus achievements during the past year. Within seven years, the branch has seen meteoric rice in success, and is running two parallel boards namely; ISC and Cambridge IGCSE. With heart swelled with pride she announced the outstanding ICSE and ISC results of the branch with special mention of Master Aprit Goyal who scored 97.4%, the highest in the campus.

The exceptional results in International Benchmark Test (IBT) of Atharv Narayan, 100 percentile in Science and Anahita Singh, 100 percentile in English added glorious feathers in the cap of CMS GNII. The management rewarded their success with a cash prize of rupees 50,000 each. Varuni Hazra was acknowledged for being an all round student along with being awarded a medal and a certificate at international level. She is a finalist in the 20th Annual Peace Pal International Art Exhibition and Awards.

The heart of the event was unquestionably its Music pieces. The French Band headed by the singer-composer Atef. He stole the hearts of his captivated audience with his heart-warming numbers and added magic and positivity in the air with his music, which transcended boundaries and entered straight into the heart.Students presented an array of exciting cultural items on this occaion.


“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

As we successful conclude the previous academic session and usher into the new session, it seemed only apt to prepare for the challenging days ahead. To cease the opportunity of the session break, CMS GNII had organized a Yoga workshop in the auditorium for all teachers to rejuvenate, reinvent and re-energize.

Shekhar Kshatriya, a yoga guru for the past 18 years, in association with Shree Aurobindo Society and Auroville, Pondicherry, spared his valuable time for our teachers early in the morning. He propagated the idea of ‘Conscious Living’ with the help of meditation and yoga. This workshop was just the tip of the iceberg in educating teachers to tackle stress and anxiety through easy 10 minutes calming exercises.

Towards the end of the workshop it was required to sit still in a state of nothingness for 8minutes. This pushed the teachers to overcome their body limitations and exhibit their will power. It was indeed a very fruitful session for the teachers. The respected principal of CMS GNII, Mrs Sangeeta Banerjee thanked sir for his invaluable lessons and urged her teachers to invest 10 minutes of their day in order to have a healthy and stress free lifestyle for life.

International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day (March 8) CMS, Gomti Nagar Campus II organized a cycle rally-‘Women on Wheels’ where confident girls and their lovable mothers cycled on a 6km path for a healthy and strong India, in the early hours of 9th March, 2018.

Eminent women from different walks of life graced the occasion. CMS Founder-Manager Dr Jagdish Gandhi and CMS Director of Strategy, Mr Roshan Gandhi were also present.

The day was filled with enthusiasm, laughter and music. Poster Making competition was also organized. Girls from grade 1 to grade 11 happily turned up with their sparkling cycles. Mothers, teachers and even the menial staff took part in the rally. CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II succeeded in spreading the message,” Empower Women to Empower the Future.”

Mrs Sangeeta Banerjee, Principal of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II, advised all the girls to dream big as dreams do come true. She gave away prizes for the best Cycle Decoration and Poster. The day with gratitude towards the Lord for making women just the way they are- little girls with dreams who become women with vision.