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NEWS FROM CMS CAMPUSES                                                                                                FEBRUARY 2021 (6)

                           Rajajipuram Campus I                                                 Gomti Nagar Campus II
                                               Aarush Mishra of Class IV won a   Amritanshi Singh of Class VI won the first  prize in Speech Competition and Nirmit
                                               prize in the 'Young Science   prize in inter-school second category   Rajpoot of Class VIII won the second prize
                                               Explorer Contest' under Group B   dance competition organised by   in painting competition at Bhavani Bharti
                                               held for Classes III to V, organised   Vivekananda Mission School, Kolkata.  Competition  organised by a Jaipuria
                                               by City International School.   Avni Mishra of Class VI and Riddhima   School.
                                       Mihir Singh of Class III won the    Singh Verma Class VII won the first prize   Hashir Sheikh of Class VIII won
                                       title of 'Champion' at this         respectively in poem recitation and       the second prize in the event
                                       International Level competition     fashion designing (design on paper bag) at   Physi-Trix at Mathephi 2020
                 Lohri celebrations
                                       organised by BrainO’Brain.          the inter-school Fiesta of Literary and   organised by CMS RDSO
                                                                           cultural competition organised by Calrox   Campus.
                                                                           Public School, Gujarat. At this event Palak   Mukund Madhav Class VIII won the first
                                                                           Verma of Class VII and  Aryamanish   prize in Tunes of Glory (instrumental
                                                                           Pandey of Class VIII won the second prize   music) competition at 'A December to
                                                                           in elocution.                     Remember' event organised by CMS
                                                                           Shambhavi Singh of Class VIII won the first  Asharfabad Campus.
          Metacognition Session on 'The Human Brain'
                                                                                                 Rajajipuram Campus II
     At Metacognition Session on 'The Human
     Brain', Ms Taylor introduced the Growth   'Show and Tell' activity of vegetables in Nursery   Arshita Srivastava of Class VIII won the
     Mindset concept to the students. She                                  second prize of Mask -O- Mystic event in
     made them understand that our greatest                                SAM organized by CMS Jopling Road
     weakness lies in giving up and the most                               Campus.
     certain way to succeed is to try just one
     more time. She also conducted a quiz
     based on the session using the 'Kahoot
     App' to check their comprehension.

                                                                           Vanshika Kapoor, Riddhima Chaudhary
     Adrika Kumari of Class III won a
                                             A glimpse of the online morning assembly  and Sarthak Shukla of Class VIII and
     Silver Medal at the Zonal Level                                                                              Online Lohri celebrations in the primary assembly
     Competition in Brain'O'Brain.     The students of the Primary         Anshika Rajput and Vasundhara Singh of
                                       section celebrated the              Class VII won the third prize in Covid
                                       Republic Week this year             Rhapsody at SAM organized by CMS
                                       with 'Tricolour Cooking             Jopling Road Campus.
                                       Activity.' They made healthy
                                       and lip smacking salads
                                       during this activity.

