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POWER OF PEN                                                                                                          OCTOBER 2021 (4)

             Creative Writing Competition 2021 "Power of Pen" organised by CMS Editorial Department (Primary Section)

                  My school is the best                       Computer is my Best Friend                       My school is the best
                                                     2                                             2
            'The philosophy of the school                    "A real friend is one who walks in, when the   A school is a wonderful place where students
              room in one generation will                    rest of the world walks out." In these trying   learn and understand. My name is Shreyansh
                 be the philosophy of                       times when most of the world is quarantined   Thakur and I study in Class III-I, CMS, Gomti
               government in the next.'                   and locked indoors, computers indeed proved to   Nagar Campus I. My school is the best because it
           School is called the 'Temple of                be our best friends. They connected us to the   has unique system that allows us as students to
           knowledge'. The children go to          rest of the world and helped us in many different ways.   make our way to a better future. My school has large airy
    school to learn. The name of my school is      In the days of lockdown when all the shops were closed we   classrooms, a huge playground, advance computer labs,
    City Montessori School. There are several      could get our groceries and daily needs through online   science labs and a big library. School is made by the teachers
    branches of my school in Lucknow.              services. The entire academic year could have been lost   with an efficient management team. I am very proud of my
                                                                                                 school as it has best experienced teachers on the list. My
    My school is a three-storeyed clean and beautiful building.   due to closure of schools but our best friend didn't let that   school's teachers and the whole team have worked very hard
    There is a big playground in front of my school. The   happen and made learning not only possible but a lot more   to make this school as one of the best places for imparting
    classrooms of my school are wide, airy and well ventilated.   fun through different activities, online quizzes, PPTs, live   education to kids. They know how to keep a balance between
    There is a computer lab, science lab and a big library in my   worksheets etc. Even for those who were sick and could   studies and co-curricular activities for students. During this
    school. My school values inculcate good manners and   not go to hospitals, help was available at the click of a   pandemic, my school is giving its best response. The school
    ethics in us. My school also participates in various extra-  mouse through online consultation with doctors and home   management has arranged online academic and activities
    curricular activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed   delivery of medicines.            classes for us without a waste of time. My teacher uses
    the fate of education. As a result, education system has   Nothing is perfect in this world and computer too has its   advanced technologies to teach us online and thus makes
    changed dramatically, with the distinctive introduction of   flaws like eye strain, addictive games etc but using it wisely  learning fun and exciting for me. The best school always gives
    e-learning, where teaching (online) is undertaken remotely   can cause more good than harm. Just ask a person   best results. I feel proud to be a student of this institution and
    and on digital platforms.                      stranded miles away from his family, what helped him beat  indeed, MY SCHOOL IS THE BEST.
                                                   hunger, loneliness, sickness, etc all these days and the
    Children have benefitted a lot from online classes and   answer will undoubtedly be his best friend- COMPUTER.   Shreyansh Thakur, III-I Gomti Nagar I
    improvement in them can be noticed easily. We, at CMS                                                My teacher teaches the best
    are like a family. The teachers are very kind and always   Navya Singh, V-B, Gomti Nagar Campus I  3
    cooperate. The atmosphere of my school is peaceful and        My school is the best                    Like a Mother Bird takes care of,
    suitable for studies.                            3                                                     Nestlings in the nest,
    The Principal Ma'am of my school is also very loving and   City Montessori School, there it stands,    My teacher teaches us best!
                                                                                                           Online classes were never fun,
    caring. She loves children and always keeps on motivating   Must have been made by some clever hands;  But my teacher got it done!
    us all the time. The management of my school always      Academy, sports and mates;                 She is cool, she is soft, she is smart,
    incorporates new ways and means to impart better        It looks so gorgeous and great!      Others teach but my teacher shares her heart!
    education to the children. For them students came first.   All the people of Lucknow know;   To her, every child is unique and a priceless gem,
    My school is very dear to me. It makes me feel proud to be   It's such a fabulous school to go;  She is very dedicated and devoted to them!
    a part of CMS family where students, teachers, principal   All the teachers know their duty;   She loves learning, she loves learners,
    and management work together as a team to provide us a   and work with all twinkling beauty!  She loves bringing them both together!
    bright future. My school is the best in the world.  The Principal is very kind; Full of discipline every year!  She is not only a teacher, She is an awakener,
    'We may complain about our school, perhaps we think our   My school appears a home to me;    She puts in everything, to make our future better!
    lessons hard, but with passing of the years the dearest   With all my mates beside me;       We are the flower buds, she makes us blossom,
    memories we'll recall will be of hours that we have spent   I'd never wish to go away from here;   Thanks to my teacher, She is just awesome!
    within the old grey school house wall. I really feel like it is   Even Though I'd pass my school year;  My teacher divides grades in us,
                                                                                                            divides us in grades.
                                                                                                 but she never
    my home away from home.'                       Because it will be a new class: For me, my school is dear!  She always inspires, always pushes us higher.
                 Samridhi Srivastava, IV A, RDSO Campus           Madiha Ahmad, III E, Chowk Campus
                                                                                                 Now my writing comes to rest ,
                                                                                                 Yes! I am sure my teacher teaches best.
