Parents commend CMS for online classes

Lucknow, 1 June: The parents of City Montessori School have thanked the teachers and administration of the school for not letting the educational process suffer in these difficult times of the pandemic. For this, on the one hand, the parents have praised the teachers for their dedication and commitment towards their students, on the other hand, they have commended the school management for their decision to carry on the educational process through online classes.

Mother of Wamika Tripathi, Nursery class student of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, said, 'During these tough times, online education has proved to be a boon for all students. All the teachers are really working very hard for our kids.' Mother of Hardik Shukla of Nursery at CMS Rajendra Nagar too expressed similar sentiment saying 'I am thankful to CMS for organising the Summer Camp in which my son is learning new things in a fun way.' Ms Shazia Malik, mother of Abeer Malik of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I said, 'I would like to thank the school administration and the teachers for giving their best to provide him education during these confusing times of pandemic. I have nothing but sincere gratitude to them.' She said that she is very satisfied with her son's progress. Mother of a Nursery kid Vanya Zaidi, at CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I, said, 'The innovative idea of having online classes under Summer Camp has played an important part in teaching our children regularly even during these difficult times of lockdown.' Mother of Devansh Gupta of CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I, said, 'We all know that it is very difficult to teach such small children online. However, you all are making sure that each child gets proper attention and the learning is smooth.' 'CMS faculty are really the true gems', she added.