18 September, 2022

CMS students bag first prize in creative writing competition

September 2022

Lucknow, 18 September: Lamiah Raza and Shah Mohammad Umar Farooqui, the two outstanding students of City Montessori School, Rajajipuram Campus I, brought laurels to the school by winning the first prize in the Inter-school Creative Writing contest. The Association of Schools for Indian School Certificate (ASISC) organised the event. This information has come from Mr Hari Om Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS. Lamiah Raza, of the senior category, showcased his writing skills on the topic 'Technology creates more jobs than it eliminates', winning the top prize for it. Whereas, Shah Mohammad Umar Farooqui, a junior category student, wrote on the topic 'Smarter gazettes make mind dumb', and won the first prize. Amidst a challenging fray with the students of various known schools of the city, these two exemplary CMS students, besides leaving the impression of their creative thoughts penning down to beautiful writing, exhibited their knowledge in English too.