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PRESPECTIVES                                                                                                                 MAY 2020 (5)

                              CMS VISION OF A UNITED WORLD POST PANDEMIC

                  “The world is closed for   snuffsout lives, then surely we will be wiped   minds of the people that our destinies are   to shift its focus from exclusive academic
                  renovation, Grand    out from the face of Earth. Then what will be   intertwined as we witness that even a   excellence to academic empowerment
                  reopening soon!”     our salvation? Where do we turn as there is   microbe does not discriminate between us   characterized by spiritual and emotional
                  Such a thought fills the   grief, death and destruction on all sides?   on any basis of race, creed or colour.  well-being, amalgamated with a desire to
                  heart with joy and   What is presently being witnessed in the   In such a scenario a school like CMS, whose   contribute to the wellness of every single
                  palpable excitement   reorganization of the world is that in every   motto is Jai Jagat and Mission is Vasudhaiv   being on this planet. Such a generation of
                  laced with caution as this   sphere two fundamental processes are at   Kutumbkam, has to act as the Lighthouse of   learners will willingly take charge of their
      Mrs Shipra Upadhyay  period of ‘Lockdown’   work: one is destructive in nature while the   the society. The post COVID world will have   own learning and simultaneously facilitate
     Principal, CMS Jopling Road Campus
                  becomes a time to    other is integrative.For example, as death   regressed in time. Once again issues like   the learning of others who are less
    ‘Unlock’ the deep recesses of our hearts   and destruction rage outside, the home has   poverty, unemployment and hunger will rise   privileged. This would be a conscious
    and souls while we plumb the depths of   become the bastion of unity.  It has been   to the forefront. In the past few weeks we   enterprise enhanced by the revised teaching
    unexamined ideas, unopened feelings and   turned into a fortress of safety and well   have thoroughly understood how   methodology to be adopted in the present
    carefully wrapped and shelved dreams   being as families come together to build   inadequately prepared we are for the future   time. In keeping with the understanding of
    when reposing in the comfort of our   more memories, to forge stronger bonds of   as we still hold on to our differences,   the inherent unity of the human race, any
    homes, unwilling to step out even for a   love and acceptance as we become   nurture our egos and seek solace behind   educational enterprise would focus on
    moment. This is adiabolic change from the   comfortable once again in the presence of   national boundaries. Such a bleak world is   development of all, would build intra
    frantic and frenzied pace of life we   each other. A transformation is underway as   what education will aim to change as   personal and interpersonal skills where
    designed for ourselves over the past two   from the confines of their homes people are   normalcy returns to rule the roost.  building sustainable relationships in all
    decades of this present century.   reaching out to their suffering brethren   For the past sixty years CMS has been   spheres, be it political, economical or the
    As we accelerated on to the 21st century we   across oceans - united not only in their   engaged in imparting an education that aims   diplomatic arena would be the precedence.
    cast aside the symbols of the previous   apprehension but also in the determination   to build a global perspective in the minds of   CMS has always advocated embracing all the
    millennia. The family took a backseat, while   to overcome this challenge and emerge with   students. Using all the tools at its disposal,   diverse cultures of the world and to build a
    ambition became the driver. Our thirst for   a greater understanding of the truth of the   CMS has striven to inculcate a belief in its   collaborative of world leaders, who will take
    more expanded as we kept advancing up the   oneness of humanity.      students that entire humanity is one. Now it   on the mantle of collective governance and
    ladder of success. Nothing was too much.   In a Tablet revealed by a Great Teacher   is time to go a step further and take   work in a spirit of co-operation and
    We were invincible, heading towards   nearly a century and a half ago the world   cognizance of the well-being of entire   collaboration for the well-being of the entire
    harnessing artificial intelligence, but what a   was compared to a human body. Co-  humanity. Academic excellence will always   world. All its events, aim to inculcate in its
    blow CORONA has dealt to us -the invincible   operation is the principle that governs the   be the goal but what would be needed in   students unity of thought and action,
    human race. In a span of few days, we, the   functioning of its systems…civilization too   the future is strength of spirit – a generation   promote a state of readiness to adopt and
    mighty homosapiens have fallen and as the   can be seen as the outcome of a set of   of humans whose spiritual strength would   internalize the unity of nations towards
    diktat goes, we have been vanquished,   interactions among closely integrated,   be the instrument of social transformation,   which we are slowly and steadily, moving.
    banished to be inside our homes. The very   diverse components which have   whose altruism will embrace strangers with   The task is mammoth yet the present crisis
    havens of ease, luxury and comfort we   transcended the narrow purpose of their own   alacrity and empathy; whose magnanimity   has strengthened the resolve of the members
    created have become our correctional   existence. And just as the viability of every cell   will reach across all barriers and whose   of the CMS family to come together as one
    facilities, wherein only our thoughts have the   and every organ (of the body) is contingent   sense of justice will lead to the creation of a   and work tirelessly and wholeheartedly to
    freedom, to explore the past, the present   upon the health of the body as a whole, so   new society where commonalities will   ring the words “The Earth is but one country
    and the not so glorious future.    should the prosperity of every individual, every   become the social fabric and the diversities   and Mankind its citizens”, to its fruition.
    Yet questions abound. Is this the end of the   family, and every people be sought in the well-  a focal point of congregations of the myriads    --Mrs Shipra Upadhyay,
    road for us? Are we to perish as has been   being of the entire human race.  of diverse facets of the cultures drawn from   Principal, CMS Jopling Road Campus
    predicted a number of times in the past?  This is the reality we are journeying to; this   the different corners of the world. Such
    If we are to subscribe to this thought, as   would be our ultimate destination. Across   would be envisioned for a CMS student.
    COVID19 stalks the continents and   the globe this thought has taken seed in the   The present pattern of education will have

