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Teaching & Learning  Teaching & Learning

             Experiential Learning

              The CMS primary curriculum is based on active learning   Assessment for Learning
              rather than on passive relay of information by a
                                                                      Assessments drive the class-room pedagogy of
              teacher.  Experiential learning offers in-depth study,
              giving the learner a better understanding of the        the teacher. In line with the National Education
              concepts and also a handle on the application of the    Policy (NEP 2020), CMS in 2022 moved away from
              knowledge in the real world around them.                conventional patterns of assessment which
                                                                      focused on rote learning, towards testing of skills
              Through project based learning in classes 4 and 5, and   such as critical thinking, application, analysis and
              the integration of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)   problem solving.
              questions in assessments/tests, CMS seeks to develop
              in primary age children:                                We have engaged a specialized assessment
              Ÿ Critical thinking                                     company - Centre for the Science of Student
                                                                      Learning (CSSL) to provide us robust assessments
              Ÿ Creativity
                                                                      that have both validity and reliability.
              Ÿ Problem solving skills
                                                                      Students take the test on OMR sheets, which
              Ÿ Communication
                                                                      permits us to provide them with diagnostic and
              Ÿ Collaboration
                                                                      personalized report cards. This enables children
                                                                      to improve in areas identified as weak points.
                                                                                                   Hands On Maths

 The aim of primary education in CMS is to give children   Integrating Technology
 a strong foundation of education. To help student grow
 into a self-assured and confident individual various   One important aspect of primary education is
 activities and events are conducted such as:  pupils’ assisted engagement with technology.
 We develop a secure knowledge of computer
 Ÿ Children’s International Summer Villages
 technology and also an appreciation of its
 Ÿ International Children Film Festival
 benefits and responsible use. Our focus when
 Ÿ Community and social drives
 teaching IT is on developing computational
 Ÿ Inter-campus literary Fests  thinking.
 Ÿ Cultural and annual sports day
 Our smart classrooms are equipped with
 Ÿ Model class presentations
 interactive white boards/flat panels with the
 Ÿ Music, dance and drama
 latest relevant software and audio/visual content
 Ÿ Hobby classes  for effective learning.

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