                                                          Career Counselling Session
      CMS alumna Poulomi Pavini placed                                                                              Uvarcha Shandilya, III D, Aliganj I
                                                               held for students
             in Femina’s ‘Fab 40’ list                                                               Bhanu Prakash awarded 'National
                                                                                    Virtual Career
    Poulomi Pavini Shukla, an alumna of CMS                                         Counselling   Winner' title in Environment Olympiad
    Gomti Nagar Campus I was featured in                                            sessions were
                                                                                    organised for            Bhanu Prakash Verma, student of Class VIII
    the Femina’s ‘Fab 40 of 2021’ list
    published in the September edition of the                                       Class IX                 at CMS Aliganj Campus I earned the title
                                                                                    students of
    magazine. The list includes stalwarts of                                                                 of 'National Winner' in the prestigious
                                                                                    CMS Station              environment based 'Saevus Eco Achievers
    India from different fields like Olympians                                      Road and                 Olympiad-2021', bringing laurels to the
                                                            Station Road Campus
    Mirabai Chanu and PV Sindhu, famed                                             Rajendra                  city of Lucknow. Bhanu received a cash
    actors, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt, Who’s Who of   Nagar Campuses. The Station Road session was held at    prize of Rs. 5000 along with a gold medal
    the society like Kusha Kapila, Meenakshi Lekhi, Nita   three venues i.e. Senior Computer Lab, Senior Library and   and citation for this achievement. A large
    Ambani, Mahua Moitra, Barkha Dutt, Rana Ayyub,   Primary Library on 20th of September. The session was   number of students from various prestigious schools of
    Masaba Gupta, Bhumi Pednekar etc., women judges of   addressed by Mrs Chanda Kundra, Head Career Counsellor   the country had participated in the competition. Bhanu
    the Supreme Court and women scientists behind   along with Mr Shashank Srivastava, Coordinator, with Mrs   was trained and guided by the Environment Coordinator
    Mangalyan.                                     Deepali Gautam, Principal, CMS Station Road Campus as   of CMS Aliganj Campus I, Mr Kailash Kesarwani.
                                                   mentor and overall guide.
    Poulomi Pavini Shukla has been a merit holder in CMS                                                  CMS donates Rs 2 lakh
                                                   It was an informative session in which students were made
    securing 94.25% marks in ISC in 2008-2009. As Head Girl   aware of various foreign universities and all available   for SPARC India
    of the school, she pioneered several social service   career prospects after choosing a particular University.
    projects and even after school, she went on to do   Mrs Kundra also discussed the importance of profile   City Montessori
    unparalleled work for poor and orphaned children   building for a strong application. Students were informed   School donated
    establishing herself as a prominent social worker. Brilliant                                  Rs two lakh to
    in her career, she holds the envied position of a Supreme                                     SPARC India
    Court Lawyer and is constantly trying to provide                                              (School for
    education and rights to orphans. She has been successful                                      Potential
    in making many states take steps for the betterment of                                        and Restoration
    orphaned children. In 2015, she also wrote a book
                                                                                                  of Confidence),
    'Weakest on Earth - Orphans of India' which won instant                                       an NGO for the
    acclaim and success. Poulomi is daughter of senior IAS
                                                                                                  welfare of the differently abled. Every year, CMS students
    officers, Pradeep Shukla and Aradhana Shukla and is          Rajendra Nagar Campus I          give donations to SPARC India which is an NGO that runs a
    married to Mr Prashant Sharma, an IAS officer. The                                            school for disabled children and a skill training centre for
    school is immensely proud of such rare gems as Poulumi   about the variety of standardised tests like PSAT, SAT, AP   differently abled people. CMS also donates each year to
    who are an asset to society.                   and English proficiency tests, IELTS and TOEFL, which are   Animal Ashram, an NGO for helping beleaguered street
                                                   mandatory and are very helpful for college admissions.
                                                   She also detailed the students about grooming their   animals. The collection voluntarily made by the students
                                                   listening, reading, writing and speaking skills to improve   was given to Mr Amitabh Mehrotra of SPARC India by the
                                                   their admission chances in good colleges.      CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi. CMS encourages its
                                                                                                  students to participate in such ventures that instil the
                                                                                                  virtues of compassion and nobility of purpose.
       Daniya Mehdi’s book becomes second best seller on Amazon
                                                                                    RESULTS OF POWER OF PEN 2021 (PRIMARY)
             Daniya Mehdi, an alumna of   September 2021 and amazingly, only after
                                                                          Classes III to V
             CMS Rajajipuram Campus I   the two days of its availability on Amazon,   1 Samriddhi Srivastava IV-A RDSO Campus  SPECIAL MENTION
             has authored, ‘Love, Life  it became the second best seller in its genre.   2 Shreyansh Thakur  III-I Gomti Nagar I  1. Dev Pathak   V-A United World School
             and Laws’, a book celebrating   She had the reputation of being the best   2 Navya Singh  V-B Gomti Nagar I    2. Divyansh Verma  V-I  Gomti Nagar Extension
             strong women and an       reader from the school library. Her genius   3 Urarcha Shendilya  III-D Aliganj I  3. Kavyansh Agarwal V-A Indira Nagar Campus
             anthology of short stories. A  had been recognized by her English Teacher   3 Madiha Ahmad  III-E Chowk Campus  4. Archit Singh  V-A Aliganj Campus II
    student of this Campus from Montessori to   Mrs Lama Chandra after she wrote a story   CONSOLATION PRIZE  5. Namrata Kalani  V-A United World School
                                                                                                             6. Ojasvini Mishra
                                                                                                                           V-B United World School
    XII (2005 – 2021), she has always been  in the English Pre-Board Examination and   1. Parth Saxena, III  III  Rajendra Nagar II  7. Satwik Tripathi  IV-C Aliganj Campus I
    a confident speaker and an avid reader. Her   encouraged her. We all wish her a very   2. Atharv Kumar Gupta IV  Rajendra Nagar II  8. Pavni Ganguly  IV-E Aliganj Campus I
                                                                                           III-B Indira Nagar Campus
                                                                          3. Rayhan Sheebh
    book got published on the 17th of  successful life ahead.                                                9. Priyam Sen Gupta IV-A Gomti Nagar Extension
                                  In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends.         —John Churton Collins
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