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CMS ALUMNI & NEWS FROM CMS CAMPUSES                                                                                   OCTOBER 2021 (8)

               CMS Alumni on the Ladder of Success                                            Rajendra Nagar Campus I
                                                                                    Faara Nadeem of Class XI got       Aadya Verma of Class
      Dr Sumit Gulwani writes remembering his alma mater                            a journalism internship at the     Nursery stood winner of the
                                                                                    Hindustan Times followed by        Fancy Dress competition
                “The earth is but one county   excellence, it invariably draws many   the coverage the 26th
                and mankind its citizens” This   peers that are academically very   Foundation Day of Jaipuria         organized by Amar Ujala.
                beautiful quote is synonymous   talented and competitive. The inter-  Institute of Management as a
                with my memory of the CMS   branch competitive exams prepared   student reporter for Hindustan Times and   Kastoori Nigam of Class XI
                founders Drs. Jagdish and   me for the extremely competitive life   her article was published in this daily   bagged the first prize in the
                Bharti Gandhi and what at the   ahead, helping me win the President's   newspaper.           zonal level Declamation
                time seemed to be their long   Gold Medal at IIT Kanpur. The resulting                       Competition and has qualified
     relentless speeches. However, the underlying   relentless pursuit of excellence finally   Generation    for the regional level.
     lesson continued to gain increasing meaning   set me up for my journey of deep   Global video
     and significance for me as I moved for my   scientific innovations, helping me win   conference on               Yamini Mishra of
     Bachelor's degree to IIT Kanpur, a top Indian   a best doctoral Dissertation award   the topic                   Class XI won the
     University that attracts students from all over   during my stint at UC-Berkeley, and   'Climate Change'         best speaker award
     India, and then for my Ph.D to UC-Berkeley, a   the prestigious Robin Milner young   was held for the            (for the motion) and
     top US University that attracts students from   researcher award during my stint at   students of this           Ammar Aziz Safwi
     all over the World, and then to Microsoft, a   Microsoft for outstanding   Campus with the students of Bal Bharti   of Class XII won the
     multi-national corporation to pursue my   contributions in my research area.  School, Delhi; CMS Aliganj Campus I, CMS   best speaker award (against the motion)
     career as a computer scientist, where my   My most important lesson at CMS                               at the district level Debate Competition
     team includes members from most     came from my literature teacher, who   Gomti Nagar Extension, CMS Rajendra   organized by the Council. Ammar Rizvi
     continents. As a manager, I realize that   taught us “Education is derived from   Nagar Campus I and CMS Rajendra Nagar   Safwi also won the Overall Best Speaker
     Diversity and Inclusivity are extremely   the word “educare”, which means to   Campus II. Dialogue around the impact of   championship whereas Yamini Mishra
     important cultural values for any global   learn how to care”. Empathy holds the   climate change and methods to combat   became the second Runner Up champion
     organization to enable the employees to do   key to understanding and nurturing   the same was also conducted.  in the same category.
     their best work and to deliver the best value   these relationships.           The students of the Campus
     to the society---the training for which needs         - Sumit Gulwani          dressed up as Lord Ganesh
     to start right at the school level.            Partner Research Manager &      and their creativity showed in
     CMS is the world's largest school and         Computer Scientist, Microsoft,   making the image of Lord
     together with its emphasis on academic           Seattle, USA , Alumnus of     Ganesh as part of Ganesh
                                             CMS Anand Nagar and RDSO Campuses      Chaturthi celebrations.
                 Lt Col Sukesh Sur                                                          Janmashtami was   A felicitation function was held for the
                                                                                                              ISC and ICSE Toppers of the Campus. The
                Alumnus of CMS Aliganj & Chowk Campuses                                     celebrated with
                                                                                            reverence and     students and their parents were
                 "The battle of Waterloo was   He passed out from the Military Academy in   love.             felicitated and each topper received a
                won on the playing fields of   2005 and was commissioned in the Regiment                      trophy and a certificate.
                Eton" said Arthur Wellesley,   of Artillery. Since then, he has served in Anti-
                the Duke of Wellington after   Terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir        United World School
                sounding the nemesis of   in his tenure in Rastriya Rifles and has also
     Napoleon in the famous Battle of Waterloo.   served for two tenures in High Altitude areas   CREO International 2021 was organized in
     Life gives us chances to make mistakes and   of Sikkim and Ladakh. He has been an
     learn from them in school itself, so that we   instructor in Artillery Centre, Hyderabad where   both online and offline modes by Nehru
     emerge better persons and win the greater   he was responsible for training young soldiers   World School, Ghaziabad in which, several
     battles and challenges of life in future.      in the art of warfare. Mr Sukesh Sur was   students of the campus won accolades in
                                       awarded the General Officer Commanding,
     Lt Col Sukesh Sur is a shining star of the CMS                        Design, Puppet Making, Mould it Out and
     Family. An Alumnus of CMS Aliganj and CMS   South West Command Commendation Card for   Shape O' Magic. Aadya Sahai (Doodle
     Chowk Campuses, he aimed straight for a   his role in the Rajasthan sector, post Balakot   Art), Ryan Nigam (I Design), Arpita Singh (I
     career in the military, knowing that this will   strikes.  Presently, he is serving in the Brigade   Move I Create), Sanchayita (Science Kids),   Open Day Celebration
     give him the best opportunity to serve his   Headquarters in Lucknow.
