13 September, 2022

Aliya brings national honour to Lucknow winning first rank in Compudon Junior Championship

September 2022

Lucknow, 13 September: Aliya Riaz, an outstanding student of Class VIII, City Montessori School, Station Road Campus, proved her prowess in the field of computers by securing first rank in All India Computer Contest ‘Compudon Junior Championship’ and was declared the National Champion, thus bringing name and fame to the city of Lucknow at the national level. Another bright scholar of CMS Station Road Campus, namely, Udbhav Tiwari of Class VII, was placed second in the same competition, both students astounding the judges with their calibre and computer knowledge. CMS Founder and renowned educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, congratulated and blessed these students and wished them all the best for their future.