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CMS CORONA WARRIORS                                                                                                          MAY 2020 (4)

                                     COURAGE CONQUERS CORONA

         The Corona crisis has gripped the entire world and for CMS, continuing the   Given below are few of the several inspiring stories from the CMS diary
         process of education through online medium was just a start. The CMS saga   exhibiting how CMS students and teachers are leaving no stones unturned in
         of putting up a brave front in this hour of crisis actually has many facets.   dealing with this pandemic in the most courageous way.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has established   Global Connect During Covid                                       Let alone the
    a new normal for almost every                                                                             students, a CMS
    inhabitant of the planet. Where    The next story is that of           Our next hero is Hamza             teacher who
    everything else seems to have come to a   Samriddhi Saini of Class III   Sarfaraz of Class XII C          needs a special
    standstill, CMS online classes have been   D from Rajendra Nagar       from Station Road                  mention in this
    going on ceaselessly, ever since the   Campus I. Samriddhi had         Campus, who had to                 context is Mrs
    lockdown began in Lucknow city. The   left for a vacation to           leave for Nepal in March           Jayanthi
    City Montessori School connect has   Russia soon after her             to be with his                     Gurumani from
    always been an integral component of   grade 2 exams got over.         grandparents for a few             Gomti Nagar
    the school ethos. All stakeholders   Unfortunately, they could not come back   days after his grade 11    Campus II. She
    including parents, teachers, students   home on time due to the lockdown.   exams. Unfortunately, he couldn't come   had to leave for
    and school management have been on   However, this little child is attending her   back to Lucknow on time. Hamza was   Ireland for her
    the same page with the purpose of   grade 3 classes online from Russia   not disheartened. He clearly understood   daughter's
    facilitating the academic continuance                                  the importance of the online classes,   delivery on the
    and mental engagement of the children   regularly with grit and determination.   especially for himself because of being in   19th of January, 2020. She was expected
    during this trying phase. What is worth   Kudos to the spirit of this little girl who is   a board class. He attends all his online   to come back to India on the 31st of
    mentioning are the examples of City   actually a source of colossal inspiration.  classes regularly with keenness and   March and resume her duties.
    Montessori School students abroad who                                  determination and says that these
    have been attending their online classes         Next, we have         classes help him in feeling at home.  Unfortunately, she could not do so but
    regularly, despite being miles away from         Massoma Fatima of                                        her connect with her students beckoned
    their hometown. Their stories are                Class  II D from CMS                                     her to be with them during the online
    inspiring and deserve to be celebrated.          Rajajipuram Campus I,                 The next story is   classes despite the time gap of four and
                                                     who is enthusiasm                     that of Soham      a half fours between the two countries.
                                                     personified. She is                   Gupta of class 8,   To be able to keep pace, she gets up at
                   Rachit Mittal of Class            highly motivated and is               from Gomti Nagar   2:30 a.m. and starts teaching with gusto.
                   VI A from Rajendra                attending her online                  Campus I, who is in   She says this gives her a deep-rooted
                   Nagar Campus III,                 classes regularly from                California and was   sense of joy and satisfaction and a feel-
                   who has been        Saudi Arabia. She's enjoying the online   planning to come back to India on March   good connect, despite the distance, with
                   attending his online   lessons and is a keen participant for the   2020, but couldn't for obvious reasons.   her students.
                   classes regularly from   interactive sessions.          However, Soham has not missed a single
                   Siddharthnagar, near                                    day of the online classes for grade 8,   Such is the spirit of City Montessori
                   the Nepal border. He                                    which he intends joining after he's able   School- we don't just HAIL THE WORLD
                   recently took       Another student of CMS              to make it to Lucknow. His parents are   when we greet each other, we stay
                   admission online in   Cambridge Section, Eman           deeply indebted to the school,     connected irrespective of wherever we
                   the said class and has   Shariq is attending online     particularly the Principal, Mrs Abha   are in the world.
    been attending his online classes   classes from Riyadh.               Anant and Ms Naveena for their whole-                 Mrs Vera Hajela
    regularly and sincerely.                                               hearted cooperation and support.       Principal, CMS Station Road Campus

