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Teaching & Learning


                                                                          Senior Years

                                                                      The senior years are a time for our students to
                                                                      learn valuable skills for life from our professional
                                                                      teachers. These years are the time to set some
                                                                      long-term goals and also to feel a sense of pride
                                                                      in accomplishment.

                                                                      The school sets rigorous academic standards as it
                                                                      is our desire to help every child to excel and to
                                                                      open their eyes to possibilities that lie ahead of
                                                                      them in the world at large.

                                                                      Consistent excellent board results are
                                                                      achieved through:
                                                                      Ÿ A very high standard of teaching using latest
                                                                        pedagogy and technology.
                                                                      Ÿ Mentoring by highly qualified teacher-
                                                                      Ÿ Emphasis on learning by doing  along with
                                                                        metacognitive approach.
                                                                      Ÿ Personalise study strategy to help students
                                                                        plan better and study smarter.
                                                                      Ÿ Intervention classes based on a data-driven
                                                                        diagnosis of each individual learner’s progress
                                                                        and need.

                                                                                          Goals - 5Ps

                                                                          Preparation for a Life of Service

                                                                                       Pleasing Personality
                                                                                Performance in the Boards

                                                                                   Praiseworthy Character

                                                                                      Proficiency in English

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