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CMS E-Learning Department

Roshan Gandhi Forouhi
Director of Strategy, CMS

Message from
Mr Roshan Gandhi, Director of Strategy, CMS

I am delighted to showcase the value being created by our team of dedicated IT Assistants across CMS, under the guidance of our eLearning Leaders at Head Office. These are highly multi-talented, versatile, and dynamic individuals: on any given day, their work can include conducting teachers’ IT Training, providing technical support for interactive white boards, enabling people to use new ERP or Portal systems, assisting in the creation of digital classroom content, and much more! I know that they have impressed people with their positive, proactive nature, and personally I am happy to note their attitude: they are always ready to learn and keep abreast of the latest technological trends and developments. We hope you enjoy reading about their work, contributions, and views.

CMS e-Learning Department, Head Office

Akansha Bhatia
Portal Coordinator & Technical Trainer

The CMS IT Portal with approximately 3,79,987 visitors so far is being used for creating dynamic web applications to record, analyse and generate information, and to streamline workflows. We feel proud with online processes for IT Training, e-Content, Staff Performance Management, Labour Management, and Circulars so far - with many more valuable modules in the pipeline. We are also using GSuite Apps in order to streamline our official communication.

Faran Shamsi
IT Training Coordinator

Under the dynamic leadership and guidance of Director of Strategy, Mr Roshan Gandhi, we have introduced and implemented lots of technological initiatives in CMS in a very short span of time, with many more in the pipeline. Also, for providing teachers good-quality classroom content we have worked with the Quality Assurance and Innovations Department for new projects, such as, CMS ERA, Khan Academy etc. In our endeavour to make all CMS staff tech-savvy and up-to-date with the latest advances in IT, we are engaging them through regular training and workshops. My team of IT Assistants have left no stone unturned to impart training in the latest technology in their respective campuses.

CMS Aliganj Campus I

Anshul Mehrotra

CMS IT portal is a fruitful link between the students, faculty and guardians. Important and urgent notices can be posted on the portal. The portal has sped up the information delivery and is aptly used by faculty and management of CMS.

Saba Siddiqui

The CMS IT portal offers mass customization. The faculty can accommodate individual differences in achieving students' goals, learning styles and provide improved convenience to students, faculty and parents on "any time, anywhere" basis.

CMS Aliganj Campus II

Shantanu Kumar

The Campus achieved ‘Top Tata Class Edge Usage’ award for April 2018. It has twice achieved 100% IT Training Level 1 certificate. The Portal is a very good platform to showcase IT activities and achievements of the campus.

CMS Anand Nagar Campus

Ritika Shukla

The staff of this campus successfully completed IT training level 1 in 2017. Teachers are using new technologies to make the teaching learning process more interactive, interesting and informative. HRM Thread was successfully launched here in the same year and now we are ready to implement new ERP system SIMS.

CMS Asharfabad Campus

Shyam Babu Soni

I have undertaken various initiatives to apprise my staff with interesting facets of technology. Training sessions for updating teachers with applications of TCE, ERP, SIMS and IWB were conducted. This campus was the first to complete IT Training Level-1.

CMS Station Road Campus

Syeda Uzma

The pre-primary session begins with the Fitzroy App Training of the teachers and parents which helps the students learn phonic sounds easily. This campus was the first to adopt HRM app which proved very helpful in keeping track of staff attendance, leaves and on-duty criteria.

CMS Chowk Campus

Prerita Singh

We train the staff in terms of Gadgets, Softwares, Online Forms, ERP, Leaves, HRM, Smart boards and guide students in surveys, scratch and exhibit their achievements on campus Website.

Shyam Narayan Awasthi

I train and assist staff for Interactive White Board, ERP Database, Online Surveys, HRM Thread, Scratch programming, CCTV maintenance, Hardware & Networking of Campus with Engineer.

CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I

Piyush Kumar

The first batch of IWB's was installed in 2012. Today 100% classes have IWB's. The use of tech solutions like Tata Class Edge, Smart Notebook, Google Classroom and others have enriched the learning process.

Mazhar Uddin

We train all staff here to use technology and teachers have been awarded Certificates of Appreciation for maximum usage of TCE. The Google Classroom app has been implemented to a huge success.

CMS Gomti Nagar Campus II

Kaushalandra Singh

As an IT Assistant, I supported Webinar ( on English Literature and Mathematics. CMS Staff are now self reliant after taking “Google Digital Citizenship and Safety Course”. This campus is a pioneer in starting Workforce IT module.

Reshma Dilip Misra

We organised IT Workshop for Pre-Primary mothers to integrate use of technology among parents. Regular IT training & workshop made staff self- reliant in use of technology. I encourage teachers to use google tools for time saving and ease of access.

CMS Indira Nagar Campus

Akansha Nigam

Almost all the teachers have cleared level 1 of IT Training. Many new applications and their usage have been implemented at the campus. Teachers have added educational resources and won prizes. Workshops have been organized for them.

CMS Jopling Road Campus

Sidra Naqvi

Teachers are encouraged to include technology in the very pedagogy on daily basis for class teaching, explanation, assignments etc through e-content, Google Suite and IT Portal. IT involvement can be made more inclusive by providing e-content to students in a mobile app.

CMS Mahanagar Campus

Twesh Singh

I give my best to ensure that the smart boards function smoothly so that the students can get a wider experience of quality education and give the teachers a supporting hand in their IT related queries.

Alok Dwivedi

I provide training and hands on experience to the teaching and non teaching staff and regularly check the working of each Smart-Board thus equip the teacher to deliver her best.

CMS Kanpur Road Campus

Pragya Sadhak

Google apps, SNB, TCE, ERP, biometric, office tools, have made staff more efficient.

Rashmi Thakur

Information Technology in this campus has made staff more techno-savvy, using softwares like SNB, MS Office, HRM and SIMS etc save time.

Shaswat Verma

Installation of Biometric system, ERP and IT Training have increased work efficiency.

CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I

Ashish Agrawal

We organise workshops to achieve digital learning and teaching ERP, TCE and G-Suite which have brought about a revolution by enhancing the staff’s efficiency. Now e- learning will help in protecting environment in the form of e-books.

Devika Gupta

Here the staff is trained and supported by software like ERP, Smart technology and Digital Classroom making the work faster and effective.

CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus II

Prashant Tiwari

As an IT Assistant, I give my best to ensure that all the IT related works in the campus is carried out without any hindrance. I try to resolve the technical problems that the teachers face related to the Smart Board or Tata Class Edge.

CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus III

Narendra Rathore

I am responsible for evaluating new technologies, such as, SIMS, HRM Thread etc. This campus has won many awards such as, laptop, trophies in google classroom, e-content and videos contest. The journey continues with more trainings and challenges.


Ashu Pandey

I train the teachers to use softwares like SNB, Fitzroy, Google Suit and Tata Class Edge making teaching learning process more effective.

CMS Rajajipuram Campus II

Abhilasha Bishnoi

With Smart Board teaching, learning has become a pleasure. Interactive workshops and training with teachers in resource development have enhanced the quality of classroom teaching to act as a magnet for the focused attention of students.

CMS Rajajipuram Campus I

Tushar Chowdhary

Fitzroy App has been installed on the parents’ Smart phone to help the children of Pre-Primary and Primary with the basics of phonics and develop a deep understanding of pronunciation.

Anchal Singh

By proper usage of Interactive White boards we ensure the best for our students.