The Hon'ble Dame Silvia Cartwright
PCNZM, DBE Governor-General of New Zealand

“I congratulate you on your efforts to keep the protection of the world's children high on the global agenda.”

— Message dated 16th September, 2004

Hon'ble Portia Simpson Miller, MP
Prime Minister of Jamaica

“The forum represents a voice for the world's two billion children to safeguard their future.”

— Message dated 13th Sept., 2006

H. E. Jose Manuel Durao Barroso
Prime Minister of Portugal

“The theme ‘Enforceable International Law is our need’ seems to be an interesting proposition, particularly from the view point of guaranteeing a safe future for the world's children, born and yet to be born.”

— Message dated 25th September, 2002

H. E. Dr. Paul Kagame
President of the Republic of Rwanda

“Let me also seize the opportunity to thank City Montessori School for organizing this and previous conferences, and congratulate them on their efforts to promote peace and security in our world.”

— Speech dated 7th December, 2002 at CMS

H. E. Kjell Magne Bondevik
Prime Minister of Norway

“Norway fully shares your commitment to safeguard the future of the world's children and your initiatives are highly valued. It is an honour.”

— Message dated 2nd October, 2003

H.E. Sir James R. Mancham, KBE
Founding President of Seychelles

“The role which you are personally playing to bring this about at this troublesome time is a remarkable work of character and reflects your unselfish devotion and great dedication to the cause of mankind.”

— Speech dated 12th December, 2003 at CMS

H. E. Sir Daniel Williams
Governor General of Grenada

“I contemplate the just demands by CMS for the safety of the world's children whether born or unborn absolutely in keeping with the times. No commendation can be exaggerated for the part the school has played and is playing for the future of mankind by addressing the very important matter of the future safety of the children in whom lies the future of the world.”

— Speech dated 12th December, 2003 at CMS

H. E. Cassam Uteem
President of the Republic of Mauritius (1992-2002)

“I thank CMS for organizing such an exceptional event at Lucknow. I applaud the CMS efforts for giving such Quality education to children.”

— Speech dated 9th December, 2006 at CMS

H. E. Ismail Gwar Gurealeh
President of Republic of Djibouti

“It is my fervant wish along with the citizens of Republic of Djibouti that the noble mission, on which the City Montessori School has embarked, would attract the support of world leaders which shall in turn set a path for a better peaceful world and a prosperous future.”

— Message dated 1st December, 2003

Hon'ble Mr Vladimir Seks
Speaker of Parliament of Croatia

“I congratulate you on what you have done for children- the sunshine of our world and highly appreciate all your efforts to safeguard their Rights.”

— Message dated 25th October, 2005

Hon'ble Prof. Dr. Richard R. Ernst
Nobel Laureate

“Justification seems to be more important than justice. Let us work against injustice on all levels and on a global scale”

— Message dated 13th November, 2002

Hon'ble Mr Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland

“We are impressed by your achievements in the work with children and for the children”.

— Message dated 26th November, 2003

Hon'ble Prof. Charles H Townes
Nobel Laureate

“This is one of the most important goals for humanity, and I appreciate very much your efforts and devotion to such issues”

— Message dated 10th October, 2003

Hon'ble Mr Bazuka M K Mhango, M. P.
Minister of Law & Justice of Malawi

“It is the people given proper behaviour and they can understand what peace is all about. I think that City Montessori School need to be emulated in other parts of the world.”

— Speech dated 10th December, 2006 at CMS

Hon'ble Madam Elizabeth Sussekind
Minister of Law & Justice of Brazil

“I feel very astonished to see the City Montessori School for the young people and the quality of education imparted to them, the values infused in them and also their ideals of peace etc.”

— Speech dated 23rd December, 2001 at CMS

Hon’ble Dr Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India

“I am happy to note that City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India, after successfully organizing seven International Conferences, is now organizing the 8th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World on Article 51 of the Indian Constitution. Conferences like these play a significant role in helping us understand each other better and motivate us in discharging our obligation to the people at large.”

— Message dated 26th October, 2007

Hon'ble Madam Mary Nagu
Minister of Law & Justice of Tanzania

“I am proud to come from a culture in which traditionally children are seen as both our present and our future.”

— Speech dated 11th December, 2006 at CMS

Hon’ble Mr Justice P N Bhagwati
Former Chief Justice of India & Chairman, United Nations Human Rights Committee, Geneva and Patron-in-Chief, International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World

“One day, I am sure that all mankind will come together. ... Mr Gandhi is a visionary, he is a dreamer and I am sure that with the support of all the right thinking men of the world, his dream will come true."

— Speech dated 28th September, 2006

Hon'ble Mr Justice Prof. Abdul Salam Azimi
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Afghanistan

“Activities and decisions of the congress which have been taken for 10 years by CMS under the motto of peace and message of over two million children of the world and generations yet to be born have been unique of its type, and reckoned as a great service towards sound education of young generation.”

— Speech dated 12th December, 2009

Hon'ble Mr Justice R. C. Lahoti
Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India

I have participated in hundreds of Conferences but this one is unique. And as the Conference has proceeded ahead I can feel the place and the people rocking with determination to act. We must leave this venue only with three determinations, to act, to act and to act.

— Speech dated 9th December, 2007

Hon'ble Mr Justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Seychelles

“It is clear that only enforceable world law, in this case established by treaty and global governance mechanism will safeguard the future of the world's 2 billion children and generations yet unborn from the catastrophic climatic changes that may assail this world in the time to come.”