                                                 What the Lockdown taught me

                 It was the third week of   to numerous meetings, phone calls, planning   data packs and expenses thereof, students in   the leaders, doctors, artists, sportsmen,
                 March when the        for training sessions for the staff and   areas with no network, maybe a few without   engineers, poets and above all kind, caring,
                 Government of Uttar   children, to think of ways and means to   smart phone). Since the school was already   responsible human beings . The teachers
                 Pradesh issued an advisory  engage the children in the teaching learning   using some Google tools for various other   have been selflessly working against all odds
                 for all schools to shut   process while still remaining indoors at   tasks we decided on getting everyone to   from home managing the home and
                 down completely, to   home. The situation did not remotely seem   switch to Google Hangout meet. This led to   ensuring that their classes online are going
                 practice social distancing,   to be getting better for a month or two   another foray of intensive training of the   on without any glitches. This pandemic has
      Mrs Aditi Sharma
     Principal, CMS Chowk Campus  being particular about   hence we had to strategize to find ways to   teachers. Here it is necessary to mention   taught us all to bond, to learn to appreciate
                 washing our hands     transact lessons online. Every teacher tried   that the IT team of the school worked   little things, to grow together and above all
    frequently, using alcohol based sanitizers   her/his hand at different modes like   almost round the clock tirelessly to conduct   help others to grow along with us. The
    and covering our nose and mouth with a   Whattsapp Broadcast groups, Zoom cloud   all the training sessions unflinchingly. They   meaning of education and training of children
    mask or simply a scarf. All this was very   meetings, Google Hangout meets and   were our front line warriors. By second week   as the most meritorious act of humankind has
    overwhelming for all of us. With a skeletal   Google classrooms. The teachers underwent   of April we had got some semblance of a   been brought to light so truly as we evolve
    staff and a few teachers completing their   Fastrack  training in using Google Classrooms   system in place and online classes with   and move towards a future which holds many
    work we still went to school until 19th   but we were not very competent at it not   proper maintenance of attendance records,   new challenges with each passing day for a
    March 2020. By then the situation around   having used it as a teaching tool earlier. But   class details, time tables, orientations,   teacher like you and me.
    the world and our very own city of Lucknow   the situation was such that necessity once   trainings etc having taken shape , enough to   Abdu-l -Baha said and I quote, "Among the
    was slowly getting grave. The electronic and   again took the role of the mother of   give us the satisfaction of having gained the   greatest of all services that can possibly be
    print media was abuzz with reports of  new   invention and soon each teacher had gained   appreciation and attention of not only our   rendered by man to Almighty God is the
    cases of the deadly Corona Virus COVID 19   confidence in teaching through either of the   parents but society at large. Today after a   education and training of children, young
    spreading it's arms in all directions. A   above mentioned modes. This led us to   month I can say that even if these online   plants of the Abha Paradise, so that these
    pandemic had been declared worldwide by   think that there were a variety of modes   classes are like a light in the dark cave it is   children, fostered by grace in the way of
    WHO. We were stopped in our tracks as the   being used which was not convenient for   always better to light a candle in the dark   salvation, growing like pearls of divine
    Prime Minister declared a complete   parents with two or more children and their   than to curse the darkness. My salutations   bounty in the shell of education, will one day
    lockdown with compliance for all States in   teachers using different tools or apps for   to the teachers who are the ones who shape   bejewel the crown of abiding glory"
    place. Unprepared for such a situation led   their online lessons. (there being issues of   the future generations so that they become
                                                                                                              – Mrs Aditi Sharma Principal, CMS Chowk Campus

