9 August, 2022

Maximum number of 278 CMS students qualify JEE Mains, Lucknow topper also from CMS

History created with 28 CMS students securing marks above 99 percentileand 108 students above 90 percentile

August 2022

Lucknow, 9 August: A record number of 278 CMS students have qualified in the JEE Mains Examinations bringing fame to the city. These students will now appear in JEE Advance Examination. 28 CMS students have secured above 99 percentileI in the 2nd round of JEE Mains, while 108 CMS students have scored above 90 percentile. Not only this, Rohan Chaturvedi of CMS has emerged the Lucknow topper securing 99.96 percentile, achieving an All India Rank of 423. CMS Founder Dr Jagdish Gandhi expressed delight on the success of these students. He profusely congratulated the successful students and the dutiful CMS teachers for their relentless efforts for the success of their students. CMS President and MD, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon also congratulated the successful students and wishes them success in the advanced examination.

28 CMS students who secured above 99 percentile marks are Rohan Chaturvedi, (99.96 percentile); Devansh Bansal, (99.94 percentile); Naman Mishra, (99.89 percentile); Suryansh, (99.88 percentile); Ujjwal Sharma, (99.87 percentile); Saharsh Saxena, (99.79 percentile); Samar Kumar Srivastava, (99.77 percentile); Shivansh Bhatnagar, (99.76 percentile); Kaustubh Dwivedi, (99.72 percentile); Kanishk, (99.713 percentile); Yash Pratap Singh, (99.71 percentile); Vansh Agarwal, (99.57 percentile); Kaustubh Mani Tripathi, (99.53 percentile); Prerak Agarwal, (99.51 percentile); Aryan Verma, (99.44 percentile); Harshit Gupta, (99.38 percentile); Aakash Srivastava, (99.33 percentile); Aryan Shukla, (99.30 percentile); Mrigankashekhar Shandilya, (99.296 percentile); Vaibhav Pal, (99.295 percentile); Shashank Agarwal, (99.26 percentile); Shambhavi Verma, (99.24 percentile); Jatin Joshi, (99.19 percentile); Tryambak Tripathi, (99.18 percentile); Prakhar Saxena, (99.13 percentile); Swapnil Vishwadeep Singh, (99.09 percentile); Mohd Bilal, (99.03 percentile) and Kartik Agarwal, (99.005 percentile). These students credited their phenomenal success to their teachers and the educational environment of the school.