     motherland and prove his skills and bravery as   Lt Col. Sukesh Sur is full of fond memories of   and Mohanshi Gupta (Talk a Book) won
     an army officer.                  childhood and remembers his teachers who   Excellence; Dhriti Lavania (Act it Out) and
                                       moulded his character and imparted the best   Vedant Singh (The Grand Recital) secured
     Sukesh began his schooling at CMS Aliganj
     Campus where his mother Mrs Aruna Sur was   quality of education. He specially mentions the   Merit; Raina Makhija (Dancing Superstar),
     the ISC Incharge. From Montessori to Class XI   Senior Principal, Mrs Gauri Khanna, and   Harish Kalani (Mould it Out), Aadya Sahai
     he studied at Aliganj Campus and then did his   teachers Mrs Seema  Chakravarti, Ms Sharad,   (Newsroom), Mishti Tripathi (Newsroom),
     Class XII from CMS Chowk Campus. Son of an   Mrs Sadhana Bedi, Ms Nilofer, Mr Tripathi, Mr
     architect father, he always dreamt high and   Shukla and Mrs Pankaj Bhadoria. He feels   Ojaswini Mishra (Newsroom), Avika   Teachers Day Function
     imbibed the CMS values of excellence in all   grateful towards his sports teachers who   Awasthi (Puppet Making), Nevaan   National Sports Day was organized
     things and service to mankind. After passing   instilled in him the spirit of good sportsmanship   Srivastava (Shape O' Magic) and Ajindri
     out with flying colours from CMS Chowk   and trained him to become an all-rounder. In   Sinha (Yoga - A Way of Life), achieved   online for the Classes III - V in which Bat
     Campus in 2000, he graduated in Commerce   fact, he was the table-tennis champion in school.   Noteworthy Performance and Aarav Sahai   Bouncy Ball, Step - Up (Both Girls and
     from Lucknow University and thereafter,   He says that CMS training gave him self-                       Boys) Jump a Rope (Girls)  competitions
     joined the prestigious Indian Military   confidence and inspired him to join the military   (Once Upon a Time) got the participation   were held. Students participated with
     Academy in June 2004.             services and serve the nation.      certificate for their performances.  zeal, joy and enthusiasm winning prizes.
                                                                                                    RDSO Campus
                                      CMS Bulletin wishes a Very
                                            Y DUSHEHRA
                                  HAPPY DUSHEHRA
                                  HAPPY DUSHEHRA HAPPY DUSHEHRA
                                             (15 October)
                                       to its patrons and readers
                                                                                                             Aashvi Shukla  Akash Shukla  Ananya Bisht  Aryavrat Singh
                                                                              Ayushi Pal  Prapti Dwivedi  Anushree
                                        MORNING TRANSMISSIONS

                                                                                                             Dev Pathak  Shiv Yadav  Srishti Gour  Vaibhav Sharma
                                                                              Srishti  Bhavya Rawat  Tanushree  Pathak of Class XI won the first prize in Push
                                                   NEWS  24X7
                                                   K NEWS
                                                                                                           Ups (Boys Category), Aryavrat Singh of Class
                                                                           Ayushi Pal, Prapti Dwivedi, Anushree,   IX won the third prize in Skip Karo Na (Boys
                                                                           Srishti, Bhavya Rawat and Tanushree   Category) and Akash Shukla of Class XII won
                                                                           Varshney, all of Class IX, won the second   the Consolation Prize in Bounce Back (Boys
                                                                           Consolation Prize in the group dance at   category).
                                                                           the event 'Enhancing De Danza-
                                                                           Choreography in Odyssey International-   Tanushree Varshney of Class IX
                                                                           2021 organized by CMS Rajajipuram I.     won the third prize in 'Stefiste
                                                                                                                    Modeliste' at the Odyssey
                                                                           At the Spardha International 2021        International-2021 organized by
                                                                           organized by the Campus, Aashvi          CMS Rajajipuram Campus I.
                                                                           Shukla of Class II won the second prize
                            NEWS  24X7
                            K NEWS
                                                                           in Cut Capets Zumba Dance, Srishti
                                                                           Gour of Class VIII won the third prize
                                                                           in Sit Ups (Girls Category) Shiv Yadav
     vkWuykbZu fo'o ,drk lRlax          lknj vkeU=.k          ~ lnfopkj    of Class VIII won the first prize in Push
            dksfoM&19 ds dkj.k ^fo'o ,drk lRlax* dk vk;kstu  xq.koku O;fDr vius drZO; ds jkLrs  Ups (Boys Category), Vaibhav Sharma
     izR;sd jfookj dks izkr% 10%00 cts ls 11%30 cts rd vkWuykbZu fd;k tk jgk  vf/kdkjh cu tkrs gSa] tcfd xq.kghu   of Class VIII won the second prize in
                vki lHkh lknj vkefU=r gSaA             O;fDr ,d fHk{kq dh Hkkafr vf/kdkj   Inquizilive (Online Sports Quiz), Ananya
     izfrHkkx gsrq ^fyad* izkIr djus ds fy, la;ksftdk Jherh oUnuk xkSM+ ls 9235322956 ij laidZ djsa  ekaxrs jgrs gSaA  Bisht of Class XI won the Consolation   Students teaching
                               Hkonh; & lqJh oUnuk xkSM+] la;ksftdk  — ia0 gfj vkse ‘kekZ ^gfj*  Prize in Sit Ups (Girls Category), Dev   Hindi Diwas  less privileged children
                                                                                                                                  on Literacy Day
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