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July 2018

30 International Events organised by CMS for World Unity and World Peace

International Conference of Pre-Primary and Primary Principals (ICPPP)

CMS Quality Assurance and Innovations Department organizes International Conferences for Pre-Primary and Primary Principals with a view to exchange teaching technologies and methods that make education a journey of pleasure for the tiny tots and develop their mental and physical capacities to the maximum. It is believed that education is not just the learning of facts but also teaching the mind to think. In the guidance of Mrs Susmita Basu, Head, QAID, the ICPPP has grown tremendously to become a major International event. Montessori experts join their hands in making the event a highly useful one. New Innovations have been made and many old theories abandoned. It is a highly motivational and learning experience for all Principals and educators. Awards are given to highly accomplished teachers and principals for their innovative strategies in education. The next ICPPP is scheduled to be held from 2 to 4 February 2019.

Commonwealth Day Celebrations

Every year, CMS Gomti Nagar organizes an International Youth Conference and Exhibition to mark the Commonwealth Day. This celebration aims at promoting understanding about global issues, international cooperation and work of the modern Commonwealth. The Queen of England, Her Excellency, Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth. This year, the celebrations were held on 8th March 2018 at Gomti Nagar Campus I auditorium. Chief Guest Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi, Chairperson, National Minority Commission, ceremoniously inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp of learning. The school choir sang the Commonwealth Song composed by music teacher, Mr Leslie Scott. Principal Mrs Abha Anant welcomed the guests. The day was made memorable with a beautiful World Peace Prayer, All Religion Prayer, cultural items and group discussion on Commonwealth theme, 'Towards a Common Future' stressing on the development of inter-cultural understanding among the nations. As the music overflowed with the notes of the school choir, the message of peace sang out loud and clear and touched the hearts of all present.

International Children's Film Festival (ICFF)

With the growing vulgarity and obscenity in Indian and global cinema these days, there is an urgent need to counteract it by providing healthy and positive edutainment for children. It is seen that the audio-visual medium influences young minds the most. With this aim, CMS organizes ICFF every year in which entries of children’s films are received in great number and these are carefully screened and selected by an expert jury after which they are shown to the children at this festival. Children from in and around Lucknow are invited and free transport is arranged for them. The best children’s films from various countries are screened at this festival. Celebrities are invited to inspire and motivate the students. This year, the ICFF was organized from 5 to 13 April 2018 under the guidance of Mr V Kurian, HOD, CMS Films and Radio Division at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. It was inaugurated by Mr Satish Mahana, Minister for Industrial Development, Uttar Pradesh. Renowned tinsel town personalities Sonal Sehgal, Mukesh Khanna, Raza Murad and child actors Darsheel Safari, Prabhjyot Singh, Anushka Sen and others graced the festival. Over one lakh children watched educational films of 102 countries of the world during nine days of this Fest.

India International Mathematics Olympiad

CMS RDSO Campus organises the India International Mathematics Olympiad(InIMC) for students to enhance mathematical skills.The 1st India International Mathematics Competition was organized from 26 to 30 July 2017 in the expert guidance of Principal, Mrs Swapna Mansharamani it was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mr Pankaj Singh, MLA and General Secretary, Bhartiya Janata Party, UP, by lighting the sacred lamp of learning. Around 1500 young participants from 30 countries of the world showcased their mathematical skills through various contests viz Puzzle Challenge, Individual Contest, Team Contest, Mathematics exhibition etc. Students of various countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and the host nation, India will gather together and engaging in intense competition distilling the best talents in mathematics. The competition not only brings out the best in children, but it also helps students discover the beauty of mathematics by continuously interacting with the experts.

International Festival of Biotechnology 'Quest’

CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I organizes 'Quest International"- a festival of biotechnology, which is the science of the future. In Senior Principal, Ms Deepa Tewari's confident leadership, the festival has acquired mega proportions with participation of scientific experts and enthusiastic young scientists from various countries of the world. Knowledge of biotechnology provides a breakthrough for modern scientists to discover the mysteries of the universe, the origin of the earth and the origin of man. It is also helpful in space research, increasing agricultural output and in curing several deadly diseases. The immense benefits of studying biotechnology have led students to take up this science in a big way. 3 to 6 August 2019 are the next dates for this event.

International Media Conference

Media has become an important and powerful medium of positive social change in the present world. It has acquired an added responsibility of creating awareness and educating the public, providing healthy entertainment, exposing crime and bridging the gap between society, schools and the parents. CMS World Unity Education Department has taken the initiative to organize an International Media Conference every year, highlighting the burning issues like crime against women and children, violence on women, child abuse etc, to the forefront. The next International Media Conference is scheduled for 5 August 2018. The theme for this year's conference is 'Curbing Gender Violence: Role of Media, School & Society'.

International Conference on Character and Civic Education

This event has newly been added to develop universal values and global understanding, giving a new dimension to education. It also focuses on building the capacity of youth by serving society and encouraging social interaction to promote World Unity and World Peace. Mrs Farida Vahedi, Head, Youth Empowerment and Capacity Building is organising this event from 12 to 14 October 2018.

Value-based education is at the core of all CMS activities.

International Festival of History and Civics “Reflections”

“Histories make men wise…” said Sir Francis Bacon. People learn from their mistakes and endeavour to improve their lives and the lives of others by not repeating those same mistakes. CMS Mahanagar organizes the International Festival of History and Civics every alternate year under the visionary guidance of Principal, Dr Kalpana Tripathi. Competitions are held for students in junior and senior sections. The next International Festival of History and Civics will be held from 31 August to 3 September 2019.