— Speech dated 12th December 2009

Hon'ble Mr Justice Pius Langa
Chief Justice Constitutional Court of South Africa

“I, on behalf of my country, South Africa, join Mr Jagdish Gandhi, the CMS, the judiciary world wide, and all peace loving people in making a definitive commitment to make this world a better place for our children, the world's children.”

— Message dated 10th December, 2006

Hon. Mr Justice Vincent A. De. Gaetano
Chief Justice, Courts of Justices of Malta Patron of the International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World

“It is right to state that children are the future. We are all duty bound to make our utmost to ensure that children's rights are protected, and that all children are given an opportunity to maximize their potential on attaining adulthood. ”

— Speech dated 10th December, 2006 at CMS

Hon'ble Madam Justice Vesna Medinica
President, Supreme Court of Montenegro

“We are all here to give our full support from the aspect of our function to make children conflict free with the help of law and do our bests to ensure that children-victims do not exist at all.”

— Speech dated 13th December, 2009

Hon'ble Mr Justice Kemal Bedri Kelo
President, Supreme Court of Ethiopia & patron of the International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World

“CMS is challenging us through its choice of the theme for this conference- "Enforceable International Law is the IDEA Whose Time Has Come." It, therefore, behoves us all to heed to this call and work towards its realization now.”

— Speech dated 11th December, 2004 at CMS

Hon'ble Mr Justice Saiduzzaman Siddiqui
Former Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan

“I have been to many schools in the world but I find CMS totally different from them because of its mission of world unity and world peace. Perhaps it is the only school in the world which teaches its students to love and promote peace.”

— Views dated 23rd December, 2005

Hon'ble Madam Justice Graciela Dixon
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Panama and President of International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) & Patron of the International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World

“I am impressed with the dynamic spirit of Mr. Jagdish Gandhi who has a lofty vision of a united world. He is genuinely concerned about the prevailing turmoil in the world due to conflicts arising out of very petty issues. I would say Mr. Jagdish Gandhi belongs to the whole world by his word and deed.”

— Views at the 7th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World, 2006

Hon'ble Mr Justice Paseuth Saukhaseum
Vice President, People's Supreme Court of LAO-PDR

“In order to act as defined in Article 51(c) of the Constitution of India it requires all of us who are working in the judicial field to appropriately enforce and use the international law for the children's protection in our judiciary work in an effective and efficient manner for a bright and safe future of children and act against violation of children's rights.”

—Speech dated 12th December, 2008 at CMS

Hon'ble Mr Justice Erdal Sanli
Vice President, Supreme Court of Turkey

“Today's children are future's grown-ups.Organizing such conferences is rather important to create an international public opinion on children's rights. Pressure of international public will force the governments to become more sensitive on children's rights issues and recognition of international conventions.”

— Speech dated 13th December, 2009 at CMS

Hon'ble Mr Justice Orlando Aguirre Gomez
Chairman of the Second Chamber
Supreme Court of Costa Rica

“We must promote a culture of peace. In that sense it is necessary to promote peace within ourselves, families, regions and countries, and of course, with nature. That action is the real struggle in which we must put our best effort.”

— Speech dated 14th December, 2009 at CMS

Hon'ble Dr Haribansh Tripathi
Judge, Court of Appeal, Nepal

“City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, deserves our special praise and appreciation for having initiated this unique and innovative tradition of assembling the judicial leaders of the world at one platform.”

—— Speech dated 12th December 2009 at CMS

Hon'ble Mr Justice K Osmonov
Chairman, Supreme Court of Kyrgyz Republic

“I would like to express our gratitude to Mr Jagdish Gandhi for organizing such an important conference as it will be useful for our future generation.”

— Message dated 25th October, 2005

Hon'ble Mr Justice L E Unyolo
Chief Justice of Malawi & Patron of the International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World

“I would like to express my profound gratitude to Mr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager of the City Montessori School (CMS). I would also like to thank you for all the work you have done and you are doing to promote World Peace and to advance our understanding that a school must act as a lighthouse of society and provide meaningful education, spiritual direction and leadership.”

— Message dated 1st November, 2004

Hon'ble Mr Justice Hilario Davide, Jr
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Philippines

“I offer my full support to the Children's Appeal to the World Judiciary in its call for enforceable international law on children's rights. I also congratulate the students of CMS. Your efforts have supplied the spark that can ignite the flames of hope for the whole humanity. May God bless humanity.”

— Message dated 7th November, 2005

Hon'ble Dr Justice Samuel Kudya
Judge, High Court, Zimbabwe

“CMS has achieved a singular honour in bringing together leading judicial luminaries at one platform to share experiences and endorse the urgent need for a singular approach to safeguard the legacy of the world's children and those yet unborn. We commend its current and future efforts in this regard.”

— Speech dated 13th December, 2009 at CMS

Hon'ble Mr Justice Godfrey G Chidyausiku
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Zimbabwe & Patron of the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World

“Among those to be commended are the students of City Montessori School, whose brave quest for peace for the present and future generations of the children has earned them many accolades, among them the UNESCO Prize of Peace Education 2002.”

— Speech dated 18th November, 2002 at CMS

Hon'ble Mr. Justice R S Pathak
Former Chief Justice of India & Former Judge
International Court of Justice

“India has some remarkable educational institutions. CMS is one of them”.

— Speech dated 23rd December, 2001