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Teaching & Learning  Teaching & Learning

 Learning with Fun

 About 15% of the CMS student body is below
 the age of 6.
 The school environment is engaging and
 responsive to the child at each stage of his/her   In pre-primary years, CMS aims to develop
 perceptual, motor, cognitive and socio-
 emotional levels of a child, as the basis for
 readying him/her for school education, and for
 life in society.

 We create a happy environment for social
 contact with peers, and we deliberately create
 opportunities for young children to explore and
 learn through play, dance, music, drama, art,
 games and sports.
 We promote the development of creativity over
 memorization. English is taught through Fitzroy
 phonics, with spectacular results, with 4 and 5
 year olds doing early reading. Learners get some
 time on computers for colouring and drawing.

             Creative Arts                                                                “The senses, being

                                                                                 the explorers of the world,
                                                                              open the way to knowledge.”
              To encourage creative arts such as theatre (drama) and
              dance from an early age, CMS provides opportunities                            – Dr Maria Montessori
              with well-trained and experienced teachers at every

              In energizing dance classes, CMS students are taught
              various classical dances like Kathak and Bharatnatyam,
              folk dance, as well as western genres like hip-hop,
              ballet, and jazz.


              Theatre and drama classes boost confidence in students
              as they learn public speaking skills, as well as creativity
              as students innovatively think up ways to decorate sets,
              make costumes, and get into character for role play.

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