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           Sports for World Unity and World Immunity Wizards who train the students in Games and Sports
    CMS SPORTS TEACHERS                                                                                                          MAY 2020 (7)
              Ms Neha Singh, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I                                Mr Arun Kumar Pathak, PET, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II
              Ms Neha Singh's students have excelled in taekwondo, winning gold, silver and   Mr  Pathak  has  represented  Lucknow University  in  all  India  Inter-University
              bronze medals in zonal and regional competitions organized by ASISC. Akshat   Boxing Championship. He has been training his students in hockey, football,
              Saxena of Class VI won a gold medal in taekwondo nationals 2019-20. The   badminton,  athletics,  table-tennis.  Students  have  been  winning  medals  in
              Campus won gold and silver medals in karate at EXSPO organized by CMS RDSO.    these  events  at  ASISC  tournaments  every  year.  He  is  full  of  praise  for  the
                                                                                     excellent sports facilities provided by CMS.
              Mr Devendra Nathani, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I is the gym coach and in his
              supervision, the children have won many gold and silver medals in gymnastics.   Mr Mahboob Ahmad Khan, PET, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II
              The Campus has its own well-equipped gymnasium.                        Mr Mahboob Khan is a multi-faceted genius. He is a national player of karate,
                                                                                     fencing and judo and a trained para trooper from NCC. He implants the quality
                                                                                     of fearlessness in his players and churns out excellent sportsmen as is evident
                                                                                     from the Physical Education Board results.
              Mr Kumar Gaurav Singh, Skating Coach, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I students
              won 158 gold,112 silver and 71 bronze medals  in various district, regional, state   Mr Abhishek Dixit, PET, CMS Indira Nagar Campus
              and national level skating championships and in fact, all the five district and   Mr Abhishek Dixit has a Masters in physical education. He has been a National
              inter-school skating championships during the session 2019-20. Arushi Pandey   Basketball player and a District Official of the U.P. Basketball Association and
              of Class VIII won 3rd prize in the National Level Skating Championship held in   U.P. Athletics Association. The Campus organized badminton tournaments at
              Greater Noida from 18 to 21 April 2019.                                zonal and regional level under his supervision. He has produced outstanding
                                                                                     players at state and national level.
              Mr Yogendra Pal Sonkar, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I swimming coach since
              1995. In his expert tutelage, thus children have started to swim like fishes in the   Mr Praveen Pathak, PET, CMS Indira Nagar Campus
              inviting pool of the campus. They have also been winning medals by the score in   Mr Praveen Pathak is a national level swimmer whose interest in this life-saving
              various swimming competitions.                                         sport is easily transferred to the children. His students have qualified in state
                                                                                     level athletics and given tremendous performance at the Republic Day Parade.
                                                                                     We hope Mr Pathak leads them to win many more medals in future.
              Mr Devmurti Yadav, PET, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
              Mr Yadav, B.Sc, M.P.Ed, is versatile in his approach. He always motivates his   Mr Navneet Prakash, PET, CMS Jopling Road Campus
              students  to  build  up  stamina  and  organizes  regular  practice  sessions  for   Mr Navneet Prakash has the eye of an eagle when it comes to identifying young
              different age-groups. He strongly believes in promoting world unity through   talent and the aim of Arjuna when it comes to javelin throw. A gold medalist in
              games and sports. Students have won many gold and silver medals with his   javelin throw, he represented his University in Inter-University Games. He has
              rigorous training.
                                                                                     also officiated as an umpire at the Cricket Association of Lucknow.
              Mr Anil Kumar Srivastava, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I has been awarded the   Mr Laiq Ahmad Khan, Football Coach, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              Best Teacher Award by CMS three times. He is well-armed with B.P.Ed and   Mr Khan is a former National Referee and a Football Coach at CMS Kanpur Road
              M.P.Ed degrees. He has played football atd handball at inter-university level and   Campus.  He  is  an  ex-service  man.  Quiet  and  dependable,  he  inspires  the
              has been serving the institution since 1994.
                                                                                     confidence of the players. We are indebted to him for his services and wish him
                                                                                     all the best.
              Mr Jitendra Kumar Sharma, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I dons the CMS colours,
              well qualified with an M.P. Ed degree, and the earnest  desire to spread the light   Mr Raju Singh Chauhan, PET (Cricket Coach), CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              of physical education in the country. He leaves no stone unturned to make his   Mr Raju Singh Chauhan is a pillar of strength for CMS Kanpur Road as far as cricket
              pupils sound in both body and mind. We wish him all the best.          is concerned. Well qualified and experienced, he has often led the CMS Cricket
                                                                                     Team to victory at national and international level. Whether it is the ISCPL, India or
                                                                                     UK, Oman, Singapore or Greece, the Campus team has been unbeatable.
              Mr Santosh Kumar Singh, Swimming Coach, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I has
              done a lifeguard course from the Swimming Federation of India. He has been at   Ms Parul Shukla, PET, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              CMS for the past 28 years and is sxwell-trained and experienced to save lives   Ms Parul Shukla looks after primary section games and sports, specializing in
              from drowning and enjoy the joys of aquatic sports.                    the all-time favourite, kho-kho. She is a B.PEd, M.Phil and MPEd. She leaves no
                                                                                     stone unturned to see that the eager little children come up to a high standard
                                                                                     in sports. Great going Ms Parul, keep it up!
              Ms Vandana Mazumdar, Swimming Coach, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I is a
              national medallist and has successfully pursued a lifeguard course. She can   Ms Pooja Yadav, PET, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              swim like a mermaid and children feel safe and secure under her watchful eyes.   Ms Pooja Yadav goes all out to see that the students entrusted in her care
              She has trained many a prizewinner.                                    receive the best physical education and excel in a variety of games and sports.
