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Glimpses of Teachers Day Celebrations at CMS

CMS Founders Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Bharti Gandhi welcoming the Chief Guest Mr Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Railways and Coal
A cultural presentation by CMS Indira Nagar Campus
Mother of Mr Rohit Mishra, PET CMS Gomti Nagar I being honoured

Ms Monika Malik, Computer Application, RDSO Campus being awarded
Mother of Ms Anupam Singh, HCG teacher, CMS Indira Nagar being honoured
Mother of Ms Anuprerona Banerji, English Teacher, CMS Aliganj I being honoured

Mother of Ms Bioshali Bagchi, HCG teacher, CMS Indira Nagar being honoured
Mr Devendra Pratap Yadav, Physics Teacher, RDSO Campus being awarded
Mr Iftikhar Ahmad Khan, Chemistry Teacher, RDSO Campus being honoured

Mr Maninder Singh Bagga, Commercial Studies teacher, CMS Mahanagar being honoured
Mr Manoj Kumar Saxena, Biology Teacher, CMS Kanpur Road being honoured
Ms Mugdha Kumar, English Teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar I being honoured

Mr Nakshtra Pandey, PET, CMS Aliganj I being honoured
Mother of Mr Pankaj Chawla, Computer Science Teacher, CMS Mahanagar being honoured
Mother of Ms Sarita Gupta, Hindi Teacher, CMS Gomti Nagar I being honoured

Mrs Shakuntala Singh, Hindi Teacher, CMS Kanpur Road being honoured

Best ICSE Teachers of CMS 2018 define their Secrets of Success

Ms Mugdha Kumar, Gomti Nagar Campus I for English with an average of 85.07%

I give a lot of opportunity to students to do research, discussions and to speak their mind. It is a collaborative learning and approach. The passion and interest in class and the curriculum has to be there. The student - centric approach makes all the difference. They feel happy and motivated to learn as this is a learning for life - they are motivated to embark on the quest for knowledge, enriching each moment of this journey.

Ms Sarita Gupta of Gomti Nagar Campus I for Hindi with an average of 94.49%

हम भारत देश में रहते हैं और हमारी मातृ भाषा हिन्दी है, अतः हमें उससे प्यार होना स्वाभाविक है। यहि हमें अपने देश से प्यार है, तो हमें हिन्दी पढ़ने में भी रूचि रखना चाहिए। अतिरिक्त समय देकर तथा लिखित अभ्यास के द्वारा हम बच्चों की हिन्दी विषय में रूचि बढ़ा देते हैं।

Ms Anupam Singh of Indira Nagar Campus for History, Civics and Geography with an average of 88.25%

My motto of life has been ‘Do your best & leave the rest to the Heaven above.’ Stretch yourself to the Maximum so that there are no regrets. We have strong commitment to our goals and dreams and we wake up every day to do the best.

Ms Boishali Mazumadar of Indira Nagar Campus for History, Civics and Geography with an average of 88.25%

I instilled an interest for Geography in my students by discussing their future prospects and fields for which knowledge of geography is required. Students will have to attempt Geography Questions in all kinds of competitive exams. It is a scoring subject was my emphasis on them.

Mr Maninder Singh Bagga of Mahanagar Campus for Commercial Studies with an average of 89.58%

Always believe in yourself, work with full commitment to give the best to your students.

Ms Monika Malik of RDSO Campus for Computer Application with an average of 96.33%

Computers have brought about a revolution in all industries which have changed the face of society. They are no longer specialized tools solely used by trained people. As computers are of daily necessity, they have gained immense importance in day-to-day life. Their increasing utility has made computer education an essential need of modern times.

Mr Nakshatra Pandey of Aliganj Campus I for Physical Education with an average of 95.25%

I would like to say that physical education is scoring subject. The students are enthusiastic to take part in it. Practical knowledge is important along with theory. My message for young sportspersons is,” Work hard, do well and make your parents proud of you.”

Dr Jagdish Gandhi gets Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Jagdish Gandhi receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at Taj City Centre, Gurugram

CMS Founder Manager, Dr Jagdish Gandhi was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at North Education Summit organized at Taj City Centre, Gurugram by the premiere education magazine of India, Education Today in the presence of representatives from Top Schools of India for his 60 years of contribution in the field of education.

It may be mentioned that due to the unique educational methodology of CMS students of this prestigious school are creating unparalled academic records in the board examinations year after year. CMS alumni are holding responsible positions in the world.

CMS students donate eight lakh rupees and useful articles for Kerala Flood Relief Fund

Giving a cheque of 8 lakh rupees for Kerala Flood Relief collected by CMS students

CMS students collected eight lakh rupees and clothes, pulses and other cereals and donated them to Kerala Samajam. This amount will be handed to the Chief Minister's Flood Relief Fund of Kerala for use of flood victims. CMS students collected this amount from their pocket money and at the Teachers Day function organized at CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II auditorium, the Railway Minister, Govt. of India, Mr Piyush Goyal handed over the cheque to Mr Jenson James, the President of Kerala Samajam. The Minister for Technical and Medical Education, UP, Mr Ashutosh Tandon; Mayor of Lucknow, Mrs Sanyukta Bhatia; CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi; CMS President, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Head of CMS Computer, Film and Radio Division, Mr Verghese Kurian were also present.