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STUDY ABROAD                                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2021 (7)

                27 CMS students get admission offers in top ranking universities in USA,

              UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland & Belarus (16 students on scholarship)

     1   $3,26,000  2   $1,63,200   3  $1,63,000   4   $1,48,000  5   $1,46,000   6   $1,37,600  7   $1,32,000   8  $1,28,000   9  $ 98,555

      Prakriti Tandon  Kaustubh Singh  Eklavya Agarwal   Anjali Tiwari   Tanya Samyak   Prabal Agarwal   Anshika Srivastava   Adwant Mishra   Sumit Kumar Tripathi
      Mahanagar Campus  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Station Road Campus  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus II  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I
                                                                  1) Univ. of Evansville, USA 2) Univ. of Rhode   1) Deakin University, Australia 2) Swinburne   1. Univ. of San Francisco, USA
       Cornell University,  1)Drexel University, USA  1.Drexel University, 2.Knox College  Univ. of San Francisco, USA  Island, USA  3) The Univ. of Iowa , USA  Queen's University Belfast, UK 4) University   Drexel University  2. Rhode College, USA  3. Purdue   The University of
                                                                                   University of Technology, Australia 3)
                                    3.Temple University 4.Arizona
           USA      2)Univ. of Massachusetts,   State University  Univ. of Colorado Boulder, USA  4) The University of Arizona, USA   of East London, UK 5) University of Bristol,   USA  University, USA 4. University of Bristol  Hon Kong
                                                                     5) University of Utah, USA
                          USA        5.Georgia State University  Univ. of Richmond, USA  6) Queen Mary University of London, UK  UK 6) Dundalk Institute of Technology,   UK 5.University of Richmond, USA
                                                                                  Ireland 7) University of Greenwich, UK
       Rs. 2.3 Crore   Rs. 1.14 Crore  Rs. 1.14 Crore  Rs. 1.03 Crore  Rs. 1.02 Crore  Rs. 96 Lakh  Rs. 92 Lakh    Rs. 90 Lakh    Rs. 69 Lakh
    10   $80,000    11   $62,000   12   $62,000    13   $36,000   14    $30,920  15  $20,540     16  $12,172    17              18

      Stephen Madan   Abhirup Gunakar  Satwik Shukla   Anand Krishna Mishra   Ayushi Shukla  Avni Sonkar  Gaurav Pal  Shyam Agarwal  Aditya Chaturvedi
      Kanpur Road Campus  Kanpur Road Campus  Kanpur Road Campus  Kanpur Road Campus  Rajajipuram Campus I  Aliganj Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus II  Aliganj Campus I  Aliganj Campus I
                                    1.Arizona State University, USA 2.Univ. of
     1. Univ. of San Francisco, USA, 2. Univ. of   1.Arizona State University, USA  Arizona, USA 3.Univ .of Mississippi, USA  1.Univ. of Arizona, USA 2.Pennsylvania   Loughborough University, UK  1)University of Bristol, UK  1)Univ. of South Carolina, USA
     Arizona, USA, 3. Arizona State University,   2.Univ. of Arizona, USA  4.Univ. of Minnesota- Twin Cities, USA  State University, USA 3.Univ. of Minnesota  Geneva School of Diplomasy  1)Univ. of Sydney, Australia
     USA, 4. Simon Fraser University, Canada,  3.Pennsylvania State University, USA  5.Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA  -Twin Cities, USA 4.Univ. of Wisconsin-  & International Relations  University of Exeter, UK  2) Queen's University Belfast, UK  2)Manchester University, UK  2)Univ. of Windsor, Canada 3)Univ.
     5. Univ. of Manitoba, Canada, 6. Univ. of   4.The Ohio State University, USA  6.Simon Fraser University, Canada  Madison, USA 5.Arizona State   3) University of Portsmouth, UK  of Manchester, UK 4)Univ. of York,
        Queensland, Australia         7.Univ. of Manitoba, Canada  University, USA  Switzerland                   3)Univ. of Toronto, Canada  UK 5)Durham University, UK
       Rs. 56 Lakh     Rs. 43 Lakh    Rs. 43 Lakh    Rs. 25 Lakh       Rs. 22 Lakh  Rs. 14 Lakh     Rs. 9 Lakh   4)Univ. of Melbourne, Australia  Univ. of Liverpool, UK
    19              20             21             22              23             24              25             26             27