                                                                                     She holds a B.PEd degree from NIS. Under her guidance, children have won
                                                                                     many gold and silver medals. We wish her the best.
              Mr Sanjay Bhagat, PET, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II
              His  students  gathered  gold  and  silver  medals  in  taekwondo,  skating  and   Mr Lalit Kapoor, Swimming Coach, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              athletics in inter-campus competitions. They won 2 golds and a silver at the UP   Mr Lalit Kapoor is a man with a purpose. He is a mentor for the children, ready to
              Open State Kyorugi Taekwondo Championship and the Campus shared the    help at all times. His hobbies are acting, dancing and listening to music. He is
              Championship Trophy with Gomti Nagar I at Inter Campus Athletic Meet 2019.  hardworking and self-confident. He has a diploma in Sports (swimming) from
                                                                                     NIS, Patiala and 18 years’ experience.
              Ms Anamika Mishra, Swimming Coach, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II
                                                                                     Ms Aparna Nathani, PET, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              Anamika joined in 2017 as a Swimming Coach.  In 2019-20, her students did her
              proud winning 1 gold and 4 bronze medals in CISCE  Zonal  Meet; 2 golds, 3   Ms  Aparna  has  participated  in  table-tennis  and  weight  lifting  national
              silvers and 4 bronze medals in Inter-Campus Swimming Meet; 1 gold in CISCE   championships and is a referee for state roll-ball championship. Her students have
              State Championship and 1 student also qualified for the Nationals .    won 2 golds, one silver and one bronze in SGFI, one selected in RSFI, and the team
                                                                                     won inter-campus championship in T.T. She conducted QC and CJ Bhartiyam.
              Mr Alok Kumar Shukla, PET (Cambridge Section), CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II
              Mr Alok Shukla is an international approved professional Basketball Coach. He   Mr Anurag Chaturvedi, PET, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              is the Basketball Coach of U-14 team of Lucknow District Basketball Association   Mr Chaturvedi, a post-graduate from Sikkim, holds a P.G. Diploma in yoga and a
              and an approved State Level Referee of Uttar Pradesh Basketball Association   black belt in karate. He has been an international official and coach in karate and
              (UPBA). He has led the students towards victory in state level in basketball,   lawn tennis at ASISC and EXSPO. He received a cheque of Rs one lakh from the
              shotput and football championships.                                    HRD Minister, Mr R. Nishank.
              Mr Mukesh Kumar, Swimming Coach (Cambridge Section), CMS Gomti Nagar   Mr Vinay Kumar Singh, HOD & PET, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
              Campus II                                                              Mr Vinay Kumar Singh is Deputy Secretary at ISCPL (International Schools Cricket
              Mr Mukesh Kumar teaches by example, encouragement and practice. In 2019-  Premier League). He is Organizing Head at CISCE National Cricket Tournament and
              2020 under  his guidance,  1 student qualified for the Nationals  another won a   has been teaching ICSE Classes since 2014. Twice he has been declared the Best
              gold medal in CISCE   State Championship. In Inter-Campus Swimming Meet   PET for ICSE Classes (2015-16) and Best Sports Teacher for many years.
              2019, is students won 2 golds, 3 silvers and 4 bronze medals and at the CISCE
              Zonal Meet, they won 1 gold and 4 bronze medals.                       Mr Sanjay Sharma, Life Guard and Swimming Coach, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
                                                                                     Mr Sharma has done the Life-Saving Society Course run by SFI. At the Inter-
              Mr Kamal Maurya, PET, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II                        Campus Swimming Meet by Rajajipuram Campus I, Kanpur Road won the Boys’
              In Mr Kamal Maurya’s guidance, the students have won many gold and silver   Championship. He also trained students for Millennium Inter-School Swimming
              medals  in  skating,  taekwondo  and  athletics.  In  UP  Open  State  Kyorugi   Competition and Inter-School Swimming Meet wherein hey won 4 golds, 2
              Taekwondo Championship, his students won 2 golds and 1 silver medal. The   silvers and 6 bronze medals.
              Campus also won the Joint Championship Trophy with Gomti  Nagar 1 in inter-
              campus Football.                                                       Ms Poonam Mishra, PET, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
                                                                                     Well-armed with B.P.E, M.P.Ed and PGDSC from Gwalior and Indore, Ms Mishra,
              Ms Ranjeet Kaur, PET and Taekwondo Coach, (Cambridge Section) CMS Gomti   was selected for Junior Asian Games’ Camp, Jakarta in 1994; won gold medals in
              Nagar Campus II                                                        national athletic events and cross-country races. Her protegies include national
              Ms Ranjeet Kaur is a Black Belt 4th Dan kukkiwon Korea, serving CMS for the   qualifier and gold medallist Jyotsna Singh, state level athlete Swastish Pandey
              past three years. Under her supervision, the students have won many medals   and many other sports persons.
              and trophies in martial arts like taekwondo, and karate at district, regional, state
              and national level, bringing honour to their school.                   Ms Poonam Patel, Swimming Coach, CMS Kanpur Road Campus
                                                                                     Ms Patel is well-qualified in both swimming and yoga. At Swimming Meet, CMS
              Mr Pushkar Singh, Swimming Coach, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II            Rajajipuram, the Campus won the boys’ championship. Students won medals at
              Mr Pushkar Singh is an expert in both swimming and rowing at national level. He   CISCE regional championship at Prayagraj. 14 were selected for regionals, 9 for
              is also trained in yoga. His students have done us proud by winning national   nationals in Bangalore, one for SGFI, and many others won prizes in inter-school
              honours in swimming and won medals wherever they have gone. The primary   competitions.
              classes have won gold medals and team championship in yoga.                                            This list continues in the next bulletin...

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