                Brilliant online debate of Grade 11 pupils in the CMS Cambridge Section

                  On 2nd May 2020, I   make profits, and that instead of letting   had he not seen wrong things in the world,
                  heard a brilliant online   ethics guide us, such games go against the   and what would the India be if it didn't have
                  debate among the     welfare of civilization and the longer term   an army (tacitly implying that violence is
                  students of grade 11 in   interests of humanity.        necessary, so we may as well accept it).
                  the CMS Cambridge    The Opponents Neal, Arunima and Daksh   When the debate moderator (CENTA
                  Section, on the      gave as good as they got. Their armoury of   national award-winning English teacher
                  proposition that 'Violent   arguments included firstly that studies show   Mrs Shanara Khan) allowed questions and
                  computer games should   that gaming sharpens wits and improves   answers, the quality of discussion was   audience). On my expressing surprise at the
     Prof. Geeta Kingdon  be banned”.  With razor   reflexes so that later as employees, gamers
       President, CMS                                                     impressive. Daksh from the Opposite Motion   vote, one student expressed the opinion
                  sharp analysis, and   are more efficient and accurate than non-  team cited a study that purports to show   that the vote in favour of the Opposition
    displaying great depth of understanding,   gamers (the proponents later sought to   that violence among youth has fallen over   motion was effectively an ex-post
    many sophisticated arguments were   demolish these arguments by noting that   time despite violent games' rising popularity,   rationalization of the fact that “most
    advanced.  Proposition speakers Anahita,   these would apply even to non-violent   Anahita of the Proponent team questioned   students in the online audience themselves
    Astha and Robert first defined violent   games). An economic argument advanced   the bona fides, methods and time-duration   enjoy violent games”, though this student
    games (where the success parameter is the   was that the gaming industry gives   of the study, thus displaying critical thinking   was quick to reduce my worry by adding
    number of people you kill) and cited the   employment to countless families, and this   and advanced debating skills. The Gautam   “without being addicted to them”.
    high numbers of violent gamers aged 12-17.   invited a similar rejoinder about the   Buddha and Indian army points attracted   I thoroughly enjoyed watching and hearing
    Their arguments drew strength from   possibility of extensive employment from   trenchant replies from Astha and Robert.  this online debate on a topic of red-hot
    research evidence they cited, which shows   non-violent games. Apart from appealing to                   contemporary interest among youth. What a
    that children are apt to imitate what they   research evidence, the Opposition camp   The proponents' powerful points, the   tribute to the quality of education in the
    see and that violent gamers are more likely   argued that violent gaming allows harmless   opposition's punchy counter arguments, the   CMS Cambridge section! Congratulations to
    to be aggressive and to fantasize about   expression of anger in a virtual sphere which   back and forth of quick-witted and   Miss ManjitBatra (Senior Principal), Mrs.
    being violent towards those they do not   is surely better than in the real world. More   sometimes-convincing-sometimes-specious   SushmaRajkumar (Coordinator), Mrs.
    like. They argued that these addictive   sophisticated arguments were that Gautam   rejoinders – all made it a hugely enjoyable   Shanara Khan (English teacher), the six
    games exist mostly for corporations to   Budhha would not have got enlightenment   debate and a great learning experience for
                                                                          all class 11 students (who constituted the   debaters and all class 11 students!

                                   "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."   --Helen Keller
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