        Pihu Jain     Utkarsh Singh  Syed Ahmad Sabaat  Utkarsh Shukla  Kruiti Rai  Ribhav Sahu   Udayan Pandey   Atharva Singh   Harsh Singh
      Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Rajendra Nagar Campus I  Aliganj Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus I  Gomti Nagar Campus II  Mahanagar Campus
      1)Univ. of Warwick, UK  Arizona State University  1)Uni. Of New South Wales,   Univ. of Leeds  Miami University,   King College London, UK  Purdue University, USA  Queen Marry University ,   Belarusian State Medical
     2)Univ. of Bristol, UK 3)Univ.   USA  2)Macquarie University,  UK  USA       University of Manchester,  University of Minnesota,   UK  University
      of Melbourne, Australia           Australia                                       UK             USA      University of Southhampton  Belarus
    Kindly Note: More and more students are getting selected each day. Total numbers will be published in subsequent publications of the bulletin.

               CMS wins maximum number of 7 prizes at this year's Republic Day Parade

    Patriotic fervour and an eagerness to   heads held high and a sign of victory writ   the colourful March Pasts Flag March,   and make the world safe for the present
    serve the nation with mind, body and   large on their countenance. They seemed   Drills and Dances highlighted the spirit of   and future generations. We paid homage
    spirit, marked the festivities at the   ready to take up the severest challenge to   joy and exuberance on this special day. All   to our Constitution which was adopted on
    Republic Day Celebrations held this year.   humanity and wipe out every tear from   students are ready to make the greatest   this day by pledging to follow its high
    In spite of the pall of gloom imposed by   the face of their motherland and Mother   sacrifice for the sake of their motherland   ideals and become responsible citizens
    the Corona Pandemic, the spirits of the   Earth. The CMS Republic Day Tableau   and for saving humanity from the scourge   who will unite the world and bring peace,
    students and teachers were not     reflected the mood of unity, love and   of war and destruction, to save the earth   progress and prosperity for all the people
    dampened and they marched ahead with   compassion for all living creatures while   from the clutches of the deadly corona   of the world.

     1             First Prize          2            First Prize           3           Second Prize            4          Second Prize

                                                "Tiranga Jhukne Na Denge"        "Swachha Jal, Swastha kal" dance by
          Boys' March Past CMS Aliganj Campus-I                                                                    Flag March by CMS Gomti Nagar Extension
                                              Drill by CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I  CMS Indira Nagar Campus
     5           Second Prize           6            Third Prize           7                                   8

       Corona Warriors Drill by CMS Station Road Campus  Bag Piper's Band by CMS Kanpur Road Campus  Environment Dance item by CMS Rajajipuram Campus I   Girls' March Past CMS Mahanagar Campus

