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The Child


              Classical Music

              As in previous years, CMS Western music continued
              touching higher levels step by step. In 2022, for several
              months, we focused on  the in-person exams of the
              ABRSM examination board, which were conducted in
              December 2022. The prominent role of the
              international music exam boards, such as ABRSM, Rock
              School of Music, Trinity etc is to support the learning
              process for all the music learners. An accurate,
              transparent, and authentic assessment gives the
              parents a clear view of their children's progress. It is an
              honour to host an international music exam board’s
              examiner who comes to assess our students' musical
              progress and give precise feedback to the parents.
              Last year more than 2000 CMS students took lessons in
              western classical music and learnt to read sheet music
              in    various campuses. Out of these, 85 students took
              the ABRSM practical exam (Violin, Piano, Singing), and
              the results were remarkable with all examinees passing
              the exam with merit and distinction marks.

              Some of the participants of ABRSM with Sara Nadafian, piano accompaniment
              along with Shamim Movahhed, Jinous Yegan, and Stephen Ellis ABRSM examiner
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