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The Child   The Child

 The youngest Soprano of India  Sports

              Sports enrich both the body and mind, teaching life   At CMS, we offer a range of sports, with specialist
              skills such as resilience, team work, the importance of   coaching and facilities on site, including:
              discipline, and how to be magnanimous in victory and   Ÿ Badminton
              gracious in defeat.                                Ÿ Basketball

              Our experienced instructors and coaches provide    Ÿ Cricket
              rigorous training, helping students to win competitions   Ÿ Chess
              at every level, from local to national.            Ÿ Swimming
              CMS has invested in top-notch training facilities   Ÿ Hockey
 Indian       including gymnasiums, swimming pools, and astro turf   Ÿ Athletics
              sports grounds. Additionally, CMS hosts several    Ÿ Football
 Classical Music  international sporting competitions in which students   Ÿ Roller Skating
 CMS student Apurva Chauhan became the youngest   compete with and learn from students of other   Ÿ Table Tennis
 singer in India to complete diploma in opera singing   countries. These include EXSPO International (a multi-
 by passing the singing exam of the prestigious   sporting event), ISCL (International School Cricket
 Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM),   CMS students have the opportunity to take up   League), and CONCORD (an international football
 London.  individual or group lessons in Indian classical music   competition).
 instruments including the tabla, flute, sitar and singing,
 As a Soprano, Apurva’s voice strikes the highest
 depending on the campus.
 notes. Her repertoire includes Mozart, Beethoven,
 Puccini and Vivaldi, among others. She sings in   CMS events provide a unique opportunity for our
 Italian, French, German, English and Hindi.  young musicians to showcase their musical prowess
 before teachers and parents.

 Ritika -

 The talented Violinist

 Lessons in Sitar

 Ritika Tiwari, a CMS student of class X, passed the
 ABRSM Grade 6 practical exam in Violin.

 This is a truly commendable achievement as violin
 is a difficult instrument and Grade 6 of ABRSM
 requires a high level of skill in playing. Ritika wants
 to make a career in music. She says, ‘I had never
 taken any professional music classes before.’ Ritika
 has been receiving one-to-one violin lessons in

 Lessons in Tabla
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