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Infrastructure Resources                                                                                                  Infrastructure Resources

          Technology in CMS Education

          Device-Based &

          Adaptive Learning                                                                                                         Robotics Labs                                       Laurels to the school

          CMS has started providing devices such as tablets and                                                                     The Robotics laboratories at CMS Rajajipuram I, Gomti   Ÿ The Champions of International Autonomous Robot
          state-of-the-art computers for learning. ‘Adaptive                                                                        Nagar I and Gomti Nagar II, started with the aid of   Racing Competition (IARRC 2016), the CMS team
          learning, is being trialled in a variety of pilot projects to                                                             Bangalore-based tech firm Serena Technologies, to     ROBOJACKETS, won the first prize at the competition
          personalise learning to the needs of individual students                                                                  introduce students to Robotics and cutting-edge       organised by University of Waterloo, Canada.
          by pitching specific learning content to each student                                                                     technologies such as 3D Printing with a very practical   Ÿ Students of Gomti Nagar Campus I, secured 6th place
          according to his or her own level of understanding and                                                                    approach, relevant to all ages.                       in Tech Fest, robotics competition, organised by IIT
          pace of learning. At the same time, meaningful data is                                                                    Students work with 'Nino' the humanoid robot, which   Bombay from 3rd to 5th January 2020. Students had
          automatically aggregated for teachers to use to inform                                                                    can be programmed in many different ways.             prepared their robot with junk, spending minimum
          their teaching strategies. This is enabled through                                                                                                                              money.
          continuous diagnostic assessment through the
          eLearning platform, combined with sophisticated                                                                                                                               Ÿ Students of Gomti Nagar Campus I, won 2nd prize in
          algorithms and data analysis through machine learning                                                                                                                           all the three events of Robusta - Robo War, Robo
          and artificial intelligence. Some of these pilot projects                                                                                                                       Race, and Robo Soccer, organized by Maharishi
          include tablet-based mathematics adaptive learning   Using tablets for learning                                                                                                 University of Lucknow on the 18th & 19th of
          software Khan Academy having online content, Tata                                                                                                                               November, 2022.
          ClassEdge and other artificially intelligent eLearning

          Interactive White Boards &
          Flat Panels

          CMS has installed more than 1526
          interactive white boards across its
          classrooms a total across CMS – to
          enhance the classroom teaching
          process.  In addition more than 350
          interactive flat panels have recently
          been purchased in the CMS quest to
          remain abreast with cutting edge
          technology, to further optimise
          children’s learning experience and to                                                                                  Champions of IARRC, Canada
          make technological adoption easier
          for teachers. Our interactive boards
          are equipped with Tata ClassEdge
          content – quality, interactive
          learning content mapped to the
          children’s curriculum. Our LED
                                                                               Teaching through Interactive Flat Panels
          screens and sound systems support
          events for children in our state-of-
          the-art auditoria and across CMS
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