                          No less than the warriors, in their own ways

                  During the lockdown               Mrs Renu Chaudhary, Class               Sankalp of Class
                  2.0, Ms Kiran Srivastava,         Teacher of Class III B, CMS             XII, CMS RDSO
                  an Assistant Teacher,             Gomti Nagar Campus I                    Campus is
                  ICSE section of CMS,              exemplified the saying                  another student
                  Kanpur Road Campus,               ''where there is a will, there          whose dedication
                  lost her ailing mother-in-        is a way'' giving us a proud            to his studies is
                  law. On one side the              moment to celebrate. She                commendable.
                  teacher was taking                was approached by the                   His father is an
                  online classes and on   parents of Arnav Raj a newly admitted             auto rickshaw
    the other side, she spared no effort to   student, who narrated their plight to her.    driver and he is
                                       They had come to Lucknow for the father to
    meet the health requirements of her   join his office and complete the admission   not able to attend his online classes
    mother-in-law who was a cancer patient.   procedure. Before they could go back on 14th
    Even under such stressful situation, she did   March for the shifting of their belongings to   from his house due to network issues
    not lose her composure and showed   finally move to a permanent residence in   and other disturbances. He regularly
    undaunting spirit to juggle between online   Lucknow, the lock down was announced.   attends all his classes while sitting in his
    classes, home front ,medication including   Since then they have been forced to stay in   father's auto rickshaw.
    commutation from hospital to home and   the guest house with bare minimum things                          Abhijay Prakash Awasthi, Student,
    vicè versa. Unfortunately, the ailing   for themselves as well as the kids. The                           CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus III On
    mother-in-law left the family in   plight of the family moved the teacher and               Mrs Asha      seeing the condition of the people who
    bereavement for her heavenly abode. But   she took a step to help the child and             Arora,        earn their living on daily basis, family of
    the struggle did not end up for her. She   parents. Her husband visited the parents         Assistant     Abhijay Prakash Awasthi of Class I
    had to exert herself to procure the death   and gifted them some stationery items for       Teacher,      decided to help them by providing
    certificate and further proceedings. Amidst   the kids along with a goody bag.              CMS
    all this, she kept serving the academic                                                     Rajendra      them food and things of daily need. His
    needs of the students. We salute such                                                       Nagar         father, with the help of some
    brave hearts!!                     Mahek Gupta of Class IX                                  Campus III    neighbours prepared food and also
                                       A of CMS Station Road                                    started a     collected raw ration. They setup a stall
                                                                                                              near a temple in the locality and
                                       Campus displayed her                                     donation
                                       indomitable spirit in these                              campaign      distributed food and ration from there.
                                       trying times. She lives in a                             during the    Abhijay also helped his parents in
                     High inclination for   joint family in Sadar Bazar                                       packing and distribution of food.
                     studies,          area. Ten members of her                                 lockdown.
                     irrespective of   family were corona                  motivation to take up this challenge
                     unfavourable      positive and were admitted to Ram   came after hearing the Speech of our
                     conditions a      Manohar Lohia Hospital for treatment.   Respected Prime Minister, Mr Narendra
                     student, Mohd.    Seven people which included Mahek Gupta   Modi. When she discussed about her
                     Fahad of Class VII,   of Class IX A, Anshika Gupta of IX B and Tejas   wish her family members, all of them
                     CMS Kanpur Road   Gupta of Class VI with their uncle were   happily supported her and went around
                                       quarantined  for fourteen days at the BBD
                     Campus, gave his   College. Mahek, with her positivity, hope   the locality propagating this idea. Many
                     online first monthly   and a sense of purpose continued regularly   people from her colony, LDA, Ashiyana
                     test of Maths     and relentlessly, with all the online classes   came forward to help. They cooked food
                     sitting under a tree   provided  by the school. With belief in   together, arranged for water bottles and   Aanya Mishra, student of Class IX, CMS
                     due to poor       herself, her conviction, her fortitude and   masks for slum dwellers, daily wagers   Rajajipuram Campus I is running a small
    Network in his house. At present he is in   faith in the Almighty she has been able to   and labourers. In fact many volunteers   organization National Youth Force for
    his village and is attending all his online   sail through these difficulties. Mahek Gupta   came forward and took charge of   Social Welfare (NYSFW), with the help of
    classes everyday without fail. This is called   has exhibited total commitment towards   preparing food and distributing it.  her family members in which she
                                       her studies. Even  though her parents were
    determination and dedication towards   in the Covid Pandemic, her routine was not   Over a period of 3 days, the team   distributes food and essential material
                                                                                                              like soap, mask etc to the poor people.
    the studies.                       affected in the lockdown period. All her   distributed food to a total of 2000   She also provides food to animals.
                                       family members are Corona negative now   people in and around LDA colony, RTO
                                       and have returned home.             office and Rickshaw Colony.

                              “But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”   --Martin Luther King, Jr.
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