    Following are the dazzling items, presented by   flag stands for. Led by Master Parth Tiwari, the contingent   7. 'Tiranga Jhukne Na Denge” Drill by CMS Rajendra Nagar
      CMS at the Republic Day Parade 2021:           was trained by PET, Mr Mahboob Khan, Mr Sanjay Bhagat   Campus I - We are ready for the supreme sacrifice for the
                                                     and Mr Arun Kumar Pathak. What a glorious sight it was!   nation if our country is in peril of attack. With bravery and
    1. Boys' March Past by CMS Aliganj Campus I - This smart   5. “Protect the Environment, Save the Nation,” this was the   valour shining on their faces, these young warriors of CMS
      contingent of CMS Boys was led by Master Harsh Srivastava.   message of the dance recital by CMS Rajajipuram Campus   Rajendra Nagar Campus I marched ahead performing their
      Teachers Incharge were Mr Sudhanshu Gaur, Mr S. V. Singh,   I -  students. Green, the colour of Nature and Environment   drill  before  the  Governor  and  Chief  Minister  with  great
      Mr Nakshatra Pandey and Mr Keshav Dev Tiwari.  spread feelings of goodwill and friendship all around as the   precision and eagerness. Paying tribute to the martyred
    2. Girls'  March  Past  by  CMS  Mahanagar  Campus  -  CMS   young  dancers  tap  tapped  with  swift  and  elegant   soldiers who laid their lives to protect the nation, CMS
      Mahanagar Girls marched step by step holding their heads   movements bringing joy to every heart on a cold January   Rajendra  Nagar  students  were  highly  applauded  by  the
      high and eyes fixed on their goal. The contingent was led by   morning.  The  slogan  wa  “Paryawaran  ka  rakhein  Dhyan,   public.  They  were  led  by  Master  Keerat  Singh  and  the
      Ms  Vidisha  Rai  and  the  teachers  Incharge  were  Mr   Tabhi Banega Desh Mahaan.” Master Jaspreet Singh led the   teachers incharge were Shyam Dwivedi, Bratmaan Singh,
      Shailendra Verma and Mr Abhishek Kaushik.      dance  troupe  and  Teachers  Incharge  were  Ms  Sneha   Pradeep  Shankar,  Malay  Pandey,  Mini  Srivastava,  Nidhi
    3. Bag Pipers Band by CMS Kanpur Road Campus - The merry   Srivastava and Mr B. P. Singh.       Nautiyal and Preeti Dutta.
      Bag Pipers of CMS Kanpur Road Campus were led by Ms   6. Swachha  Jal,  Swastha  Kal  Dance  by  CMS  Indira  Nagar   8- Corona Warriors Drill by CMS Station Road Campus - The
      Kanika Tripathi, an outstanding student of the school. They   Campus-   Music  and  dance  are  the  best  forms  of  self-  present  world  is  engulfed  by  the  raging  Corona  Crisis.
      played the tune of “Indian March” and the message of World   expression and in this dance recital, the students conveyed   However, man's mind is gifted with a strong will power and
      Unity  and  World  Peace,  an  inherent  part  of  Indian   the message of saving the precious gift of Mother Nature,   intelligence to face all the challenges that life has to offer, to
      philosophy  and  culture  rang  out  loud  and  clear.  Teacher   water, for the health and well-being of human beings. Pure   rise above difficulties and earn victory. Through the Corona
      Incharge was Mr Sunil Singh Rawat.             water is life-giving and we must do all we can to save it and   Warriors  Drill,  the  students  of  CMS  station  Road  Campus
    4. Flag March by CMS Gomti nagar Extension - Students of   use it with care. Showing gratitude to nature and devising   exhibited man's fight with the deadly Corona disease and his
                                                                                                    determined  victory  over  it.  It  also  conveyed  a  sense  of
      CMS  Gomti  Nagar  Campus  II  looked  smart  and  eager   ways to store pure water, the dancers won the hearts of all.
      marching with their flags and upholding the high ideals of the   Led by Km Kavita Bose, the teachers who trained these   gratitude for the doctors, nurses and policemen involved in
                                                                                                    this fight. The drill was led by Master Abhishek Srivastava and
      Indian tricolour. Their faces reflected the ideals of bravery,   students  were  Mrs  Rekha  Mitra,  Mr  Abhishek  Dixit,  Mr   the Teachers Incharge were Mr Rais Khan, Mrs Priya Soni, Mrs
      sacrifice, purity, truth, greenery and prosperity which our   Praveen Pathak and Mrs Alpana Mehrotra.  Neetu Mishra, Mrs Vandana Gupta and Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh.

                              'Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.'     —David McCullough Jr.
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