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           Sports for World Unity and World Immunity Wizards who train the students in Games and Sports
    CMS SPORTS TEACHERS                                                                                                          MAY 2020 (6)
                       Sports for World Unity & World Immunity

                               CMS Physical Education Teachers-Wizards who train the students

     CMS Campuses have taken up games and sports in a big way. New infra-structure, large   us all proud of their achievements. Values of teamwork, self-sacrifice, unity, cooperation,
     playgrounds, swimming pools, astro-turf playing fields for football and hockey, basketball   healthy competition and good sportsman spirit are inculcated through games and sports.
     courts, day and night cricket pitches have a special attraction for players of individual and   Behind the success of these outstanding students is the tremendous sacrifice and strict
     team games. International events organized by CMS in games and sports include   training imparted by the Physical Education Teachers. Here we present to you our physical
     International Sports Olympiad, EXSPO by CMS RDSO, International School Cricket Premier   education teachers who are ever ready to help us with a winning smile and train the
     League, ISCPL by CMS Kanpur Road and International Football Tournament, CONCORD by   students to give their best performance in games and sports creating new milestones with
     CMS Station Road Campus. Our players and athletes have won gold and silver medals at   every their manifold achievements.
     district, state, national and international level bringing honour to the country and doing

              Mrs Aruna Gupta is the Overall Coordinator for CMS Sports Department at CMS   Mr Dominic Mendoza, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus II
              and was earlier Principal of CMS Station Road Campus. In her college days, she   Mr  Dominic  Mendoza  combines  the  love  of  sports  with  the  expertise  of
              was President and Sports Captain at Avadh Girls’ Degree College, Lucknow and   teaching.  His  students  have  participated  in  under  16  cricket  Vinu  Mankad
              was a national level hockey, Basketball and Softball player. She believes that life   trophy, under 19 cricket CK Naidu trophy, under 19 cricket National Railways
              skills are honed on the games field.                                   Camp, Delhi etc. Shreyansh Singh, Vaidehi Vaish and Arnav Singh are some of
                                                                                     the shining sports stars coached by him.
              Mr O.P. Dwivedi is the Sports Consultant at CMS. He did his B.P.Ed from Nagpur
              University in Maharashtra and his favourite sport is Athletics. He is the main   Mr Sahdev Singh, PET, CMS Anand Nagar Campus
              sports planner and guiding light at all CMS International Sports Events as well as   Mr Sahdev Singh is a specialist when it comes to boxing. He won the silver medal
              the annual Republic Day Parade, in which CMS March Past, Special Drill and   at All India Inter-University Boxing championship. His students have shown
              Band Contingents are taken out for a grand and colourful display.      excellent  participation  in  national  level  boxing,  judo,  cricket  and  other
                                                                                     championships. They have even shown their prowess in Bangladesh and Oman.
              Mr  Om  Nath  Puri  works  in  the  CMS  QAID  Department  as  the  Sports   Ms Shweta Singh Lama, Swimming Coach, CMS Asharfabad Campus
              Coordinator. He has been a national level player of Football and has participated   Ms Shweta Lama is a state and national level medallist. She has participated in
              in  the  All  India  North  Zone  Inter  University  Football  competition  held  at
              Srinagar. He works hard to promote sports, swimming and physical education in   Women’s National Swimming and All India Inter-University Swimming Meet.
                                                                                     Her students have won medals at inter-campus and state level. She aims at
              all the CMS Campuses.
                                                                                     producing students who are good sportsmen with humanitarian values and an
                                                                                     asset to society.
              Mr Salim Siddiqui’s name is synonymous with taekwondo. He works in QAID as
              an expert taekwondo coach. Son of Mustafa Hussain, Mr Salim is a Black Belt   Mr Satyendra Kumar Nishad, Swimming Coach, CMS Asharfabad Campus
              Dan I and he inspires the students and teachers to put in   all their effort in   A well-trained Life-guard and Swimming Coach, Mr Satyendra Kumar Nishad
              martial arts as the best form of self-defence.                         embodies the values of discipline and good conduct. He has participated in
                                                                                     state,  national,  All  India  Inter-University  championships.  His  students  have
                                                                                     shown excellent participation at state level swimming and won medals. He
              Ms Meetu Singh, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I                              wants to prepare new swimmers for competitions.
              Ms Meetu Singh holds a Masters in physical education specializing in volleyball
              and athletics (discus throw). She has participated in volleyball inter-university   Ms Ayushi Tripathi, P.E.T,  CMS Asharfabad Campus
              matches. She has proved herself as a national level athlete in discus throw.  Her   Ms  Tripathi,  a  B.P.Ed,  has  won  golds  in  volleyball,  baseball  and  badminton
              students look up to her as a role model with great pride and admiration.  nationally. She won a  gold in NCC State Volleyball Sports Meet, Allahabad As a
                                                                                     first, Asharfabad juniors won silver in Zonal Badminton; gold and silver in inter-
                                                                                     campus shotput and long jump, and a gold in shotput at EXSPO.
              Mr Sudhanshu Gaur, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I
              A gold medallist, with good flying and teaching experience, Mr Sudhanshu Gaur   Dr Ashish Misra, PET, CMS Chowk Campus
              was awarded Best PET in 2015-16. Under his guidance, CMS Aliganj I girls’   Dr Ashish Misra, a CMS Alumnus, holds B.Sc, M.P.Ed, Ph.D, UGC NET degrees.
              football team became city champions in Reliance Foundation Football and the   Badminton, cricket and handball are his forte and he has done a lot of research
              boys’ team won the Superhouse Football Tournament by DPS Jankipuram and   work in sports. He has led as Team Manager in several cricket tournaments.
              other tournaments.
                                                                                     Students have scored over 95% marks in ISC Classes.
              Mr Bhuwan Chandra Pandey, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I                    Mr Shailendra Singh Rawat, PET, CMS Chowk Campus
              With a fine track record in the Indian Navy, Mr B.C. Pandey is disciplined in his   Mr Shailendra Singh joined CMS in the year 2000. He has done his B.A. B.P.Ed
              approach and enjoys an inherent love for games and sports. He is a talented   and his  specialization is hockey, the national game of India. He is also a cricket
              swimmer,  boxer,  gymnast  of  the  first  order.  In  short,  he  is  an  outstanding   coach and his students have played at CISCE for the under-14 and SGFI under 14
              sportsman, and above all, a wonderful teacher.                         cricket tournaments excelling in both.

