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July 2018

30 International Events organised by CMS for World Unity and World Peace

International Environment Olympiad

"Nature never did betray the heart that loved her," So said William Wordsworth. God has gifted us this beautiful Earth and it is up to us to take care of it. We can pollute it and destroy it or make it bloom and flourish. CMS Gomti Nagar II organizes the International Environment Olympiad under the guidance of Senior Principal Ms Manjit Batra and Principal, Mrs Sangeeta Banerjee. Teams also sow saplings at Jai Jagat Park adjacent to the auditorium to stay connected with the nature. All the events are aimed at bringing out the beauty and glory of nature. The next year this event is scheduled from 9 to 12 December 2019.

Children's International Summer Village (CISV) Camp

To promote cross-cultural, cross-border friendship among students, CMS Quality Assurance and Innovation Department organizes Children's Summer Village Camp every year from 28 December to 24 January. Children from various countries of the world aged 11-12 years of age participate in these camps. They all live under one roof at the International Children’s Camp and actively participate in activities and games related to world unity, peace and friendship. There is rich exchange of ideas and thoughts in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural setting. Each delegation has an adult leader and it is these leaders who plan the activities for the children. They are assisted by Junior Counsellors aged 16-17 years from different countries, to act as intermediaries between the adults and the children. CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi is the President of CISV India.

International Festival of Music and Dance 'Celesta’

"If music be the food of love, play on," Said Shakespeare. Celesta, organised by CMS Aliganj Campus I, celebrates the traditional music and dance of countries across the globe. Its events are carefully designed to being out the beauty of culture, art, choreography and painting, vocal and instrumental music, group song etc. Students from India and abroad enjoy presenting their traditional folk dances to the delight of the spectators. The level of competition is consistently high. The event is organized under the guidance of Senior Principal Mrs Jyoti Kashyap. It unites students of various cultures and leads to rich enhancement of knowledge. The next one is scheduled from 9 to 12 August 2018.

World Quality Summit and International Educational Technology Development Programme (ETDP)

This highly useful programme for educators from across the globe is organized with an aim to enable participants to understand launching, operating and sustaining Quality Circles as an integral part of Total Quality Management in academics. This training programme builds a spirit of excellence, emotional development, humaneness, harmony, cooperation, character building and discipline. Dr Vineeta Kamran, Principal of CMS Kanpur Road Campus has pioneered the establishment of students' quality control circles in many countries of the world. She is a major force in bringing about quality in academics. Using latest technology makes education more attractive and helpful for the students. The next ETDP is scheduled for 18 to 22 August 2018.

International Festival of English ‘Odyssey’

CMS Rajajipuram Campus I organises the International Festival of English "Odyssey". This year, Odyssey will be held from 28 to 31 August 2018. English is widely recognized as the language of global communication. The richness of English literature provides enough raw material for a series of exciting competitions that include Ensemble de Renaissance (soft board display), Symphony (orchestra), Cogitation (debate), La Mascarade (Dramatics), Frescos (Story painted on the Wall), Satirical Caricatures (Institution through Cartoons), Epode (Write, Paint and Illustrate), Spectacle De Dance (Choreography), Alter the Denouement (Change the climax of a classic), Covert Intentions (Character behind the mark), Cinematic (Ode to the Lords), Open Mike (Discover the New Age Linguistic Skills, Face to Faith Video Conferencing (The New Age Connect), Thespian's Dream (Showcase your talent) and so on. It is one of the most colourful and magnificent of all festivals on an open stage. Mrs Nisha Pandey, Senior Principal, CMS Rajajipuram I is the Convenor of this festival.

International Mathematics and Computer Fair ‘MACFAIR’

The study of Mathematics and Computer Science is given special importance at CMS as it forms the basic requirement of the present century. All the other fields - physics, chemistry, biology are related to these. In recent years, new theories and innovations have been done by scientists in computers and mathematics. Realizing their great importance in present times, CMS Mahanagar organizes the grand Macfair, an international festival of maths, science and computers. The festival is held every alternate year and the next one is scheduled from 8 to 11 September, 2018. Events include - Numero Wiz (Mathematical Skills), Model Making (Maqueture), Powerpoint presentation (Mactutor), Science Quiz (Maxiere), Choreography, PCMBBT Olympiad, Group Discussion (Logger Heads), Debate (Debattle), Web designing. Principal, Dr Kalpana Tripathi leaves no stones unturned to see that all arrangements for foreign and Indian teams are up to the mark and the event is a roaring success.

International Sports Olympiad ‘EXSPO’

The word 'EXSPO' is an acronym for 'Excellence in Sports' and the Olympiad is dedicated to World Unity and World Peace. A good sportsman takes wins and losses in his stride and EXSPO inculcates these qualities in the character of students teaching them to rejoice in victory and smile in the face of defeat. Under the guidance of Principal Mrs Swapna Mansharamani, the Campus has been organising EXSPO every alternate year and over the years, its popularity has multiplied reaching across the borders. Young athletes from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia and several other countries as well as Indian states participate in the races and games at EXSPO and carry home prizes and trophies. The next EXSPO is scheduled from 25 to 28 October 2018 and it includes track and field events (races, throws and jumps), basketball, soccer, karate and judo.

International Computer Fair and Seminar 'COFAS'

In today's digital world, computers have acquired a wider meaning invading every sphere of activity from the domestic PC to flying planes, curing fatal diseases(medicine) to reaching the moon (space research). To keep the standard of computer education high and equip students with the latest in computer technology, CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus III organises the International Computer Fair and Seminar 'COFAS'. Convenor of 'COFAS' is Mrs Jayashree Krishnan, Principal of CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus III. The next COFAS is scheduled from 31 October to 3 November, 2018.