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Curriculum Enrichment  Curriculum Enrichment

 Junior Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEP)  The Virtues Project

 The Junior Youth Empowerment Programme (JYEP) is   Moral education has been a core part of the CMS
 an international programme adapted by CMS for the   philosophy on education since the very beginning, and
 empowerment of its junior students (class 6-8).  CMS has sought to bring the most successful elements
              of moral education from around the world to its
 A unique platform to nurture the capacities of junior   students. In the past two years, CMS has adopted the
 youth, empowering them to fulfill their potential for
              globally acclaimed Virtues Project, a set of 5 strategies
 initiating individual and social transformation.
              to be utilized in classrooms to ensure the moral
 The programme trains volunteer students from the   development of children: speaking the language of
 senior section (classes 9, 10 and 11) to become   virtues, recognizing teachable moments, honouring the
 ‘animators’ (facilitators) for the junior youth in their   spirit, companioning, and setting clear boundaries. The
 own campus (classes 6, 7 and 8).   Virtues Project began in Canada and has found success
              in over 100 countries, even being endorsed by the Dalai
 The opportunity allows the students to:
              Lama and the United Nations. CMS is the first school in
 Ÿ   Form group identity  Lucknow to adopt the Virtues Project and has invested
 Ÿ   Address issues concerning them  in it wholeheartedly, bringing in expert trainers from
 Ÿ   Design and execute feasible service projects  the United States for ongoing training and support of
 Ÿ   Develop virtues and skills   teachers. An inspiring transformation has been seen at
              CMS, in which students are being supported to develop
 Ÿ   Enhance intellectual, social, emotional, artistic and   their innate virtues such as generosity, determination,
 moral capabilities.
              and joyfulness. CMS has led groundbreaking work with   CMS Virtues Project in TOI Newspaper
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              the Virtues Project which was featured in ‘The Times of

                      Virtues Workshop with Ms Dara Feldman, USA

 A JYEP activity in progress

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