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Curriculum Enrichment

          Go Green Initiatives

          At present, environmental preservation is a critical part   Arjun Singh of Class VIII and Anwesha Sonker of Class
          of CMS's emphasis on values education, and each CMS   VII of CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus II were awarded in
          campus has an Eco Club and dedicated Environment    Poster Making Competition ‘Paryavaran Mitra’
          Coordinator. Students collaborate with top          organised by RCE Lucknow to spread awareness among
          environmental organizations including the Centre for   the students about the importance of sparrow for our
          Environment Education, UP NEDA, and the Prithvi     Eco System.
          Foundation. Students research water, biodiversity, and
          methods for energy conservation. In addition, they
          engage in service projects such as tree plantations,
          organic farming, composting, public awareness
          campaigns, and cleanliness drives such as the Swachch
          Bharat Abhiyan.
          CMS holds the International Environment Olympiad
          biannually, bringing together students from all over the
          world, to explore innovative ideas to protect the
          environment. Additionally, CMS pupils have won top
          awards related to energy conservation including the
          Wipro Earthian Award and the Paryavaran Mitra

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