Online International Conference organized by CMS on International Day of World Justice

Safeguarding the future of world’s children

— Opinion of Chief Justices and Judges

Lucknow, 17 July: Celebrating the International Day of World Justice, City Montessori School, Lucknow, organized a one day online International Conference of Chief Justices, Judges and legal experts. Expressing their ideas equivocally, the judges and legal luminaries of 27 countries of the world opined that it must be our foremost priority to safeguard and secure the future of 2.5 billion children of the world and ensure their safety in this COVID ridden world. This is possible only when we create a world that is peaceful, just and humane governed by powerful world laws based on the welfare of humanity and protection of the environment. The present Conference seeks to address these issues of vital importance and create an awareness in society regarding the urgent need for world unity, peace, justice and security, they said. The Conference began at 10.30 am as per Indian Standard Time and concluded through various sessions at 6.00 pm.

This international conference was inaugurated by the Chief Justice of Fiji Islands, Mr Justice Kamal Kumar. Speaking on this occasion, Mr Justice Kamal Kumar said that a safe future for the earth’s children is possible only in an atmosphere of mutual trust, unity and harmony amongst the nations. Earlier, the CMS Founder and Renowned Educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, welcomed the Chief Justices, Judges and esteemed personalities from various countries at the Conference. He appealed to them on behalf of all the CMS children to raise their voice in the formation of a democratically elected World Parliament and a World Court of Justice for enacting and implementing powerful world laws for the welfare of the human race to drive out poverty, hunger, ban nuclear weapons, deal with climate change, protect the environment and make the earth safe for the present and future generations, It is our inter-generational responsibility he said, to bequeath a green, clean and healthy earth for our children and future generations.

Addressing the Conference, Ms Justice Ruzanna Hakobyan, President, Civil and Administrative Chamber, Court of Cassation, Armenia said that all the nations must collaborate and cooperate to drive out the demon of Coronavirus. Knowledge of medical research, new technology and ideas must be shared amongst the scientists and medical experts for the welfare of all. Ms Masami Saionji, Chairperson, Byakko Shinko kai, Japan spoke about an inner Divine Spark which is present in all of us and it is this which is further strengthened when we help each other. We must pray for the peace and happiness of all the people of the earth. Mr Justice Dasho Lobzang Rinzin Yargay, Judge, High Court, Bhutan said that man is the noblest creature on earth but when he is unjust, he becomes cruel. We must not lose our good qualities and always follow the path of justice and equality for peace and unity of all.

The afternoon session began with a welcome address by Mr Roshan Gandhi, Chief Executive Officer of CMS. Mr Roshan Gandhi said that this is a period of change and innovation. We must adapt ourselves to the changing world scenario and use technology to our best advantage. We must start thinking of global governance and bringing all humanity under one umbrella. Others who addressed the Conference included Mr Justice Yousuf Haliem, Chief Justice of Afghanistan; Mr Justice Hilario Davide Jr, Former Chief Justice, Philippines; Mr Justice Adel Omar Sherif, Deputy Chief Justice, Supreme Constitutional Court, Egypt; Ms Justice Mirsada Džindo, Judge, Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr Justice Adelino Muchanga, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Mozambique and many other eminent personalities. CMS Founder Director, Dr Bharti Gandhi strongly advocated a unified world where peace, justice and equality would reign supreme. At the end, the CMS President, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon thanked the Chief Justices and legal luminaries for gracing the occasion with their valuable presence and sharing their thoughts and ideas. The conference was conducted by Shri Shishir Srivastava, Head, International Relations, CMS and Mr Sandeep Srivastava, Project Leader, International Conference of Chief Justices of the World organized by CMS while Mrs Vera Hajela, Head, Spoken English, CMS and Mrs Shipra Upadhyay, Principal, CMS Jopling Road Campus compered the conference.