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Curriculum Enrichment  Curriculum Enrichment

 Global Citizenship Education

 Model United Nations  World Unity Prayer

 Ÿ   CMS values students participate in Model United   Student Perspective:   Ÿ World Unity Prayer Ceremony adorns
 Nations, and putting forth their views.  “Being part of MUN is a   every CMS event.
 thrilling experience.
 Ÿ   This platform widens knowledge about burning   Ÿ These colourful ceremonies symbolize
 contemporary issues and allows students to hone   Rigorous research,    unity in diversity and foster feelings of
 group discussion,
 skills such as diplomacy, oratory and   brotherhood.
 persuasiveness.   analysis and reaching
 conclusions are   Ÿ The concept is designed to expose
 Ÿ   Students see themselves both as citizens of India   incredibly enriching.”  students to culture, costumes and
 and also of the world.   issues of different countries.
              Ÿ Prayer of Unity is rendered, first for
                the country represented, followed by
                the prayer worded “May Unity Prevail
                on Earth.”

              All Religion Prayer

 World Parliament

 A unique peace and unity education exercise at CMS comprises
 of World Parliament sessions wherein children roleplay as
 leaders of various countries of the world. They deliberate in a
 mock World Parliament and discuss issues like the growing
 arms threat, the increasing ecological imbalance, increasing
 social tensions and violence, the objective being to find
 methods and approaches for mitigating these issues. The
 central theme of all discussions focuses on how to ensure unity
 and lasting world peace.

 CMS is recipient of ‘The 2002
 UNESCO Prize for Peace
 Education’ for its efforts to
 promote the universal values of   The All-Religion prayer has been an integral part of   The generosity of spirit behind the All-Religion prayer
 education for peace and tolerance   CMS events ever since the establishment of the school,   has won hearts. In a land riven by communal mistrust,
 at a time when these values are   in which children recite prayers from all religious   the All-Religion Prayer is nothing short of a
 increasingly being challenged.  scriptures on the same platform, along with the   revolutionary act — a powerful teacher of the oneness
              message of unity of religions based on the idea that   of humankind, irrespective of religious belief. It
              the source of all religions is ONE God.            reinforces children’s belief in Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam.

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