              Mr Suryabhan Singh, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I                          Mr Sarvan Tiwari, Swimming Coach, CMS Chowk Campus
              Mr Suryabhan Singh is a state level swimmer, volleyball and kabaddi player. He is   Mr Tiwari is an expert swimming coach, honoured with Best Teacher Award for
              a keen sportsman and a fine teacher. In his guidance, the Campus was Runner   13 years. A national gold medallist, he has been U.P. Champion swimmer for
              Up at the Skating Championship in VIBGYOR School. His student, Suryansh Pal   eight years. His students participate in state and national championships and
              Singh, won a gold in high jump at state level.                         win gold and silver medals. CMS Chowk is really proud of Mr Sarwan.

                                                                                     Mr Sujeet Kumar Jha, PET, CMS Chowk Campus
              Mr Keshav Dev Tewari, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I
              Mr  Keshav  Dev  Tiwari,  excels  as  an  outstanding  sportsman  and  a  fine   Mr Sujeet Kumar Jha joined CMS in 2015. His qualifications include B.Com,
              gentleman. He believes that sports lead to character building of students. He is   M.Com, B.Ped, M.PEd and M.Phil in physical education. He is decorated with
              a Master in Physical Education, specializing in the game of judo, a Japanese   many awards and honours including Best Sportsman 2003 awarded by Vice-
              martial art of self defence. His students have won many gold medals.   Chancellor Shri S. B. Singh In Pratibha Samman Samaroh. His students are doing
                                                                                     extremely well in sports.
              Ms Tripti Singh, Swimming Coach, CMS Aliganj Campus I                  Mr Bodh Prakash Pandey, PET, CMS Chowk Campus
              Mrs Tripti Singh is a national level swimmer and she has successfully completed   With  a  service  record  of  21  years,  (17  years  in  Asharfabad  Campus),
              the  lifeguard  certificate  course  of  U.P.  Swimming  Association  and  First  Aid   Mr B.P.Pandey knows his job well. He dons a Ist Dan black belt in judo, is a state
              Certificate  Course  by  the  Indian  Red  Cross  Society.  Her  students  have  been   referee in yoga, a national level player, a state gold medallist and a former
              selected in various state and national level competitions. We wish her all the best.  selector of the UP team (BSA).

              Mr Ivon Ajeet Singh, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I                         Ms Kavita Mishra, PET, CMS Chowk Campus
              Mr Ivon Ajeet Singh is an excellent basketball player. He has played basketball at   Ms Kavita Mishra won the powerlifting championship in New Delhi, and a gold
              state and national level. His students have won gold, silver and bronze medals in   medal at the All India inter-University Championship in Punjab University as
              ASISC National Games in badminton. He worked as an aerobics instructor at a   well as a host of other medals. She plays, volleyball, baseball, softball and
              CMS PET's Workshop organised by the CMS Inspection Department.         handball. She produced excellent results in ICSE and ISC Boards in physical
              Mr Nakshatra Pandey, PET, CMS Aliganj Campus I
              Mr  Nakshatra  Pandey  is  a  dedicated  sports  teacher  whose  talents  speak  for   Ms Anuradha Khanna, Swimming Coach, CMS Chowk Campus
              themselves. He has been honoured with Best ICSE Teacher Award for two years   A swimming champion, Ms Anuradha Khanna has won gold, silver and bronze at
              consecutively. Students look up to him for inspiration and advice. He implants the   national level and set high standards for others. She inspires by self-example.
              spirit of true sportsmanship and ideals of teamwork and self-sacrifice in them.  The Campus has produced many prize-winners in her training and guidance.
                                                                                     She also instills the qualities of simple living and high thinking in her students.
              Mr Jeetendra Sonkar, Swimming Coach, CMS Aliganj I                     Ms Preeti Singh, PET, CMS Chowk Campus
              Mr Sonkar has been serving CMS for the past 22 years with great devotion. An   In the guidance of Ms Preeti Singh, CMS Chowk Campus won first prize in girls’
              NIS alumnus, he has won a juniors’ national silver in diving. He has won medals   category and second prize in boys’ category at an inter-school yoga competiton
              at both state and national level. The Campus secured third place in Flag March   held at CMS Kanpur Road. At the Yoga Utsav inter-school competition held a
              at the Republic Day Parade 2019.                                       Jaipuria School, the Campus won third prize in primary section.
              Mr Anand Singh, Sport, CMS Aliganj Campus II                           Mr Shailendra Kumar Bajpai, CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I
              Born in Kushinagar, studied at Colvin Taluquedar’s, Mr Anand Singh rose to   Mr Bajpai of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, is an outstanding sports man. He is the
              become  a  national  player  of  volleyball,  a  gold  medallist.  Today  he  is  busy   man fit for the job. He trains the children to become both good and smart and to
              shaping  careers  and  training  students  in  badminton,  skating,  taekwondo,   take up sports in a big way. He joined CMS in 1994.
              cricket and other sports. He feels truly proud to be a part of CMS.

                            “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”            —Dalai Lama
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