21 November, 2022

4th day of 'International Conference of Chief Justices of the World'

Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Brajesh Pathak and Industrial Development Minister Shri Nand Gopal 'Nandi' commend International Conference of Chief Justices

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November 2022
November 2022
November 2022

Lucknow, 21 November: The Deputy Chief Minister of UP, Shri Brajesh Pathak and the Industrial Development Minister, Shri Nand Gopal 'Nandi' profusely praised the 'International Conference of Chief Justices of the World' while speaking on the fourth day of the conference and sent their plaudits to the convenor of the conference Dr Jagdish Gandhi. A magnificent 'Cultural Evening' was organized to evening at the CMS Gomti Nagar Extension auditorium in honour of the judicial fraternity and dignitaries arrived from 57 nations to participate in this historic conference. The Chief Guest on this occasion, Shri Brajesh Pathak, Deputy Chief Minister, UP, lit the lamp to formally inaugurate the 'Cultural Evening'. While addressing the gathering on this occasion, Shri Pathak said that the steps taken up by CMS to establish unity and peace in the world and giving opportunity to children to raise voice for a safe furure, is highly praiseworthy.

Prior to it, the proceedings of the fourth day of conference saw a formal opening by the Industrial Development Minister, UP, Shri Nand Gopal 'Nandi' at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. Shri Nandi said on this occasion that the welfare of the world humanity can be achieved by following the ideology of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam.' The principle of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam' is embedded in the basic concept of India and all Indian rituals end with a chant calling for the welfare of the whole world. The world welfare is possible only through this idea. Issues of environmental protection also must not be ignored. It is worth mentioning here that City Montessori School is organizing the '23rd International Conference of Chief Justices of the World' from 18 to 22 November which is being attended by Presidents, Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliament, Law ministers, justices of international court and over 250 Chief Justices, judges, and legal luminaries arrived from 57 nations.

Speaking at the morning Plenary session, Hon'ble Sir Rodney Errey Lawrence Williams, Governor-General, Antigua And Barbuda spoke emphatically on need to promote tolerance in schools and wider world and to understand differences between people and cultures. If the thinking is channeled in a way to promote tolerance, then it will promote harmony, he said. Hon'ble Ms Justice Rabetokotany Tahina, Senior Judge, Supreme Court, Madagascar called for reinforcing the unity of thoughts. She suggested to setup of an organization or an international body bringing together the concerned parties and their goodwill to work for children. This organisation should also ensure that the actions do not reach an impasse due to any organizational issues. Hon'ble Mr Justice Jean Baptiste Baskouda, Judge, Constitutional Council, Cameroon said that the World Parliament is possible provided the rules of international law are transformed into social parameters, enforceable upon all states, people and legal organisations. Hon'ble Ms Justice Adriana Orocu Chavarria, President, Costa Rican Association of Judges, Costa Rica spoke on the need for judicial independence and the role of judiciary in protecting Human Rights. Judges should play active role in promoting rule of law, she said. Hon'ble Mr Justice Migual Fernandez, Judge, Supreme Court, Costa Rica commended CMS for promoting ideas of peace in young minds. He said that all religions talk about love and I am happy to the see the seeds the love, tolerance and respect for other religions and cultures being imbued in children from their early stages of growth. Hon'ble Mr Justice Mohamed Namiri, Vice President, Court of Cassation, Morocco said that human rights must be honoured to establish unity and peace. Hon'ble Mr Justice Khamis Ramadhani, Chief Justice, High Court of Zanzibar, Tanzania said that all the children must have the right to education. It is our duty to provide a safe and happy future to them which they can not get by themselves.

On the fourth day of the international conference today, the judicial fraternity and other esteemed guests deeply exchanged views over the theme- Creating Culture for Unity and Peace, Establishing Rule of Law, Human Rights, Global Governance Structure, Tackling Global Issues and Sustainable Development. Theme ' Human Rights' covered the topics like creating awareness for and protection of Fundamental Human Rights, Violence in and Against children, Rights of Children, and Rights of Women and Gender Equality etc.

Similarly, at the Parallel Session on 'Global Governance Structure' the topics which were discussed included UN Reform - Review of the UN Charter, Need for a New World Order on Democratic Lines, Reform of Global Governance Structure. On the other hand topics like Regional and International Terrorism, Ethnic and Civil War, Nuclear Disarmament and Gender Equality and Empowerment of women found a place for discussion under the theme 'Tackling Global Issues'.

At today's Plenary Session and Parallel Sessions, Hon'ble Ms Justice Eliana Elder Araujo Sanchez, Judge, Supreme Court, Peru; Hon'ble Mr Justice Anand Koemar Charan, Judge, Supreme Court, Suriname; Hon'ble Justice Dr Zein Kebonang, Judge, High Court, Botswana; Hon'ble Mr Justice Abdul Azeej Musalman, Judge, High Court, Nepal; Hon'ble Mr Justice Larba Yarga, Judge, Constitutional Council, Burkina Faso; Hon'ble Ms Justice Cecile Marie Zinzindohoue, President, High Court of Justice, Benin; Hon'ble Mr Justice Mato Arlovic, Judge, Constitutional Court, Croatia; Hon'ble Mr Justice Myint Thein, Judge, High Court, Myanmar; Hon'ble Mr Justice Rashid Rzayev, Chief Justice, Azerbaijan; Hon'ble Mr Justice Kamal Kumar, Chief Justice, High Court, Fiji; Hon'ble Ms Justice Veronique Kwok, Judge, Supreme Court, Mauritius and many more presented their valuable views.