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Teaching & Learning                                                                                                       Teaching & Learning

          Stimulating Environment                                                                                                   Personalized Learning

          Children perform better in an inspiring environment.                                                                      CMS places great emphasis on personalized learning
                                                                                                                                    for each child. This determines the pace of learning for
          We create a climate of encouragement to facilitate the
          all-round development of every child and provide a                                                                        every child and helps teachers to optimize the
          joyful and peaceful environment.                                                                                          instructional approach for the needs of each learner.
                                                                                                                                    Learning activities are made available that are
                                                                                                                                    meaningful and relevant to learners.

                                                             Children take advantage of                                                                                                 Every child takes part in:
                                                             school resources such as:                                                                                                  Ÿ  Model Class Presentation
                                                             Ÿ  Play and activity areas                                                                                                 Ÿ  Sports events
                                                             Ÿ  Hand-on math room                                                                                                       Ÿ  Cultural activities
                                                             Ÿ  Drama and music room                                                                                                    Ÿ  Celebration of national and
                                                             Ÿ  Art and craft room                                                                                                       international days
                                                             Ÿ  Swimming pool
                                                             Ÿ  Story telling corner
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