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13th 'Macfair International', Maths, Science & Computer Fair

Organized by Mahanagar Campus from 8 to 11 September 2018
Principal of CMS Mahanagar Dr Kalpana Tripathi and participating principals of other schools lighting the lamp of learning
Champions of Macfair 2018 with the trophy
A view of the Model United Nations

Talents poured out at the four-day Macfair International 2018, organized by CMS Mahanagar Campus. Principal of CMC Mahanagar and Convenor of Macfair International, Dr Mrs Kalpana Tripathi welcomed the guests to the spectacular show of talents in science, mathematics and computers. The venue, CMS Kanpur Road auditorium had exciting quizzes and speech competitions that revealed a treasure of scientific knowledge. The CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, enlightened the gathering with his talks on spirituality and science.

Renowned quizmaster Mr Arks Srinivas conducted both the science and maths quizzes with great ability and expertise. Hill Top School, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand won the science quiz trophy while Bhawan's B. P. Vidya Mandir, Nagpur, Maharashtra sealed the mathematics quiz trophy in their name beating the tough competition. In the speech contest, the preliminary round topic, 'Mistakes are the portals of discoveries’ while in the final round, it was, ‘'Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illumines the whole world'. The eagerness and oratory skills of the speakers were indeed laudable. In the 'Scientist Character Speak' contest, the students were dressed as scientists and they enacted their role about their own inventions. The competition was evocative thast tested the innovative talents of students. The juniors revelled in the Jingles Competition which combined music, maths and technology.

The music was ecstatic. Model United Nations and Mac-Tutor (Power Point Presentation) contests were some of the other exciting creative events. Macfair debate was on the topic 'Robot with artificial intelligence will create unemployment'. Students offered convincing arguments and spoke with such conviction. In the Science Drama contest, participants of Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India displayed their dramatic talents on stage. Plays were based on the topic 'Innovations and discoveries in Science/ Maths/ Computer'.

KIDS Bonanza of CMS Station Road brings out the best in each child

Mrs Vera Hajela
Principal and Convenor

CMS believes that every child is potentially the light of the world. Under the enlightened guidance of Principal, Mrs Vera Hajela, CMS Station Road Campus organized the 12th Inter-school Kids Bonanza-2018. Students of Montessori, Nursery, Kindergarten and Classes I and II plunged into competition to put up their best performance, like Que Sera Sera, Twist and Turn, Impersonation, Picture Perfect, Wonderland, Kido Print, Paper Magic, Symphony, Brain Strain, Rib Tickler, Hale & Hearty and Createk. While on one hand, their expressions and eagerness to please touched the hearts of all present, on the other hand, their reverberating laughter and soft emotions added to the charm of the event. Approximately 1000 students of 47 prestigious schools of Lucknow participated in this event.

Educators and Principals of various schools at the prize distribution ceremony

Twist and Turn
Team Introduction
Paper Magic

Let us pray

Nimble fingers an the Computer

Sound of Silence
All Religion Prayer