                                                                                                              National Army Day was celebrated in the
                                          Rajendra Nagar Campus II
                                                                                                              Campus to honour the brave soldiers who
          The students of Classes IX and XI practicing for                                                    are the reason behind our pride and
               the Republic Day Parade  Anjira Bhargava won the
                                       second prize in Blooming Birds      Makar Sankranti was celebrated with a   smile. A power point presentation and a
                                       Competition, a Virtual Inter                                           video showing the valour of our heroes
     Three CMS students qualify in CAT                                     lot of exuberance which gave energy and   were played.
                                       School Competition organised        enthusiasm to achieve new milestones.
    Three outstanding CMS students     by CMS Asharfabad Campus.           The students of Class III with the help of   Jaya Singh of Class VI won
    have qualified in the most                 Hazique Khan won the third   PowerPoint slides and interesting videos   the first prize in Classical
    prestigious Common Admission               prize in Face Painting      enlightened all about the significance of   Dance-Senior Category at
                                                                                                              ‘Bal Utsav’, International
    Test (CAT). These meritorious              Competition, a Virtual Inter   the festival. The students made colorful   Children's Festival .
    students of CMS are, Krishna               School Competition organised   kites.
    Dwivedi (97.53 percentile) and             by CMS Asharfabad Campus.
    Mahendra Pratap Singh (91.08       Evashree Khare won the third                      NINO Badge Challenge Competition
    percentile) of CMS Rajendra        prize in SAM (Paper Modelling
    Nagar Campus I and Zuhaib          contest) organised by CMS          Sirena Technologies conducted the NINO Badge challenge competition in the guidance
    Umar Rahman (92 percentile) of     Jopling Road Campus.               of their Senior Robotics Engineer, Roysha Pandey, at three CMS Campuses viz. CMS
    CMS Station Road Campus, who       Kritika Singh and Ishika Gupta     Rajajipuram , CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I and CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II. The
    are now eligible to get            won the second prize in IEO (Spread your   competition, conducted during the winter vacation, was divided into three themes:-
    admission in top management        Wings contest) organised by CMS Gomti   -Grade 1&2 had to make an innovative project based on Virtual Electronics and Code Blocks.
    colleges of the country.           Nagar Extension.                   -Grade 3 to 5 had to make an innovative project based on 3D Design.
                                                                          -Grade 6 to 9 had to make an innovative project based on App development.
                                       A team of the Campus won the third prize
                                       in IEO for the Wnds of Change contest   The students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. All the projects were wonderful
                                       organised by CMS Gomti Nagar Extension.  but some were eye-catchers who won the certificates in this challenge. The students
                                                                          who won the certificates are as follows:-
                                                                          Grade 1   -  Sahib Singh           (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
              CMS students win medals at IMSO, Indonesia                  Grade 2   -  Atharva Singhal       (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
                                                                          Grade 3   -  1. Himanya Verma      (CMS Rajajipuram Campus)
    24 students of City Montessori School   Science and Mathematics Tutors,            2. Shashwat Srivastava  (CMS Gomti Nagar Extension)
    represented India at the 17th      respectively. The prize winners were as         3. Vedant Tyagi       (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    International Mathematics and Science   follows: Rishabh Agarwal of Gomti Nagar I   Grade 4  -  Adhvik Rao  (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    Olympiad (IMSO) 2021. This virtual   Campus won Bronze Medal in       Grade 5   -  Pingash Kant          (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    edition of IMSO was hosted by Indonesia   Mathematics while Angel Singh, Aliganj II                     Farheen Khan  (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    from 20th to 24th January 2021. The   Campus; Soumitra Acharyya, Gomti Nagar   Grade 6  -  Shivam Gupta  (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    delegation participated under the   Extension Campus; Soumy Singh; RDSO                     Aditya Singhal  (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    guidance of Respected Mrs Aditi Sharma,   Campus; Shubh Bajpai, Rajajipuram I   Grade 7  -  Dhruv Bajpayi  (CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I)
    Principal, Chowk Campus who was also   Campus; Pratyaksh Srivastava, Indira Nagar                     Veer Pratap Singh  (CMS Gomti Nagar Extension)
    the Team Leader. Mrs Reema Sethi,   Campus; Virad Kapoor, Chowk Campus, Ma
    Teacher, Rajendra Nagar II and Mrs Asha   Abhinandan Tiwari, Anand Nagar Campus
    Tripathi, Teacher, Gomti Nagar I, were the   and Navya Gupta, Chowk Campus won       CMS Girls represent India virtually at
                                       Bronze Medals in Science Category.
                                                                                          Global Youth Forum in Switzerland
                                                                          Two outstanding CMS students of the Cambridge
                                                                          Section of Gomti Nagar Campus II, namely Anahita Singh
                                                                          of Class XI and Fatima Al Zahra Aman Aziz of Class X,
                                                                          represented India with their virtual presence at the
                                                                          'Youth Forum, Switzerland - Global Changemakers
                                                                          Project',  organized from 25th to 29th January, 2021.
         Abhinandan Tiwari  Angel Singh   Navya Gupta    Pratyaksh Srivastava  This was the first time that a school of India is being
                                                                          represented at this prestigious global forum and Anahita and Fatima are the first Indian
                                                                          students representing the nation at this international forum. Earlier, it was usually the
                                                                          students of Europe and America participating in this Global Youth Forum. The selection
                                                                          of these two Indian students was done by an international organization called
                                                                          Avasarshala which is sponsored by the Niti Aayog, Government of India. These brilliant
                                                                          girl students expressed their thoughts on Sustainable Development Goals and they also
                                                                          got an opportunity to interact with several renowned personalities of the world.
      Rishabh Agrawal  Shubh Bajpai  Soumitra Acharyya  Soumy Singh  Virad Kapoor

                                      'Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negetivity.'    – Anonymous
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